UPDATE: 200 Fly Favorite Cammile Adams Has DQ Overturned


Original report is below.

2012 U.S. Olympian Cammile Adams, who was a heavy favorite to make the Olympic Team again this year in the 200 fly and expected to contend for a medal, has been disqualified in the event’s preliminaries.

The judges determined that she was “not fully rotated onto her breast,” or in other words came off a turn on her back.

She swam a 2:08.29 in the preliminaries, which was the fastest time of the entire field in the morning heats.

The 24-year old Adams was the 2015 World Championships silver medalist in the 200 fly and won the gold at the Pan Pac Championships the year before.

As we report this, we saw Cammile Adams, who rushed off deck in the middle of an interview with NBC, re-emerge from the athlete’s area with her coach David Marsh, who is also the head coach of the women’s U.S. Olympic Team, in what appeared to be an attempt to protest. While disqualifications can not be called on the basis of camera angles, all disqualifications are reviewed and confirmed before they’re made official.

We’ll continue to follow any protests as they may emerge.

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7 years ago

Whew! Overturned

Tom Wells
7 years ago

Rules don’t matter anymore; there’s too much money and endorsements involved. Now it’s gotten to the point that people feel that someone doesn’t even have to swim an event at the Trials to swim the event at the Olympics They seem to loosen the rules every few years to attempt to get more records, a greater following and more money. My freshman year in college (way back when!) a freestyle swimmer had to TOUCH the wall on each flip turn, so you had to be good in planning your turns. Breaststrokers would be disqualified if their heads went under water, backstrokers had to touch the wall on their BACKS, not this turning on their stomachs to flip. Everything done to… Read more »

a swim parent
7 years ago

In defense of the officials and speaking from the point of view of someone who has officiated meets before (but not at a national level), there are very specific rules that USA Swimming follows in terms of officiating. AND USA Swimming doesn’t let just ANY swim official officiate at the Olympic Trials. You have to be VERY experienced and you have to be certified at the national level. And there are very specific requirements in terms of how many national meets you need to have officiated before they will let you officiate at something like Olympic Trials.

So in other words, it’s not just some volunteer off the street who just passed their local state’s officials’ certification exam who officiates… Read more »

7 years ago

I am a USA Swimming Official. The rules state that when a swimmers feet leave the wall the swimmers body must be at or past vertical towards to breast. If she was past vertical towards the back when her feet left the wall she should be disqualified. It shouldn’t matter who the person is.

Goldbourne Mascal
7 years ago

If a rule does not help a swimmer why is it a rule in the 1st place? Sorry I am not a swimmer or even an athlete!

7 years ago


7 years ago


Russ Davis
7 years ago

Nonsensical decision.

Reply to  Russ Davis
7 years ago

Shades of the Piersol DQ in Athens that even his competitors protested

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