Swimming’s TopTenTweets of the Week: #2 A Thorpe and Le Clos BBQ


Did you catch Dana’s unofficial time from practice this week? Click here to read more.


The American vets are on fire. Age is just a number, and Ms. Coughlin has been MOVIN’ this fall as she preps for Rio.


Check last week’s #10 for a glimpse of Mr. Blyzinskyj’s breakfast last week. We think that this week’s meal tops that. Eat your breakfast, kids. Jack did, and now he’s tied for the fastest 100 back time in the country this year.


Yup, we can confirm. The club was definitely NOT going up on this Tuesday.


STOP! Too much cute for one picture. Cannot handle.


Hmmm we’re going to choose option A) Dolphin.


Swim puns AND a shoutout from Shake Shack?! Ms. Flee is having all sorts of good luck lately, in addition to her impressive performances at the recent FINA World Cup meets.


Nice to get some hardware in the picture besides the braces.


Ian Thorpe wants to BBQ with Le Clos, who welcomes the Aussie legend over “any time.” If we’re having a BBQ with all of the legends, methinks they’re missing out on someone important…


Every swimmer knows it’s important to warm down after a meet. Louisville just does it better than anyone else.

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8 years ago

Check out Kelsi Worrell’s Facebook for the full video! It’s so much better than this clip! Medley relay is the best!

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