Ryan Lochte Selling His Famous Shoe Collection

by Spencer Penland 35

March 20th, 2018 News

Ryan Lochte has put up a massive collection of his shoes for sale on poshmark.com. He has put 41 pairs of shoes in total up for sale, ranging in price from $20 all the way up to $900. Lochte made an announcement on his Instagram account, stating that he was “selling my kicks”. The collection for sale includes items such as Louis Vuitton hightop sneakers, custom Nike’s, Black Armani dress shoes, and Giuseppe Zanotti military green double buckle, which is the most expensive item, listed at $900.

Lochte is famous for his shoes, which have been reported on pretty extensively, especially around 2012. You can find posts on his famous teddy bear shoes (which are up for sale), his “Martian Shoes“, and even Lochte talking about his shoes.

The shoes range from “brand new” to “like new” to “used”. At the time of posting, 12 pairs had been sold. The link for his poshmark can be found here.

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Times must be tough…

Steve Nolan

Or closet space might be running out.


thats my best bet – not enough space ….


More likely that the wife decided they took up too much space. My guess is she’s got quite a few shoes, herself.


Man some of these are sick. I feel bad for the man ?


If the highest price shoe is 900 with the lowest 20, he isn’t doing this to get rich quick.

It’s more likely to make space or he’s out grown the hobby.


It’s probably the whole “got married” thing

Caeleb Dressel Will Win 8 Gold Medals in Tokyo

Guys, he was joking.

Local Reseller

Weak Collection.


Weaker comment


but the real question here is, why?

Steve Nolan

he’s only got two feet. all those other shoes were superfluous.

Ol' Longhorn

The Dean Farris signature shoe is coming out.

Steve Nolan

I hear you can walk on water with them on.


The wife told him to get rid of them.

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