Top 5 Biggest Time Drops From Seed On Day 4 Of U.S. Nationals


Once again, a big thanks to Barry Revzin for compiling all this data on the fly and coming up with another batch of cool visualizations on today’s swims!

The 100-meter races were host to tonight’s biggest time drops, with all five of our biggest drops coming from the 100 back and 100 breast. Isabel Ivey had the day’s biggest drop, moving from 1:03 to 1:01 in the 100 back.

Meanwhile Bethany Galat continues to come up big in the spotlight. One of the best-dropping swimmers from Olympic Trials a year ago, Galat had the biggest drop among top-16 seeds by a longshot tonight, dropping almost two seconds in her 100 breast.

Note: These times compare seed times (not necessarily best times) to times put up today. They also only take into account swimmers seeded with long course times, as converting short course times to long course is notoriously hit-or-miss and throws off the results.



  1. 3.3% – Isabel Ivey (W 100 Back) 1:03.45 to 1:01.36
  2. 2.8% – Josh Bottelberghe (M 100 Breast) 1:04.24 to 1:02.42
  3. 2.5% – Bethany Galat (W 100 Breast) 1:08.42 to 1:06.72
  4. 2.5% – Carson Foster (M 100 Back) 57.56 to 56.10
  5. 2.4% – Chandler Bray (M 100 Breast) 1:03.35 to 1:01.83

Among Top 16 Seeds:

  1. 2.5% – Bethany Galat (W 100 Breast) 1:08.42 to 1:06.72
  2. 1.6% – Elise Haan (W 100 Back) 1:01.02 to 1:00.02
  3. 1.5% – Daniel Carr (M 100 Back) 55.63 to 54.86
  4. 1.4% – Trey Freeman (M 400 Free) 3:54.12 to 3:50.91
  5. 1.3% – Caroline Baldwin (W 100 Back) 1:01.15 to 1:00.34


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4 years ago

Agree with JOHNJ regarding Indiana, which has recently fared well with their women. Big name swimming program (men) since the 60’s. Georgia has gotten big name recruits for years – they’re like Stanford, Cal, and Texas in that regard. I see Louisville and Texas A&M as two schools that have done amazing things with good high school swimmers who were not national team level before going to college.

4 years ago

This meet is so much better with the 50s. Need to have them in the Olympics. Stop unfair free bias now!

bobo gigi
4 years ago

Good time drop for Emily Weiss in the 100 breast too. From 1.08.91 to 1.07.99. Mark my words guys. She’s the next star in US women’s breaststroke.

Reply to  bobo gigi
4 years ago

She needs to learn how to split a 200 properly tho

Reply to  sean
4 years ago

Some people are just sprinters tho.

bobo gigi
4 years ago

Happy to see Isabel Ivey at the top of your list today. Very good 100 back for her.
Swimming is not always logical. She had a bad meet so far. She proves she’s in good shape. I wonder what happened on freestyle.

4 years ago

An (yet again) impressed by the way Texas A&M and U of Louisville women swimmers are performing. These coaches and their programs (continue to) distinguish themselves by taking good swimmers and developing them into great big meet performers.

bobo gigi
Reply to  Tigerswim22
4 years ago

Yes. They rarely disappoint at the most important meets. Great coaching.

Reply to  Tigerswim22
4 years ago

How about Indiana and Georgia? Both teams have done better than the aforementioned in terms of placing swimmers on world team.

Reply to  Tigerswim22
4 years ago

And NC STATE has out swum both of these programs in this meet. Check team scores.

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