Sun Yang Posts Unfiltered Response in The Wake of His 8-Year Doping Ban

Following the announcement earlier today of Sun Yang‘s 8 year ban from the sport, the three-time Olympic champion has released a full response on his Sina Weibo page. This statement comes after he told Xinhua News he was “definitely” going to be appealing the decision handed down by the Court of Abitration for Sport (CAS).



His post to the popular Chinese social media platform, where he has 33.38 million followers, comes after the Chinese Swimming Association (CSA) expressed how they were “deeply sorry” about the decision.

Their statement said “We are deeply sorry (for the decision). The CSA has always held a zero-tolerance stance on doping and attached much importance on athletes’ anti-doping education.”

They also added that as far as they knew, the sample collectors from the international testing company IDTM were “without professional training and eligible credentials” when attempting to conduct doping tests on Sun in 2018 – the incident at the centre of this ban.

Following the decision, WADA have also released a statement saying it is “satisfied that justice in this case has been rendered.”


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Humble Pie
4 years ago

Should he be instructed to present the the 200,400,1500 Freestyle medals in Tokyo 2020, then Paris 2024 and L.A 2024 ?

Kurt Wienants
4 years ago

If he was clean and had no worries, why smash the sample?

Nus Gnay
4 years ago


4 years ago


4 years ago

If Sun Yang had nothing to hide why didn’t he just do the test – it’s only people who may have doubts on passing a doping test that are concerned. If he was clean then there would have been no problems for him to take the test just like ALL athletes.

Reply to  Annie
4 years ago

Sun Yang is a very wealthy man in a very authoritarian country with lots of scary people and very little recourse against most of them.

If I were him, I wouldn’t have let people without paperwork take my blood either.

Does blackmail mean anything to you? Even our American Nathan Adrian said he’d be very very nervous in that situation, saying he’d follow the testers all the way to the UPS dropbox.

4 years ago

But he’s such a nice guy.

4 years ago

Will Sun Yang now actively spread corona to shut down the Olympics?

4 years ago

Hopefully this is a message for all who believe they can get away with this type of behavior.

Reply to  swim
4 years ago

yep , great decision , i love it & enjoy it fully

Brad Flood
Reply to  swim
4 years ago

It won’t affect any cheaters what do ever…they do it with full knowledge of the consequences of getting caught. They all believe they are smarter (more cleaver)than the “idiots” who are “stupid” enough to get caught.

All this does is show them another thing they need to avoid doing to keep from getting caught.

So Sad, but So True!