NISCA Releases 2021-2022 National Dual Meet Team Rankings

by Sidney Zacharias 9

August 22nd, 2022 High School, News

The National Interscholastic Swim Coaches Association (NISCA) has released its annual National Dual Meet Rankings for the 2021-2022 season. 

The rankings are determined by a point system, where coaches enter their best dual meet line-up using times from any official high school meet. The times are given a point value based on the NISCA PowerPoint Tables, created to compare the quality of times from event to event and from girls to boys. Coaches must submit their own applications directly to NISCA to be considered for the ranking. 



The rankings differentiate schools based on size and whether they are “public” or “independent”. They also rank boys and girls separately, however, they do provide statistics on combined results. 

In total, NISCA reports that 239 teams submitted applications for the program which is an increase from the number last year. Carmel is notably absent from this year’s rankings, after taking first place overall in the 2020-2021 dual meet rankings

Overall, Santa Margarita Catholic High School, home of USC commit Justina Kozan, took the top spot with 13121 points total (combined girls and boys). They were followed by New Trier with 12151 points and the Woodlands High School with 12143 points. The highest performing girls team overall was Santa Margarita with 6957 points. On the boys side, it was St. Xavier with 6506 points.

The public school enrollment size is broken down into 4 categories: 1-900, 901-1400, 1401-1900, and 1900+. Private (“independent”) schools are distinguished by enrollment sizes of 1-900 or 900+. 

The winners from each category are found below:

  • Boys Public (1-900): Lander Valley High School
  • Boys Public (901-1400): Grosse Pointe South High School
  • Boys Public (1401-1900): Skyline
  • Boys Public (1900+): Kingwood High School
  • Boys Independent (1-900): Brunswick School
  • Boys Independent (900+): St. Xavier High School
  • Girls Public (1-900): Dallas High School
  • Girls Public (901-1400): Brookfield East High School
  • Girls Public (1401-1900): Upper Arlington High School
  • Girls Public (1900+): The Woodlands High School
  • Girls Independent (1-900): Stone Ridge School
  • Girls Independent (900+): Santa Margarita Catholic High School


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3 months ago

Big school guys: Kingwood (TX) vs Stevenson (IL) – now THAT would be a fun travel meet. Let’s do it!

3 months ago

LOL! AA Pioneer coach sends in nothing for probably the best team she will ever have.

Eddie Rowe
Reply to  Meeeee
2 months ago

There’s a LOT of coaches that don’t send anything in. I’ve been compiling the applications for ALL North Carolina Schools and providing them to coaches. All they have to do is sign it and pay the fee. Last year, I think 6 schools actually sent it in. In recent history I recall Green Hope having over 5400 points for BOTH boys and girls, and they didn’t send it in.

Old Swim Coach
3 months ago

Wish this list were a comprehensive list and not just one where the coaches had to send times in. The most obvious omission is Carmel High School in Indiana. Their girls and boys teams were very good last season.

Bull Gator
3 months ago

WOW! According to this ranking, High School swimming in Florida sucks.

this guy
Reply to  Bull Gator
3 months ago

Florida is super club driven and outside of a few schools like Bolles there aren’t many high schools that get fed all the club kids. Most club kids are spread out to different high schools. You look at an Upper Arlington in Ohio and 100% of their club kids attend Upper Arlington High School.

Reply to  Bull Gator
3 months ago

Florida, Nevada (correct me if I am wrong or add more states) and Arizona swim in the fall… it’s a disadvantage especially when everyone is 6 months older. These rankings are fun and all but it’s not the best way to rank teams.

Eddie Rowe
Reply to  swim
2 months ago

Actually, it is the best way to rank teams provided coaches optimize their lineups. It’s just not the best points system to use or necessarily the most palatable way to rank teams. But, I’m always interested in hearing more ideas about how to do this. What are your ideas?

Ex FL High School Coach
Reply to  Bull Gator
3 months ago

Or the coaches in Florida are lazy and didn’t submit