What Is the SwimSwam Staff Most Thankful for This Thanksgiving?

Every year that SwimSwam has existed, I’ve become more-and-more thankful for the people I work with here. We have a staff of people who are passionate about swimming, and their passion feeds the machine that is SwimSwam, and celebrates this sport every day of the year.

So this year, for Thanksgiving, I asked them what makes them thankful this year.

But they all said their families first and that was boring, so then I made them say something about swimming.

Here’s what the SwimSwam staff is most thankful for this year.

YanYan Li:

I’m thankful for SwimSwam because they gave me the opportunity to be deeply involved in the sport without actually having to swim (ed: I didn’t make her say that but I did give her a raise).

Robert Gibbs:

I’m thankful for NAIA swimming for giving so many swimmers an opportunity to experience college athletics.

Spencer Penland:

I’m thankful for Nicholas Santos because his career has pushed the boundaries of what was thought to be possible in this sport.

Giusy Cisale:

I’m thankful for swimming for giving me a second life and for discovering a strength and determination I didn’t think I had. I am thankful to swimming because it introduced me to SwimSwam, and I am grateful to SwimSwam for making all of my dreams come true.

Ben Dornan:

I’m thankful for swimming because it has brought me so many friendships (ed: Canadian Thanksgiving was last month).

Coleman Hodges:

I’m thankful for Ben Dornan’s draft picks guaranteeing me at least 3rd place in every fantasy season.

David Clossey:

I’m thanksful for lap counters, for making sure the races in my career weren’t accidentally longer

Loretta Race:

I’m thankful that Chipotle delivers (ed: honestly, most relatable response).

Sidney Zacharias:

I’m thankful for all the people swimming brought into my life…and being a swammer so I never have to do the mile again”

Nicole Miller:

I’m thankful for my teammates because they always push me to be better than I was yesterday.

Anya Pelshaw:

I’m grateful for Kate Douglass because she shows swimmers that you don’t have to specialize.

Reid Carlson:

I’m thankful for my assistant coaches, because I could not keep the (Manhattan) Marlins going all on my own.

Sophie Kaufman:

I’m thankful for Ruta Meilutyte because her comeback this year has been inspiring to watch

Annika Johnson:

I’m thankful for swimming for showing me how capable I am (and for giving me the superpower of getting through a full day of class on 5 hours of sleep)

Barry Revzin:

I’m thankful for the years of wonder and awe my daughter can look forward to in this sport.

Andrew Mering:

I’m thankful for Beata Nelson because she showed it’s possible to have a successful professional swimming career in swimming outside of the Olympic Games.

Kevin Hallman:

I’m thankful for for a non Covid impacted NCAA swim season this year!

Riley Overend:

I’m thankful for long-distance events that give me time to catch up during live recaps. I’m also thankful for the endless amount of records in swimming that encourage me to claim ultra-specific bragging rights in other areas of my life.

James Sutherland:

I’m thankful for short course meters records FINALLY catching up to long course meters and yards records (ed: Canadian Thanksgiving was last month).

Mel Stewart (Co-Founder):

I’m thankful for coming out of the pandemic and returning to normal swim-life.

Tiffany Stewart (Co-Founder):

I’m thankful for good health, friends, and my swim-family (ed: Tiffany is actually in charge around here, so she’s allowed).

Garrett McCaffrey (Co-Founder):

The godfather of swim video submitted a video:




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Andrew Lardieri
9 days ago

I’m thankful for finding this wonderful swim site during the pandemic.

10 days ago

I’m thrilled to hear what Yozhik is thankful for

11 days ago

I wish you guys asked the whole SwimSwam team and didn’t pick favorites

12 days ago

I was asked to say a few words at Thanksgiving dinner today. So I spent some time elaborating on the death of the ISL and the future of SCM swimming in the United States.
I’m thankful for a space here to talk about all things swimming because apparently Thanksgiving dinner is *not* the place for it.

Lucy Chester
12 days ago

I second the gratitude for Ruta and her comeback!

B1G Fan
12 days ago

I’m thankful for Yaboi 🙂

Fraser Thorpe
12 days ago

I’m grateful for the swimswam comment section

12 days ago

Thankful for the SS podcast ily Coleman

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