WATCH: Maggie MacNeil Becomes First Woman to Break :51 in 100 FL Unsuited–50.84

LSU v. South Carolina

  • October 8, 2022
  • Carolina Natatorium – Columbia, SC
  • SCY (25 Yards)
  • Full Results

At LSU’s dual with South Carolina, Maggie MacNeil continued to rewrite the LSU record book. After breaking the school records in the 100 back and 100 free in her LSU debut, MacNeil took down the 100 fly and 50 free records on October 8th.

Racing in a practice suit, MacNeil threw down a blistering 50.84 in the 100 fly, lowering the school record of 51.71 set by Hilary Knight in 2019. It’s the first time in NCAA history a woman has broken 51 seconds in the 100 fly unsuited. Watch the full race below:

MacNeil’s Splits:

MacNeil – LSU v. South Carolina
50 23.81
100 50.84 (27.03)

It’s a sizzling time for MacNeil, who owns the NCAA record in 48.89 and was the 2021 NCAA champion. She’s been faster in October before, posting 49.57 at a Michigan Intrasquad meet in 2019, but she was suited up for that swim. Here, she won the race by over four seconds.

After breaking her elbow at last season’s NCAAs and a summer where she swam in limited capacity at Worlds and Commonwealth Games due to both physical and mental health reasons, it looks like MacNeil has found her groove this fall. At LSU, the NCAA, World, and Olympic champion is reunited with Rick Bishop and has looked incredibly strong through this season’s early days.

Throwing down this kind of unsuited speed this early in the season arguably makes her the frontrunner for the highly anticipated showdown in the 100 fly at NCAAs.

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1 year ago

She takes the motto “last one fast one” seriously. She did something there by quickly escaping cal to go to her OG coach. Can’t wait to see what Macneil could do after reuniting with Rick Bishop

Who You
1 year ago

Attention Huske, Smith, and Curzan. Ahem! Cough!

Negative Nora (they/them)
Reply to  Who You
1 year ago

What does Smith got to do with this?

1 year ago

Curry was also 19.4

Tea rex
1 year ago

There hav been hundreds of swims faster, good on swimswam for keeping track of suited vs unsuited swims.
Also, what does it say that no one has been within 2 seconds of the record without a tech suit? Those must really help, and makes me feel a little better about times being about 2 seconds faster than they were when I swam 20 years ago.

Reply to  Tea rex
1 year ago

I think part of the reason people haven’t been 2 seconds faster without a tech suit is because they’re tapered when they go their best time. The suits help, for sure, but I think taper plays an even bigger part.

MacNeil’s best time is in a tech suit, yes, but also when she was tapered, while I would highly doubt she was tapered here.

Reply to  Sophie
1 year ago

I complete agree. I bet if she swam the 100 fly unsuited when she went her best time she would have been under 50.

Reply to  Sophie
1 year ago

LSU tapered for this dual meet

Reply to  Sarah
1 year ago

100%. Nobody has ever won a dual meet without tapering.

Reply to  Braden Keith
1 year ago

Hmm I’ve usually heard that any team who has ever raced in a non-championship meet did an AM practice and a lift before the meet?

Reply to  thezwimmer
1 year ago

Yeah but then they taper after that.

Reply to  Braden Keith
1 year ago

They sometimes taper between the races too.

Reply to  Braden Keith
1 year ago

We’ll have to get cards printed up for Braden, “Keith, the Contrarian.”

Seriously, with both Maggie and Brooks doing well LSU is one of the most striking “Aces and Spaces” teams in the history of D1 Swimming,

The Original Tim
Reply to  Tea rex
1 year ago

I think it’s mostly the taper.

While my times are obviously not in the same zip code as any of these fine folks, I set my masters PR in the 100 free tapered but wearing a practice speedo and drag suit due to a tech suit malfunction. The suit makes a difference–I’ve been very close to that PR twice since then tapered and suited, but not trained for the 100–but I think taper is the bigger differentiator.

Untapered, even while suited, I have been pretty far off that MPR.

Last edited 1 year ago by The Original Tim
1 year ago

Are there any stats on the fastest times before, say, Thanksgiving? Or some kind of list of unsuited times? This is the fastest unsuited swim and obviously her 49.57 is the fastest from like a pre-Thanksgiving swim (I’m pretty sure?) but would be cool to see how close/far the other swimmers are

maximum mchuge
1 year ago


1 year ago

That’s an amazing time for early October. Actually it’s pretty damn good anytime of the year. I’m feeling better about my trifecta bet already.
How do you guys keep track of suited versus unsuited times? Is there a flag in the database or you guys just keep all this stuff in your head?

Reply to  BearlyBreathing
1 year ago

Piles and piles of unorganized, loose leaf papers in Mel’s basement

Joel Lin
1 year ago

The incomparably fabulous MM is back !!!

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