Ruta Meilutyte speaks out against Yulia Efimova (Video)

Captured by D’Artagnan Dias.

Produced by Coleman Hodges.

Reported by Mitch Bowmile.


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Top Seed: 1:05.70 – Lilly King – USA
World Record: 1:04.35 – Ruta Meilutyte – Lithuania
JR World Record: 1:05.39 – Ruta Meilutyte – Lithuania
Olympic Record: 1:05.17 (2008) – Leisel Jones – Australia
2012 Olympic Champion: 1:05.47 – Ruta Meilutyte – Lithuania

Lilly King of the United States made an absolute statement in the 100m breaststroke, backing up her talk about Yulia Efimova earlier in the heats by taking home the gold in a sub 1:05-performance.

King was out fast, and with 25-meters to go Efimova of Russia was charging. Stroke for stroke, with 15-meters to go King switched to another gear, refusing to let Efimova, who had recently failed two doping tests, take her down at the end.

With a huge surge and absolute resilience, King claimed the gold medal with a 1:04.93. Efimova managed to hold on for the silver medal in a time of 1:05.50.

American Katie Meili was passed by Efimova on the final 50, but still managed to get on the podium. Meili was a 1:05.69 finishing just 0.19 seconds shy of Efimova’s time.

Fourth was Shi Jinglin of China followed by Rachel Nicol of Canada in a 1:06.68.

  1. Lilly King – USA – 1:04.93 OR
  2. Yulia Efimova – Russia – 1:05.50
  3. Katie Meili – USA – 1:05.69
  4. Shi Jinglin – China – 1:06.37
  5. Rachel Nicol – Canada – 1:06.68
  6. Hrafnhildur Luthersdottir – Iceland- 1:07.18
  7. Ruta Meilutyte – Lithuania- 1:07.32
  8. Alia Atkinson – Jamaica – 1:08.10

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Tom from Chicago

Doping is not a victimless crime. FINA, WADA, the IOC, and CAS all failed to protect clean athletes. Victim List so far: 1. Men’s 400 Free – 4th place – Conor Dwyer 2. Men’s 200 Free – 4th place – James Guy 3. Women’s 100 Breast – 4th place – Shi Jinglin The same administrative types failed when the East German swimmers came in looking all jacked up on steroids like men, now there are even positive test results. This isn’t guess work. This is outright PED cheating and the cheaters have been caught. Get the “Sepp Blathers” out of FINA, WADA, and IOC. Heroes so far: Lily King – multiple interview comments Rowdy Gaines – multiple on air comments… Read more »

Lane Four

I wish I could give you 10,000 thumbs up in spades! To those people who defend the cheaters, WE WILL NOT BE SILENCED!!!!!


Also think about those who lost a place in the final or the semifinals or lost the gold medal from a cheater.

Joel Lin

Well put Tom from Chicago.

Let me add your point a thousand fold louder for the 1976 women Olympians. Most notably Shirley Babashoff, but also each and every finalist from other nations denied their podium moment and medals. Are FINA and the IOC really hoping everyone of a certain age will just eventually die off or forget?



Also, lets not forget about Tara Kirk who was robbed of her spot on the 2008 Olympic Team – oh wait, USA Swimming had their hands in that one!!!

Pau Hana

Would drive me nuts in later years when commentators would discuss the “obstacles” Hardy overcame.


Have you seen Megan Jendrick’s twitter? Blasting Efimova scenario. Great stuff


Oh drop the drama queen nonsense, no one is a victim and those tools you named definitely aren’t heroes if anything they’re the villains ESPECIALLY that obnoxious arrogant hypocrite Lilly King, she represents everything the rest of the world hates about America and is perpetuating the stereotype that all Americans are elitists holier than thou condescending brats climbing on their soapboxes and turning down their noses at everyone as if we’re better.


Yulia , the end is near for u , if u ever didn’t notice that yet . More people are speaking out about the truth and will not be silenced at all . If i was a high level swimmer , present in Rio , i would not silent my heart deep feelings . Things are changing and will accelerate even if FINA , WADA , IOC And CAS go on denying whats going on . PEOPLE will stand more and more to get the truth revealed about cheaters and ignite more CHANGES down the line . TOM , so well written and articulated .


You’re delusional it’s just beginning for Yulia she won bronze in London and just won 2 silvers in Rio on short notice since she didn’t know until a week before the games that she was competing she’s only going to get better and will be back at the next Olympics, the end is near for Lilly her obnoxious attitude is turning alot of people off and actually making people sympathize with Yulia which is the exact opposite of what she was trying to accomplish and her classless behavior basically insulting the IOC/the powers that be who allowed Yulia to compete is ensuring that she’ll be blacklisted from future games again having the opposite effect since she wanted Yulia to be… Read more »


Well said

No One is Perfect

Agree. Lilly King is a talent, but she needs to go to charm school.


Unfortunately, one of your heroes has swam with falsified entry times in the US!

Irish Ringer

Who was that?

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Coleman Hodges

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