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December 17th, 2013 Club, Lifestyle, News, Training, Video

The below is an editorial written by Katrina Radke, a Germantown Academy alumni. Note that in the video, Dick Shoulberg uses a VASA Trainer: VASA is a SwimSwam partner.

As noted in the interesting letter to GA families from GA’s Headmaster, Jim Connor (full letter below), Coach Shoulberg has chosen to retire from Germantown Academy Aquatic Club at the end of the 2014/15 season. Obviously there was a lot more controversy around this issue than is said in the official letter. Yet, when people rally to support a man who has a huge heart and great intentions, truth and a more proper outcome prevails, as it did in this case. We should all be encouraged to follow his example to speak up for what we believe in.

At this point, he will still be seen on GA’s pool deck as well as many other national pool decks, doing what he loves to do, being involved in all levels of the sport of swimming.

Thankfully Germantown Academy and Coach Shoulberg have come to this agreement. As he has stated to me and many others in the past few months in particular, “I love GA”. In the past day, he wrote via email, he is “very happy”. As we all know, this will always be his second home away from his dear family home.

The picture used for this article was taken in 2009, at the 40th year of Shoulberg coaching at GA. Over 400 swimmers came back to celebrate this occasion.

Video was taken at GA by Katrina Radke, as she talked with Shoulberg on GA’s pool deck, in June, 2012. Bryan Draganosky is the swimmer demonstrating on the VASA.

More video links below.

He has been and always will be remembered for so many reasons, for thousands of people. Thank you, Shoulberg, for the gift that you are, to so many … all of you.


Letter from Jim Connor, headmaster of GA, sent via email to GA families:

Dear GA Families,

I would like to address some important developments regarding Germantown Academy’s Swimming Program, and specifically, the status of longtime Aquatics Director and Head Swimming Coach Richard Shoulberg 1760.
GAAC swimmers to various Olympics, coaching the GA girl’s swim team to every Inter-Ac League title since its inception in 1972, coaching more than 280 All-Americans and numerous Senior and Junior National champions and finalists, receiving the National Interscholastic Swimming Coaches Association (NISCA) Hall of Fame Award in 2000, and the USA Swimming Award in 2011, USA Swimming’s highest award. As Head of School, I express my gratitude to Coach Shoulberg for his continuous service to our community and to the thousands of students and swimmers he has taught, coached and mentored.

Coach Shoulberg took a leave from Germantown Academy effective October 21, 2013 to address health concerns. During his absence, he and I have had ongoing conversations about the future of the GA Swimming Program and his role with the program. It is important to both of us that we continue to support our swimmers, their swimming careers and their legacy of success.

Coach Shoulberg has informed me that he will officially retire from GA at the close of the 2014-15 school year. Until then, he will remain on and serve the GA community in the role of Coach Emeritus. Although he will step away from day-to-day coaching and many administrative duties, he will participate in the search for a permanent head coach and continue to be involved with the program and its future. Both Coach Shoulberg and GA feel it is unfortunate that during this transitional period, when we have been sorting out the logistics of his new role, certain inaccurate information has circulated both within and outside the GA community. Coach Shoulberg’s employment has been continuous for more than 44 years; to the extent that anyone received or believed information or rumors to the contrary, he or she was mistaken.

GA will continue to support the swimming program, on the curricular and extracurricular levels, to help guide our students and swimmers to the greatness they work so hard to achieve. We are grateful for your support as Coach Shoulberg begins in his new role.

All best wishes,

Jim Connor


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