Swimming’s TopTenTweets: A&M With the Upset

We’re back with swimming’s top 10 tweets of the week, where we bring you the best of the swimming Twitterverse.

We’ve got an eclectic assortment this week; from “not last” celebrations to an important food choice, scroll to see what made the cut!


Add swimming fan to Tim McGraw‘s impressive accolades.


The Astros’ Alex Bregman is all of us when a teammate has #nochill.


Not everyone loves having a camera in their face at lift, but everyone loves #meetday.


Time flies when you’re swimming fast.


This would get us #hyped to start the workday, for sure.


Mallory is not afraid to ask the pressing questions.


A well-deserved honor. Check out full coverage here.


A new take on an old classic.


Every step counts! (You might want to turn down your volume for this one)


We love a good upset.

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Steve Nolan
3 years ago

Dang, USA swimming even throwin’ shade in their Rio collage. Twice!

Sir Swimsalot
Reply to  Steve Nolan
3 years ago

I don’t get it…

Steve Nolan
Reply to  Sir Swimsalot
3 years ago

The Lily King picture and the top left Phelps picture.

There are specific people featured in the background of both.

3 years ago

Congrats to Texas A&M and IU/Florida in their respective wins against UT. That said, call me a cynic, but I believe A&M and IU definitely appeared to “prepare” for these in-season dual meets by making sure they had more rest than the Longhorns putting them in a position to potential post an early headline. Tough question whether a team should rest at all for in-season duals, guess some do and some don’t. Different styles, but I don’t think Eddie Reese is too worried about any of these teams presenting a serious challenge to the Longhorns at NCAA’s.

Reply to  cynic
3 years ago

A&M wasn’t rested.

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