Madi Wilson Discusses Her Tactics for the 100 Backstroke (Video)

In this video interview Madi Wilson discusses how she approaches the 100 backstroke, her focus on easy speed and how she allows herself to swim a relaxed race…

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Glycogen: The key to unlocking your performance

Glycogen is another name for carbohydrates. It is really just stored carbohydrates in the liver, and in your muscles. Your body only has a set amount of glycogen in storage, and when it’s depleted, you’ll feel like you’ve “hit the wall.”


On Deck at St Peters Western – Partner Work with Michael Bohl (Video)

The following video shows excerpts from one of St Peters Western’s workouts while Michael Bohl shares his thoughts on partner work and resistance training in the water…

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Megan Romano Makes The Move to South Florida’s ‘ProFlo’ Squad

In her bid for the 2016 Olympic team, Megan Romano changes up her training home and moves to South Florida Aquatic Club’s ProFlo squad.


Canadian Richard Funk Says Good-bye To ‘Go Blue’, Hello To Toronto

Canadian breaststroker Richard Funk makes the move to Toronto for his final preparations leading up to Canada’s Olympic Trials.


3 Reasons Why Stretching for Race Recovery is a Must

During competitions, stretching can be a particularly useful way to accelerate post-race recovery and improve pre-race warm ups with minimal exertion. (Featured image: Natalie Coughlin)


12 Reasons Why You Will Love SwimSwam Magazine

# 1 – SwimSwam Magazine is the opposite of every swimming magazine you have seen in the past.

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BridgeAthletic January Olympic Trials Preparation Tips

This is the year all the hard work pays off. But in these 6 months leading up to the Trials the seemingly small things like what you eat and drink can slip through the cracks even though they are key to performing at your absolute peak.

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Four Frequent Criticisms From People Who Don’t Understand USRPT

With Michael Andrew’s recent appearance on ESPN’s Outside the Lines, the debate rages on about his unusual training method, USRPT….


Mitch Larkin Discusses His Success in 2015 (Video)

Mitch Larkin had as good of a year as any swimmer in 2015 winning double gold at the World Championships and breaking the short course world record in the 200 backstroke…

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Leila Vaziri Water Workout: Breathing (Video)

Leila Vaziri tackles the simple-yet complex topic of breathing in the latest installment in her Water Workouts series. You can check out…

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Learn How to Fly Fast like Roland Schoeman – Race Club Swimisode

Olympic Gold Medalist Roland Schoeman has developed one of the fastest dolphin kicks in the world. The dolphin kick has become so important in the sport of swimming, now being used in all four strokes, that it is commonly referred to as the ‘fifth stroke’.


Utah Swimming 2016 New Years Weights

As the new year begins, strength and conditioning coach Deniz Hekmati started 2016 with a bang, creating the Ute’s New Year Workout.

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Kevin Cordes Discusses Training with Jozsef Nagy (Video)

In this discussion Kevin Cordes outlines some of the unique aspects of training with Jozsef Nagy…


FINIS launches the Onyx, the latest in Technical Suit Technology (VIDEO)

John Mix, FINIS Cofounder/CEO: “With the development of the Onyx, we have created a technical racing suit for the world’s most elite athletes, and with the Olympics a short time away, that is needed now more than ever.”

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