USA Swimming Requesting Increase in Dues Inflation Rate For Decade Beginning in 2015

Braden Keith
by Braden Keith 34

September 05th, 2013 National, News

Among the items being voted upon by the House of Delegates at the United States Aquatic Sports Convention in Jacksonville, Florida this weekend is an increase to membership dues. Under current rules, dues for athlete and non-athlete members increases by one dollar per year through the end of 2014.

USA Swimming is asking, beginning in 2015, for this increase to become $2 per year in Resolution 2, for a period of 10 years.

WHEREAS, we desire that the United States continue to be recognized as the #1 swimming nation in the world; and

WHEREAS, USA Swimming desires to continue to be recognized as being among the flagship National Governing Bodies in the U.S. Olympic Committee’s family of sports; and

WHEREAS, the current membership dues schedule for athlete and non-athlete members increases by $1 per year and expires at the of the 2014 membership year; and

WHEREAS, membership dues have been the major funding source for USA Swimming’s successful efforts over the past decade to meet the objectives of Building the Base,Promoting the Sport, and Achieving Sustained Competitive Success in International Competition; and

WHEREAS, USA Swimming’s plans for the future seek to continue Building the Base, Promoting the Sport, and Achieving Sustained Competitive Success in International Competition; and

WHEREAS, USA Swimming also seeks to continue the expansion of its Safe Sport education, training, complaint reporting, and adjudication processes to ensure that our sport is doing everything possible to protect its athlete members;

WHEREAS, the USA Swimming Board of Directors has approved the proposal to increase membership dues for athlete and non-athlete members by $2 per year for a period of ten (10) years beginning with the 2015 membership year.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED THAT the USA Swimming House of Delegates approve a dues increase of $2 per year for a period of ten (10) years beginning with the 2015 membership year.

According to the organization’s official financial records for 2012, the membership revenue was almost $16.8 million: roughly half of USA Swimming’s revenue.

With over 300,000 year-round athletes, 30,000 seasonal athletes, and 32,000 non-athlete members (as of 2012 figures), each $1 increase in dues results in $360,000 in extra revenue per year for USA Swimming (with increasing membership, this would eventually grow to around half-a-million

In 2013, full-year membership for an athlete to USA Swimming was $49; season athletes was $29; non-athlete individual membership $49; and non-athlete family membership was $98. These are annual dues that go directly to USA Swimming, as compared to fees paid to clubs.

Under the new deal, by the expiration at the end of 2024, dues would be increased by $20 over a 10 year period, which is approximately a 42% increase over 10 years for individual year-round athlete and non-athlete members. That would slightly outpace the historical average annual inflation of 2.4% in the United States over the last 14 years.

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No. What is USA Swimming doing for its everyday members? Until there is transparency at all levels, the answer should be no.


Increasing Frank Busch and Chuck’s salary.


FULLY HALF, 50% of the total revenue into USA Swimming comes from internal membership dues from little age group swimmers??!!! That’s pathetic! This is evidence they are NOT doing a good job of growing the sport! The well above national average incomes of the average swim parent seems to funding most of this boat!

Is there an itemized accounting balance sheet available that shows exactly where the membership money and other sources of revenue for USA Swimming goes? It sure doesn’t go back to the clubs does it? It also doesn’t go back to the relative sparse few that make the National team either, as evidenced by the paltry less than $2000 per month stipend.

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