Projected 2018-2019 U.S. National Team

With two of three qualifying meets complete, the framework of the 2018-2019 U.S. National Team is well in place. There could be some shuffling based on Junior Pan Pacs results, but with senior Pan Pacs and U.S. Nationals out of the way, the vast majority of next year’s National Team is all but locked in.

What is the National Team?

In contrast to the traveling rosters for meets like Pan Pacs, World Championships or World University Games, the U.S. National Team refers to a broader roster of the nation’s top swimmers in every event who can qualify for a wide range of benefits from USA Swimming.

For more detail on those specific benefits, check out our story on the subject from late 2014 here. The short version is that making the national team carries a certain level of prestige, financial support and other perks like access to the Olympic Training Center and video review and massages at some major meets.

For 2018-2019, the U.S. National Team will be selected from the top 6 times in each Olympic event from the combined results of U.S. Nationals, Pan Pacs and Junior Pan Pacs. As opposed to travel roster selection, this roster does take into account prelims swims in addition to swims from any final. Relay leadoffs, time trials, swim-offs and intermediate splits aren’t included.

You can see full selection criteria here.

Open water swimmers have already been selected based on the top 6 finishers at the 2018 U.S. Open Water Nationals 10K race. Unlike the pool team, they’re locked into their spots.

Projected Rosters

These rosters aren’t final, only because a swimmer from Junior Pan Pacs could still improve their standing. These lists, in a way, then, are incentive lists for any Junior Pan Pac swimmer looking for National Team status. Those who don’t make it will be likely to make the Junior National Team instead. The junior team is selected in a somewhat-similar way: the top 6 juniors (as of September 1, 2018) in each Olympic event are eligible make the roster, though this team is selected from long course times swum in the calendar year 2018 rather than from specific meets. It also limits the total roster to 40 swimmers and bases priority and selection on world ranks.

Men’s 50 free

Michael Andrew 21.46
Caeleb Dressel 21.67
Nathan Adrian 21.85
Michael Chadwick 22.00
Michael Jensen 22.03
Zach Apple 22.06

Men’s 100 free

Zach Apple 48.03
Blake Pieroni 48.08
Caeleb Dressel 48.13
Tate Jackson 48.20
Nathan Adrian 48.25
Maxime Rooney 48.27

Men’s 200 free

Townley Haas 1:45.56
Andrew Seliskar 1:45.70
Blake Pieroni 1:45.93
Conor Dwyer 1:46.08
Jack Levant 1:46.39
Zach Apple 1:46.56

Men’s 400 free

Zane Grothe 3:45.32
Grant Shoults 3:46.90
Conor Dwyer 3:48.45
Andrew Abruzzo 3:48.58
Chris Wieser 3:48.69
Trey Freeman 3:49.02

Men’s 800 free

Zane Grothe 7:43.74
Jordan Wilimovsky 7:45.19
Robert Finke 7:51.45
Nick Norman 7:54.47
Logan Houck 7:54.80
True Sweetser 7:56.08

Men’s 1500 free

Jordan Wilimovsky 14:46.93
Zane Grothe 14:48.40
Robert Finke 14:48.70
Michael Brinegar 15:07.04
Nick Norman 15:08.81
True Sweetser 15:10.65

Men’s 100 back

Ryan Murphy 51.94
Matt Grevers 52.55
Justin Ress 53.26
Michael Andrew 53.55
Bryce Mefford 53.84
Jacob Pebley 53.96

Men’s 200 back

Ryan Murphy 1:53.57
Jacob Pebley 1:55.68
Austin Katz 1:55.69
Clark Beach 1:57.06
Nick Alexander 1:57.18
Bryce Mefford 1:57.46

Men’s 100 breast

Michael Andrew 59.38
Andrew Wilson 59.42
Devon Nowicki 59.48
Kevin Cordes 59.72
Cody Miller 59.77
Nic Fink 59.86

Men’s 200 breast

Josh Prenot 2:07.28
Andrew Wilson 2:08.66
Will Licon 2:08.72
Nic Fink 2:09.24
Kevin Cordes 2:09.58
Daniel Roy 2:09.76

Men’s 100 fly

Caeleb Dressel 50.50
Jack Conger 51.11
Jack Saunderson 51.48
Michael Andrew 51.53
Tom Shields 51.94
Zach Harting 52.00

Men’s 200 fly

Justin Wright 1:54.63
Zach Harting 1:55.05
Jack Conger 1:55.18
Gianluca Urlando 1:55.21
Tom Shields 1:55.25
Chase Kalisz 1:55.42

Men’s 200 IM

Chase Kalisz 1:55.40
Abrahm DeVine 1:57.41
Gunnar Bentz 1:58.23
Andrew Seliskar 1:58.23
Josh Prenot 1:58.57
Jay Litherland 1:58.97

Men’s 400 IM

Chase Kalisz 4:07.95
Jay Litherland 4:10.21
Sean Grieshop 4:12.72
Sam Stewart 4:13.65
Abrahm DeVine 4:13.77
Charlie Swanson 4:14.01

Men’s Open Water

Jordan Wilimovsky
David Heron
Michael Brinegar
Brendan Casey
Taylor Abbott
Brennan Gravley

Women’s 50 free

Simone Manuel 24.10
Abbey Weitzeil 24.58
Margo Geer 24.77
Mallory Comerford 24.80
Grace Ariola 24.83
Madison Kennedy 24.92

Women’s 100 free

Simone Manuel 52.54
Mallory Comerford 52.94
Margo Geer 53.44
Abbey Weitzeil 53.56
Lia Neal 53.95
Kelsi Dahlia 54.09

Women’s 200 free

Katie Ledecky 1:54.60
Allison Schmitt 1:55.82
Gabby Deloof 1:56.55
Leah Smith 1:56.78
Melanie Margalis 1:56.84
Katie McLaughlin 1:56.88

Women’s 400 free

Katie Ledecky 3:58.50
Leah Smith 4:02.21
Haley Anderson 4:07.21
Kaersten Meitz 4:07.60
Sierra Schmidt 4:08.12
Hali Flickinger 4:08.40

Women’s 800 free

Katie Ledecky 8:09.13
Leah Smith 8:17.21
Haley Anderson 8:24.13
Ally McHugh 8:24.22
Erica Sullivan 8:26.27
Mariah Denigan 8:28.15

Women’s 1500 free

Katie Ledecky 15:38.97
Ashley Twichell 15:55.68
Leah Smith 16:00.82
Ally McHugh 16:02.56
Erica Sullivan 16:02.88
Haley Anderson 16:04.26

Women’s 100 back

Kathleen Baker 58.00
Olivia Smoliga 58.75
Regan Smith 58.83
Phoebe Bacon 59.12
Elise Haan 59.73
Lisa Bratton 59.76

Women’s 200 back

Kathleen Baker 2:06.14
Regan Smith 2:06.43
Isabelle Stadden 2:08.24
Lisa Bratton 2:08.37
Olivia Smoliga 2:08.58
Asia Seidt 2:09.20

Women’s 100 breast

Lilly King 1:05.36
Molly Hannis 1:05.78
Katie Meili 1:06.19
Micah Sumrall 1:06.34
Bethany Galat 1:06.41
Breeja Larson 1:07.80

Women’s 200 breast

Micah Sumrall 2:21.88
Lilly King 2:22.12
Bethany Galat 2:23.32
Annie Lazor 2:24.42
Emily Escobedo 2:25.22
Zoe Bartel 2:25.67

Women’s 100 fly

Kelsi Dahlia 56.44
Katie McLaughlin 57.51
Kendyl Stewart 57.70
Mallory Comerford 57.95
Sarah Gibson 58.09
Hellen Moffitt 58.15

Women’s 200 fly

Hali Flickinger 2:05.87
Katie Drabot 2:07.18
Regan Smith 2:07.42
Dakota Luther 2:08.09
Olivia Carter 2:09.40
Sarah Gibson 2:09.54

Women’s 200 IM


Kathleen Baker 2:08.32
Melanie Margalis 2:09.43
Ella Eastin 2:09.90
Evie Pfeifer 2:11.53
Meghan Small 2:11.65
Alex Walsh 2:11.83

Women’s 400 IM

Ally McHugh 4:34.80
Brooke Forde 4:35.09
Melanie Margalis 4:35.50
Leah Smith 4:35.68
Evie Pfeifer 4:38.68
Emma Barksdale 4:40.20

Women’s Open Water

Ashley Twichell
Haley Anderson
Erica Sullivan
Katy Campbell
Chase Travis
Hannah Moore


Full Projected Rosters By Name

Men (57)

Abrahm DeVine
Andrew Abruzzo
Andrew Seliskar
Andrew Wilson
Austin Katz
Blake Pieroni
Brendan Casey
Brennan Gravley
Bryce Mefford
Caeleb Dressel
Charlie Swanson
Chase Kalisz
Chris Wieser
Clark Beach
Cody Miller
Conor Dwyer
Daniel Roy
David Heron
Devon Nowicki
Gianluca Urlando
Grant Shoults
Gunnar Bentz
Jack Conger
Jack Levant
Jack Saunderson
Jacob Pebley
Jay Litherland
Jordan Wilimovsky
Josh Prenot
Justin Ress
Justin Wright
Kevin Cordes
Logan Houck
Matt Grevers
Maxime Rooney
Michael Andrew
Michael Brinegar
Michael Chadwick
Michael Jensen
Nathan Adrian
Nic Fink
Nick Alexander
Nick Norman
Robert Finke
Ryan Murphy
Sam Stewart
Sean Grieshop
Tate Jackson
Taylor Abbott
Tom Shields
Townley Haas
Trey Freeman
True Sweetser
Will Licon
Zach Apple
Zach Harting
Zane Grothe

Women (54)

Abbey Weitzeil
Alex Walsh
Allison Schmitt
Ally McHugh
Annie Lazor
Ashley Twichell
Asia Seidt
Bethany Galat
Breeja Larson
Brooke Forde
Chase Travis
Dakota Luther
Elise Haan
Ella Eastin
Emily Escobedo
Emma Barksdale
Erica Sullivan
Evie Pfeifer
Gabby Deloof
Grace Ariola
Haley Anderson
Hali Flickinger
Hannah Moore
Hellen Moffitt
Isabelle Stadden
Kaersten Meitz
Kathleen Baker
Katie Drabot
Katie Ledecky
Katie McLaughlin
Katie Meili
Katy Campbell
Kelsi Dahlia
Kendyl Stewart
Leah Smith
Lia Neal
Lilly King
Lisa Bratton
Madison Kennedy
Mallory Comerford
Margo Geer
Mariah Denigan
Meghan Small
Melanie Margalis
Micah Sumrall
Molly Hannis
Olivia Carter
Olivia Smoliga
Phoebe Bacon
Regan Smith
Sarah Gibson
Sierra Schmidt
Simone Manuel
Zoe Bartel

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3 years ago

What’s Sydney Pickrem doing in there? Anything we should know about there? 🙂

Reply to  Zswam
3 years ago

Sydney Pickrem is Canadian.

Reply to  Zswam
3 years ago

If you’re from Texas, you’ve gotta be American.

Tea rex
3 years ago

Is there a link to projected Worlds/WUGs/PanAm teams?

3 years ago

Not that it impacts your National team comments, but National Junior team is far more complicated and smaller than 6 per event. Max 40 per gender and must be in top 75 world women and top 100 world men if not top 2 US (more for relays) in an event.

Reply to  kdswim
3 years ago

I see 40 limit is mentioned in article, either I missed it or it got added. The real limit, at least from last time was the world ranking. I think men was in low 30’s pool swimmers with some events having 6 names and others have 2.

3 years ago

No Dream Farris? 😫

Reply to  Swimnerd
3 years ago

not yet …but he will be on that National Team comes Trials 2020

Reply to  Swimnerd
3 years ago

Was wondering about the other golden boy of swim swam, Cameron Craig??? Where’s he been all summer?

Reply to  Sarcastic
3 years ago

Where’s he been all year?

Reply to  Swimnerd
3 years ago

Thank god…maybe that means these stupid comments will die 🤷🏻‍♂️

3 years ago

MA’s name starting to work its way up the National Team rankings much like his NAG run. It will be fun to see if he can stretch his success in the 50’s to the 100s. He is already in the top 5 in breaststroke (1), butterfly (4), and backstroke (4). Being ranked 1st in the 50 free, not sure why he hasn’t popped a big 100 free yet.

Reply to  Scribble
3 years ago

He hasn’t got the endurance ( As Yet ) to put a second 50 meters that comes around 48.8 – 48.4 for the 100 free …i wish him to manage / train for a solid 100 free

3 years ago

I don’t think it has anything to do with endurance, as seen by his stroke 100s. Seems to be more about stroke mechanics when he breathes (cf those brutal 200 IM finishes in years past). Not sure why he hasn’t been able to fix it, given everything else he’s accomplished. He should be cracking 48.

Reply to  Scribble
3 years ago

Working his way up? He is no longer an age-grouper – he is in-fact one of the top few US male swimmers right now! Congrats to MA for a fantastic summer competing with the best in the World!

Reply to  gator
3 years ago

I was thinking the same thing. 1st in 2 Olympic events is incredible for a 19 year old.

bobo gigi
Reply to  Jeepers
3 years ago

It’s great but not “incredible”. Words have meaning. We have seen in the last 20 years some guys at that age who were already world record holders, world champions, olympic champions or all of that at the same time. Please, swimming has not begun this year!

Ex Quaker
Reply to  bobo gigi
3 years ago

As long as we’re splitting hairs, I’d call it “incredible,” but maybe not “unbelievable” or “flabbergasting.”

3 years ago

Question: are the times to qualify for the National team taken fro the A or B final at Nationals? If they are only from A the Mens 400 free list is incorrect.

Benedict Arnold Schwarzenegger
Reply to  Irish
3 years ago

“As opposed to travel roster selection, this roster does take into account prelims swims in addition to swims from any final.”

Reading is occasionally helpful.

3 years ago

Does junior Pan Pacs count towards the National team?

Benedict Arnold Schwarzenegger
Reply to  Superfan
3 years ago

If only there was an article that addressed this. If only it were the very one you are commenting on. If only it were mentioned at least three times in that article. If only, if only

Reply to  Benedict Arnold Schwarzenegger
3 years ago

If only what? 😉

Reply to  Benedict Arnold Schwarzenegger
3 years ago

You are cracking me up! LOL

Tea rex
Reply to  Benedict Arnold Schwarzenegger
3 years ago

Good answer Benedict. BUT – don’t Junior Pan Pacs still have to take place? Can those times count toward the national team?

Reply to  Tea rex
3 years ago

Yes jr Pan Pacs counts. It’s in the article.

Reply to  Benedict Arnold Schwarzenegger
3 years ago

You’re expecting people to read the article they are commenting on? What’s wrong with you?

3 years ago

The guys 2br isn’t in order.

Reply to  JimSwim
3 years ago

Fixed now I see

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