West Chester Freshman Georgia Wright Breaks NCAAD2 Record in 1000 Free

Division II Women’s Swimming and Diving Championships

Women’s 1000 Yard Freestyle – Fastest Heat

  • NCAA DII: 9:50.49 3/12/2008 Kristen Frost, Southern Conn St
  1. Georgia Wright, West Chester 9:48.87R
  2. Leonie Van Noort, Grand Valley 9:49.18R
  3. Caroline Jouisse, Delta State 9:52.73
  4. Theresa Hayward, West Chester 9:54.83
  5. Annagrazia Bonsanti, Bridgeport 10:02.50
  6. Laura Fornshell, Fresno Pacific 10:03.75
  7. Christina Halverson, Cal Baptist 10:03.90
  8. Sarah Reamy, Queens (NC) 10:04.85

In her first outing, at her first NCAA National Championships, West Chester University freshman Georgia Wright broke a 9-year-old Division II meet record in the 1000 free. Wright took 1.52 seconds off the 9:50.49 standard that Kristen Frost of Southern Connecticut State University set at 2008 NCAAs, going 9:48.87. Moreover, both Wright and runner-up Leonie Van Noort of Grand Valley State University (who also finished under the previous meet mark) became the first women in the history of the NCAA Division II Championships to break 9:50. Van Noort went 9:49.18.

It was an exciting race from the outset, with Wright in lane 4, senior Van Noort in lane 5, and Delta State University sophomore Caroline Jouisse in lane 5. Jouisse set the pace early on and led by a half body length over Wright and Van Noort through to the 700. Wright began her descent and took over the lead, increasing it with each 50. Down the home stretch all three put their legs in; Van Noort, in particular, had an impressive finish, going 27.18 over the final 50 yards, .33 faster than her first 50 which included a dive start.

The momentum was with Wright, though. Her pacing was even, and she built into her finish over the final 200 yards. She never let up and it became impossible to catch her.

Here are the comparative splits of the first two NCAA Division II women to swim a sub-9:50 1000 freestyle:

  Wright Van Noort
100 56.63 56.98
200 59.32 59.47
300 59.23 59.47
400 59.05 59.13
500 58.92 59.37
600 59.20 58.95
700 59.97 59.71
800 59.59 1:00.06
900 59.30 59.44
1000 57.66 56.60
  9:48.87 9:49.18




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Coach Al
5 years ago

Well done Georgia Wright. Another product of Andrew Wallace’s age group and youth program in Doncaster, Yorkshire, England. Others produced in the program include Max and Joe Litchfield and Jarvis Parkinson. Training at West Chester with Steve obviously suiting her also. Great work by G and all involved in her swimming.

5 years ago

***More startling news*** Theresa Michalak has yet to be mentioned swimming D2 for West Florida, coming from Florida Gators as SEC Champion in 200 IM in 2015. What, did I miss something?

Reply to  KNOW IT ALL
5 years ago

Didn’t she lose the 200 IM to a freshman from Dury? Not to say that that devalues her coming from florida.

Reply to  KNOW IT ALL
5 years ago

This is her second year swimming for UWF. It was big news in the DII world last year.

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