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A Rare Feat: NCAA & Olympic Champions In The Same Year

Ryan Murphy was one of three swimmers to win both the Olympic and NCAA titles in the same event in 2016, doing so in the men’s 100 and 200 backstroke.


2021 NCAA Men’s Championships: Day 2 Finals Live Recap

Catch top seeds UGA’s Jake Magahey (500 FR), Cal’s Destin Lasco (200 IM), Cal’s Ryan Hoffer (50 FR), and the 200 free and 400 medley relays on night two.


Former Cal Men’s Head Coach Nort Thorton Hospitalized With Heart Issues

Nort Thornton, who was the head coach of the Cal men’s swimming & diving team for 33 years, has been hospitalized in an intensive care unit.


International Swimmers Alliance Hosszu Kromo Le Clos Nel Consiglio

International Swimmers Alliance. Nel consiglio Katinka Hosszu, Ranomi Kromowidjojo, Chad Le Clos, Lia Neal, Brent Hayden, Tom Shields

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Lanciata International Swimmers’ Alliance Con 120 Nuotatori D’Elite

International Swimmers’ Alliance raccoglie 120 atleti d’élite. Matt Biondi ci racconta i suoi sforzi per il riconoscimento dei diritti

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International Swimmers’ Alliance Launches With World’s Top 120 Elites

While the Alliance is not a union, it is an association of elite swimmers and a potentially powerful voice in negotiating improved economic conditions


Nuove Gare Olimpiche: Cosa Si Intende Per Un “Buon Tempo”?

Ai Giochi Olimpici di Tokyo 2020 (previsti per il 2021) ci saranno tre nuove medaglie da assegnare nel nuoto. Cosa ci dobbiamo aspettare ?

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Nuove Gare Olimpiche: Cosa Si Intende Per Un “Buon Tempo”?

Nuove gare olimpiche: cosa possiamo intendere per “buon Tempo”? Vediamo il confronto con le gare introdotte nel recente passato

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SwimSwam Podcast: Why Matt Biondi Almost Didn’t Go to the 1984 Olympic Trials

we didn’t realize that leading up to the 1984 Olympic Trials, Biondi didn’t see himself making the team and wanted to go camping with a friend instead


Swimming From Home: Matt Biondi on “Dash for Cash”, Swimmers Alliance

Biondi talks about the process of building the alliance, the turning point for him in his 7-medal 1988 Olympic Games and the “Dash for Cash” race


2008 – Phelps vs Cavic; 1988 – Biondi vs Nesty

2018 marked the anniversary of two epic Olympic races in the men’s 100 fly: Anthony Nesty vs Matt Biondi in 1988, and Michael Phelps vs Milorad Cavic in 2008.


SwimSwam Rewind: 30 Years of NCAA Championship Swimming Evolution

Nearly everything has changed in the sport since 1989, other than the fact that Eddie Reese was winning team titles at Texas.


Mathematically Speaking: How Do Smith/Finke Records Compare To Dressel?

American records by Robert Finke (1650 free) and Kieran Smith (500 free) were earth-shattering – but were they as historic as Caeleb Dressel’s 50/100 frees?


Understanding the Matt Biondi-Led International Swimmers Alliance

The new Alliance plans to collect member swimmers’ prize money from major events and redistribute it through a tiered system of professional athletes.


2019 FINA World Aquatics Championships: Day 5 Finals Preview

American Chase Kalisz’ pursual for the 9th-straight US world title in the 200 IM will continue while Hali Flickinger could make history in the 200 fly.