Ryan Lochte Gives Statement on IV Related Suspension (Video)

Just as swimming fans were gearing up to see Ryan Lochte back in action at the 2018 US Summer Nationals at the end of July, we reported that Lochte had accepted a 14-month suspension due to an IV infusion. Lochte has been relatively quiet since then, only resurfacing in the media recently at the launch event for TYR’s new tech suit, the TYR Venzo.

Of his suspension, Lochte commented that “he should have known better”. He went on to say that he’s been knocked down so many times since the Rio Olympic games, that there’s only one way to go, and that is up. He’s confident that his drive and passion for swimming is back, and that he will turn some heads once 2020 rolls around.

Of the TYR Venzo, Lochte had rave reviews for the new tech suit. Lochte signed with TYR just as they were beginning to make and test the Venzo, so he had a hand in providing feedback every step of the way, and he says he’s never felt better in the water than he has in the Venzo. Lochte warned that in the coming years, fans would be seeing numerous world records go down with this new suit from TYR.

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To anyone saying he hasn’t matured

Old Man Chalmers

“I can’t wait until I’m done swimming then I can go to the market to… do a little shopping…”

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0.75 speed


He hasn’t. Marriott hotel security had to be called when he drunkenly tried to kick in his hotel room door this month. He always says he learns, but….


It’s pretty impressive that he got into a car wreck in Gainsville and arrested in California all in the same day.


He wasn’t arrested and it wasn’t on the same day.

phelps swims 200 breast rio

Both happened on the same day. The accident happened around 9:45 p.m. ET. The incident at the hotel took place around 6 a.m. ET. No arrests for either. Jeah.


I really hope he can tear it up in 2020. If not, it’ll be a pretty tough fall from fortune/success to watch. Normally when people fall, it at least goes quickly. But Lochte will have been tumbling down the stairs for like 4 years, so it would be pretty nice to see him land on his feet. Or at least regain balance temporarily. Or something. Jeah.

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