Top 8 Combined Finishers: Day 1 of 2018 Winter Juniors East/West


  • December 5-8, 2018
  • Greensboro Aquatic Center, Greensboro, NC (East)
  • Lee & Joe Jamail Texas Swimming Center, Austin, Texas (West)
  • SCY (25 yards)
  • Psych Sheets: East / West
  • Live Results: East / West

With USA Swimming’s winter junior national meets split between two Junior Championships locations, we’ll be putting together nightly lists of the top 8 finishers in each event overall, combining results from the two meets.

Note: These lists include finals times only.

Girls 200 Medley Relay

  1. Nashville Aquatic Club – 1:38.32
  2. Chesea Piers Aquatic Club / TAC Titans – 1:39.53
  3. Cardinal Aquatic – 1:39.74
  4. Crow Canyon County – 1:39.81
  5. Aquajets Swim Team – 1:40.26
  6. Scottsdale Aquatic Club – 1:40.99
  7. Palo Alto Stanford – 1:41.09

Boys 200 Medley Relay

  1. Mason Manta Rays – 1:26.52
  2. Sierra Marlins – 1:29.01
  3. Enfinity Aquatic Club – 1:29.06
  4. Michigan Lakeshore Aquatics – 1:29.88
  5. Rose Bowl Aquatics – 1:30.27
  6. SwimMAC Carolina – 1:30.62
  7. Dynamo Swim Club – 1:30.90
  8. Pittsburgh Elite – 1:30.93

Girls 800 Free Relay

  1. Magnolia Aquatic Club – 7:09.87
  2. Nashville Aquatic Club – 7:11.69
  3. Brea Aquatics – 7:12.32
  4. Bellevue Swim Club – 7:14.50
  5. Irvine Novaquatics – 7:15.41
  6. SwimMAC Carolina – 7:16.42
  7. SwimMAC Carolina – 7:16.59
  8. Dynamo Swim Club – 7:16.83

Boys 800 Free Relay

  1. Mason Manta Rays – 6:23.97
  2. Carmel Swim Club – 6:30.94
  3. Sierra Marlins – 6:32.90
  4. SwimMAC Carolina – 6:35.02
  5. Dayton Raiders – 6:35.21
  6. Santa Clara Swim Club – 6:37.03
  7. Gator Swim Club – 6:37.19
  8. Dynamo Swim Club – 6:37.35

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West is weak


Fastest splits East and West 200 medley
Fastest backstroke split Alex Walsh 23.88 followed closely by 15 year old Kristina Wheeler in 24.18. Both times far and above fastest in field.
Fastest breast split Zoie Hartman, Georgia commit 27.00 went half second faster split then any other girl in east or west.
Fastest Fly split Lillie Normand 23.5
Followed cloesley by louisville recruit Gabi Abiero in a 23.68
Fastest free split 21.50 15year old Gretchen Walsh

bobo gigi

Too bad the best US juniors don’t swim against each other anymore for several years. I understand the argument of less travel to explain a West meet and an East meet but from a simple fan point of view it’s bad. I want to see Alex Walsh against Regan Smith or Gianluca Urlando against Carson Foster. But it is what it is. Let’s hope at least that the live webcast will work tonight and will be available outside of USA. It’s so rare for a few years about a USA swimming meet.


Agree junior team members should swim against each other in another type of meet – leaving some room for other upcoming swimmers to swim at this level and get more experience with second swims. This meet has gotten so large it is a waste of time and energy for anyone that isn’t top 20, not a stepping stone meet anymore.


Back in the 90’s they limited Junior Nationals to only those with Junior National cuts. If you had a Senior National cut then you couldn’t swim that event at Juniors.


IIRC that also meant that you couldn’t swim a leg of a relay if you had a senior cut in that leg’s individual equivalent. Not an issue for the 50s but I don’t remember having those relays at juniors back then..?

That’s why they created Futures.


Futures is only LC in the summer, needs to be another December SC meet to spread out those senior “junior” national swimmers….200 per event is like any other meet during season.

Future Hoo

It would be interesting to see an East vs. West style meet. Possibly taking the kids who make top 24 or 32 at juniors and putting them head to head in a central location. Just a thought ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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