Watch: Li Bingjie Bursts into Tears After Lifetime Best Swim


Following her lifetime best in the 1500m freestyle, Chinese swimmer Li Bingjie gave an emotional interview to the media. During the interview, which was posted on Twitter, Bingjie can be seen bursting into tears as she describes the training that she had been doing leading up to the race. 

“I’ve never worked this hard before,” Bingjie stated. “The volume is not much longer than before, but the intensity is much higher.” She also told reporters that her goal for the meet was, “to return to my previous level.”

For the 18 year-old Bingjie, the swim marked her first best time in the 1500 in over three years, with her time of 15:52.31 taking about a half second off of her previous personal best of 15:52.87. Her time also makes her the 2nd fastest women’s 1500 freestyle performer in Chinese history, coming in behind Wang Jianjiahe’s national record of 15:45.59. 

At the 2017 World Championships, Li was a triple medalist at just 15 years old. She followed up that performance with a gold medal in the 200 freestyle at the 2018 Asian Games. However, in more recent years, she has struggled in the pool, failing to reach any individual finals at the 2019 World Championships. At that meet, Li’s best individual finish came in the 200 freestyle, where she finished 11th. 

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3 years ago

The Turkish swimmer just went 16:03 in the 1500 at 15 which is pretty fast. Li went 15:52 at 15 in 2017!

3 years ago

Chinese interviewers all business lmao

Coach Macgyver
3 years ago


3 years ago

Can’t imagine how tough that must be—to fall from an early age success. Props to her for being persistent. Aight imma stop typing cuz im about to burst into tears. jk btw 😉

3 years ago

Wow. Congratulations to her!!

3 years ago

Really nice to see her back swimming PBs. No doubt most of us had written her off long ago with the history of Chinese girls popping up very young then disappearing. Congrats.

China look like the big 4×2 wildcard – Yang Junxuan, Wang Jianjiahe, Li Bingjie… 4th leg looks open, but I’d love to see what Zhang Yufei can do.

Last edited 3 years ago by Dee
Corn Pop
Reply to  Dee
3 years ago

Puberty did it’s job . She just did too m u ch work .

NornIron Swim
Reply to  Corn Pop
3 years ago

Can we add a fact checked label to this? Something along the lines of… This is trolling nonsense. Move along.

(Also, it is “its” not it’s”. It’s = it is)


Coach Macgyver
Reply to  Corn Pop
3 years ago

Never a good look commenting on someone going through puberty in a comment section.

Reply to  Dee
3 years ago

Wow I didn’t even think of that but that’s so true with all of them on form. Zhang popping a 2:05 2fly could translate well, especially alongside a 52.9 1free, 55.6 1fly and 24.3(?) 50free.

If Ye gets back to her mega freestyle days that would be good for them too, although her breaststroke is developing nicely. Has there ever been someone that’s done a 2breast/2free combo at major internationals at recent years?

Would also be nice to see a diff finish for the relays come Olympics instead of just
3. CAN,

Would also love to see the GB girls contend too in one of them but unlikely given other country depth and the selection committee.

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