Regan Smith Compares the 2020 and 2021 Olympic Years (Video)


Reported by Nick Pecoraro.


  1. Olivia Smoliga (Athens Bulldog), 59.49
  2. Regan Smith (Riptide), 59.50
  3. Kathleen Baker (Team Elite), 59.57

The top 3 American women in the 100 back this Olympic cycle had a three-way battle during the finishing meters of tonight’s race. After Regan Smith went out into the lead, Kathleen Baker slowly began to gain on her in the second 50. Then, Olivia Smoliga switched gears and caught up to Smith and Baker, with the three women swimming neck-and-neck. At the finish, Smoliga touched out Smith by one one-hundredth at 59.49. Baker took a narrow third place at 59.57.Looking at this season’s world rankings, Smoliga (5th), Smith (6th), and Baker (9th) all crack the top-10 times.

Picking up 4th was Lisa Bratton (1:01.21), ahead of flyer Hali Flickinger (1:01.57) and 14-year-old Levenia Sim (1:01.88). Winning the B-final tonight was Tevyn Waddell of Minnesota, touching in at 1:02.58.

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1 year ago

Does anyone know if USA Swimming will return to its previous time standards for the PSS as states begin to ease out of restrictions?

Ol' Longhorn
1 year ago

Really hope they don’t/haven’t overtrained her. Adding the dryland takes its toll, but helps if the overall load is modified. The risk is always more training is better. And then you Lochte it and do stupid strongman exercises on top of your killer Troy workouts to train for 200 and 400s and then are dead after 350 meters of your first race in London. She just always looks super tired at all the in-season meets.

Reply to  Ol' Longhorn
1 year ago

I think you’re ignoring the facts. Regan Smith has DOMINATED Tyr Pro Meets for the last 2-3 years. She routinely finishes top two in 4 events (100/200 Back and fly) and has been the leading money winner. She routinely won the bonus $ for highest PowerPoint prelim Swim. She often WINS 3 events. How does she look “super tired at all in-season meets?” She kills these meets. Please go back and take a look. There is absolutely no truth to your comment. Comparing her to Lochte? This year IS different. Her training WAS impacted. She’s fighting hard to get to where she needs and expects to be. But Mike Parratto has not overtrained her. They’re dealing w the realities of… Read more »

1 year ago

Rooting for Regan! It really is silly that people are already counting her out.

Reply to  Penguin
1 year ago

People have counted out Simone Manuel a number of times.

Reply to  Penguin
1 year ago

Literally who is counting her out?

Reply to  Apathetic
1 year ago

Nobody smart. Regan will dominate the backstrokes at Trials and at the Olympics. Downvote me all you want, just remember this prediction when it happens.

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