Simone Manuel Hits 3rd-Fastest 100 Free Ever With 46.36 at Pac-12s


Simone Manuel rattled her own American record and came up with the third-fastest 100 free ever swum at the Pac-12 Championships, going 46.36. That time is a new Pac-12 Championships meet record.

Manuel now holds the #1 and #3 fastest 100 frees of all-time, and breaks up a run by her conference rival Abbey Weitzeil in the top 5 swims of all-time:

Fastest Women’s 100y Free Performances All-Time

  1. Simone Manuel (3/2015) – 46.09
  2. Abbey Weitzeil (12/2014) – 46.29
  3. Simone Manuel (2/2017) – 46.36
  4. Abbey Weitzeil (3/2016) – 46.47
  5. Abbey Weitzeil (3/2016) – 46.52
  6. Arianna Vanderpool-Wallace (2/2012) – 46.61
  7. Simone Manuel (11/2014) – 46.62
  8. Missy Franklin (3/2015) – 46.66
  9. Simone Manuel (3/2015) – 46.68
  10. Simone Manuel (2/2015) – 46.70

Manuel now owns 5 of the top 10 swims in history in the event. She’s currently about four tenths ahead of where she was at Pac-12s in 2015 (the last year she swam them). She was able to drop seven tenths between Pac-12s and NCAAs that year.

Weitzeil didn’t compete in the race, scratching out of prelims. She’s reportedly ill and won’t be able to finish out this year’s Pac-12 meet, though she’s still expected to be ready for NCAAs.

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4 years ago


Reply to  gheko
4 years ago

Since the NCAAs consistently produces Olympians not just for the USA, but for other swimming nations, the yards must not be that stupid.

E Gamble
Reply to  gheko
4 years ago

Short course yards is why the USA has far superior underwaters and better turns.

Reply to  E Gamble
4 years ago

i just watched some of the relays – and Boy , some girls have incredible underwaters & turns ( not only Ledecky ) . I understand why Usa is so strong comes the Big stage every 4 years ( and other nations as well ) .

4 years ago

Great job for the Houston native.

E Gamble
4 years ago

Great swim Simone!

G Ibanez
4 years ago

Great swim Simone. Proud of you!

4 years ago

She will be fast this summer again ….she kept the momentum going after Rio like other swimmers .

Coach Mike 1952
4 years ago

We are staring at the very real possibility of the first sub-46 100 y free for a woman. Maybe even two – if Abby W is feeling better & up to snuff by NCAA’s & those two duke it out up & down the pool for 4 lengths.

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