Trash-Talking Barack Obama Out-Golfs Michael Phelps, Actor Says

Michael Phelps may be the greatest swimmer in history. But on the golf course, he’s still human, at least according to actor Anthony Anderson.

Anderson appeared on “The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon” last week, recounting stories of a golf outing featuring himself, Phelps, NBA player Chris Paul and former U.S. President Barack Obama.

Anderson says the former Commander-in-Chief schooled the three celebs, winning hundreds of dollars from each. And according to Anderson, Obama “talked trash all day” to Phelps & co., thereby joining an elite group that includes Chad le Clos and Alain Bernard. But Obama, apparently, sets himself apart from those two by backing up his words, not in the pool, but on the links.

“He took $700 from Phelps,” Anderson said. “He took $600 from Chris Paul. He took $300 from me. I was like, man, is this even right? Can you take money from civilians? He was like, ‘Anthony, I’m a civilian now, so, yes, I can take it.’”

You can watch the full video of Anderson telling his golf tale below, courtesy of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on YouTube.

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Boma a baller

Justin Thompson

Barack got in a lot of rounds during his 8 years and looks like it paid off.


Not as many as Trump has in his first 6 months.

Justin Thompson

Your missing the point. I’m merely pointing out he played a lot of rounds and seems to have translated into a decent game. I have no idea how much he played before 2008, and Trump has nothing to do with this topic unless he was in a foursome with them. ⛳?️?

expert coach

Trump is actually getting things done. Obama did nothing that will last except be the first black prez. MAGA!


What has he gotten done so far? Less than almost any other president in the same amount of time, how’s the Obama care repeal going? Oh wait it isn’t


Signed 40 bills and 40 executive orders
Dow is at an all time high
Cut regulations saving businesses up to $18 billion per year
800,000 new jobs since January
Approved Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines
US manufacturing index soared to a 33 year high
Decreased US debt in first 100 days by $100 billion
Illegal immigration down 67%
Nominated Neil Gorsuch to Supreme Court
Unemployment lowest since 2000

More backstroke

LOL. Your ignorance is showing.


Not to be overly political, but Trump has golfed significantly more often than Obama. (

For what it’s worth, both Eisenhower and Woodroe Wilson played WAY more golf than Obama did, and I think Trump will be hard pressed to match Wilson’s total of 1200 rounds. (

Justin Thompson

What does Trump have to do with this?


I agree. The entire thing started when Bush was criticized for playing golf (which he stopped completely after 9/11 less than a year into his 8 years) so there was criticism of Obama when he golfed. anyways, Obama played 333 rounds during his 8 years which was a round every 4.4 days. Wish i had that kind of time to play.


ICE BURN! You are so witty. I bet most people could never think up a zinger like that!

Justin Thompson

Zinger? Just making an observation.


No wonder why the American people where yelling FOUR during his eight years:)

Sir Swimsalot

Are we really getting political on a swimming website??? C’mon ya’ll


I actually thought that was kind of a cute joke by SINKORSWIM.


He is a good athlete


No matter your political views, you gotta admit Obama is one of the coolest dudes to be president!

Justin Thompson

Clinton was a cool cat.


I think we’re forgetting a certain mister Chester Arthur and his swiggity-swideburns.


OK, he’s cooler than the one that croaked 30+ days into office from pneumonia or whatever, I’ll give you that.

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