SPY 14-YO Jarret Payne Hits 49.32 FL On Night 2 of YMCA Spring Festival—Oxford


Team Sc0res (after Night 2)

Top 5 Combined Teams

  1. Powel Crosley Jr YMCA, 449.5
  2. Springfield Family YMCA, 387
  3. Blue Ash YMCA, 377.5
  4. YMCA of Northwest Louisiana, 303
  5. Lancaster YMCA, 244.5

Top 5 Men’s Teams

  1. Blue Ash YMCA, 240.5
  2. Powel Crosley Jr YMCA, 239
  3. Springfield Family YMCA, 212.5
  4. Birmingham YMCA, 202.5
  5. Lancaster YMCA, 130.5

Top 5 Women’s Teams

  1. South (KEY) YMCA, 236
  2. Powel Crosley Jr YMCA, 210.5
  3. YMCA of Northwest Louisiana, 190
  4. Springfield Family YMCA, 174.5
  5. Rose E Schneider YMCA/Blue Ash YMCA, 137

The 2021 YMCA Spring Festival is in full swing across multiple US sites in lieu of an in-person national championships, including at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. Last night, the finals 400 IM, 100 fly, and 200 free as well as the timed finals of the 200 free relay and 400 medley relay were contested. Peeking at the team scores after the first two days of competition, host team Powel Crosley Jr YMCA holds a 62.5-point lead in the combined team race over Springfield Family YMCA. Both of Powel Crosley Jr’s separate gender teams are in second place as well, with the men sitting a half point behind Blue Ash YMCA and the women just 25.5 points behind South (KEY) YMCA.

Night 2 Individual Highlights

Winning his second event in Oxford for the host team was 18-year-old Luke Paxton, topping the men’s 100 fly with a time of 48.05. Paxton’s time ranks within the top 60 times among 18&Under US swimmers for the 2020-2021 season. On Wednesday, Paxton won the 200 IM at 1:49.47. Earlier in the 200 free relays, Paxton led off the Powel Crosley Jr relay in a 20.61, which would have won the 50 free final by 0.06s.

Also swimming under 50 seconds to place second was Springfield Family YMCA (SPY) 14-year-old Jarrett Payne, touching in with a new lifetime best of 49.32. Payne ranks 10th among 15&U swimmers this season and 3rd in the 14&U age group. His swim tonight also makes him the 18th-fastest 13-14 performer all-time. Payne’s meet entry time and previous lifetime best was 52.05 from November 2020.

Payne was also a member of SPY’s winning 200 free relay, where he split a speedy 20.33. Later on in the 400 medley relay, Payne had a flying 100 fly split of 48.33, which would rank 4th all-time in 13-14 history if from a flat start. Be on the lookout for Payne’s next flat-start 100 fly.

Placing third in the event was Northwest Louisiana 17-year-old Jeffrey Cochran (50.59). Lancaster 17-year-old Connor Green hit the wall at 50.70 to win the consolation final, a 1.30-second drop from prelims, which would have placed fourth in the championship final.

In the men’s 400 IM, Blue Ash 17-year-old Erik MenChhofer closed his race in a 52.77 on the closing 100 free to run down Countryside 16-year-old Kevin Glennon for the event win 3:55.35 to 3:56.07. Placing third and fourth for Birmingham YMCA were 17-year-old Drew Collins (4:01.71) and 15-year-old Angus Macdonald (4:01.82). Both Birmingham swimmers’ respective opening 100 fly and finishing 100 free splits nearly negative split each other, which is a competitive goal for IMers.

After picking up two wins in the 500 free and 200 IM on night, Kanawha Valley Kraken 15-year-old Madilyn McGlothen was back in action with another win in the 400 IM, touching in at 4:23.07. Rounding out the top three women’s 400 IM times were Lancaster 17-year-old Mia Hensley (4:26.33) and South YMCA 18-year-old McKenzie Reid (4:30.18)

Into the women’s 100 fly, Northwest Louisiana 18-year-old Sarah Holt stopped the clock at 54.28, which ranks among the top-70 times in the 17-18 age group this season. Ashland Area 18-year-old Brooke Blam placed second at 56.94 while M.E. Lyons 15-year-old Emma Littrell placed third at 57.54.

Farmington Family YMCA 15-year-0ld Amy Pan showed her versatility with her 1:49.60 winning 200 free time after winning the 50 free on day one at 23.05. Pan’s 200 free time last night ranks among the top-40 times in the 15&U age group this season. Northwest Louisiana 17-year-old Brooke Fegley was the runner-up at 1:50.44 while Powel Crosley Jr Lauren Clippard earned second runner-up at 1:52.88. Fegley had a busy night with her YNWL relay anchors in the 4×50 free relay (22.81) and 4×100 free relay (51.41), which both placed second overall.

After placing second in the 500 free, Powel Crosley Jr 17-year-old Adam Lamping picked up his first win in Oxford in the men’s 200 free at 1:41.55. Also swimming under 1:44 in this event was 15-year-old PCY teammate Mason Bencurik (1:43.06) and Birmingham 15-year-old Ethan Schwab (1:43.89).

Night 2 Relays

Springfield Family YMCA started the evening off by sweeping the women’s and men’s 200 free relays, hitting respective times of 1:36.12 and 1:24.65. Northwest Louisana (1:36.87) and South YMCA (1:37.40) rounded out the top 3 women’s free relays while Powel Crosley Jr (1:25.30) and Blue Ash (1:25.82) rounded out the top 3 men’s free relays.

After winning the 200 medley relay, the South YMCA women repeated another medley relay win over YMCA of Northwest Louisiana (3:55.32) and Springfield Family YMCA (3:56.02). On the men’s side, Springfield Family YMCA took another win with their time of 3:23.89. Taking second place was Powel Crosley Jr YMCA (3:24.40), who held off Birmingham YMCA (3:24.81) by four-tenths.

Women’s 200 Free Relay

  1. Springfield Family YMCA, 1:36.12 — S. Jones (24.48), R. Turner (23.33), A. Richters (24.67), K. Price (23.64)
  2. Northwest Louisiana YMCA, 1:36.87 — E. Zhang (24.33), S. Holt (24.13), L. England (25.60), B. Fegley (22.81)
  3. South (KEY) YMCA, 1:37.40 — E. Kyre (24.68), E. Tenhundfeld (24.61), A. Tenhundfeld (24.79), M. Reid (23.32)

Men’s 200 Free Relay

  1. Springfield Family YMCA, 1:24.65 — E. Blazer (21.31), J. Payne (20.33), S. Thomas (21.87), J. Humphrey (21.14)
  2. Powel Crosley Jr YMCA, 1:25.30 — L. Paxton (20.61), M. Bencurik (21.23), J. Proctor (21.67), J. Valentine (21.79)
  3. Blue Ash YMCA, 1:25.82 — J. Zhao (21.44), B. Menchhofer (21.63), D. Held (21.44), E. Menchhofer (21.31)

Women’s 400 Medley Relay

  1. South (KEY) YMCA, 3:51.34 — E. Leibold (57.82), A. Newkirk (1:05.01), M. Reid (55.04), E. Tenhundfeld (53.47)
  2. YMCA of Northwest Louisiana, 3:55.32 — C. Roper (1:00.41), E. Zhang (1:09.26), S. Holt (54.24), B. Fegley (51.41)
  3. Springfield Family YMCA, 3:56.02 — R. Turner (56.80), G. Thomas (1:07.04), S. Jones (1:00.54), K. Price (51.64)

Men’s 400 Medley Relay

  1. Springfield Family YMCA, 3:23.89 — J. Humphrey (52.06), C. Narcelles (57.25), J. Payne (48.33), E. Blazer (46.25)
  2. Powel Crosley Jr YMCA, 3:24.40—L. Paxton (48.36), N. Gockerman (58.82), J. Karschnik (50.89), M. Bencurik (46.33)
  3. Birmingham YMCA, 3:24.81 — C. Bouchillon (50.97), E. Schwab (56.45), D. Collins (50.77), C. Bruce (46.62)

Day three of the festival here in Oxford is set to begin at 10am ET with the preliminaries of the 200 fly, 100 back, and 100 breast followed by the 6:30pm ET finals session with the championship and consolation finals of each respective individual event followed by the 800 free relay timed finals.

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