How Do Olympians Warm Up? (Cody Miller Vlog)

American breaststroker Cody Miller swam two races at last weekend’s Winter National Championships in Columbus, Ohio. In the 100 breaststroke, he set a new Championship Record in prelims with a 51.04, and while he improved that to a 50.98 in finals, Nic Fink beat him to the wall and took the record in 50.80.

Then, int he 200 breaststroke, Miller built a huge lead early, and wound up winning by over 2 seconds in 1:49.31 – a second Championship Record, this time beating Kevin Cordes’ 1:50.73.

That’s what happened in the race. In Miller’s latest Vlog post, he takes us behind the scenes to see what happens before the race: the warmup. Miller walks us through his warmup, how he prepares for a meet. His overarching advice is to have a standardized warmup, so that when he shows up, he “doesn’t have to worry about what he’s going to do.” He says that his warmup is nothing special, and that everyone should find their own warmup – but that they should find one that works and won’t cause any stress when swimmers are preparing to race.

He also breaks down his racing at the meet, and calls his 100 breaststroke “sloppy.”

Check out the video below:

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6 years ago

quick question Braden: do you know if the warm up he was describing was what he does right before his race or the warm up he does like in the morning before the session begins?

Coach John
Reply to  agswimcoach
6 years ago

I think he was only racing one event per day at nat’s so it’s one warmup before his race morning and one at night. he’s not doing a general warmup and then a specific warmup here I believe

Tom from Chicago
6 years ago

I wish I could be unhappy with a 50.9 in the 100 breast.

6 years ago

A really great blog! Keep ’em coming Cody!

Josh Davis
6 years ago

Love it!! Way to go Cody!! Keep it up!

6 years ago

“I like to start by doing at least 3 dolphin kicks off each wall.”

Reply to  CraigH
6 years ago


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