New Report Confirms State-Sponsored Doping In Russia

A WADA report on the systematic doping of Russian athletes at the 2014 Sochi Olympic Games led by Canadian law professor Richard McLaren was published this morning at 9:00 EST confirming state-sponsored doping in Russian sports.

The report looked to address reports from late in 2015 where Dr. Grigory Rodchenkov, the former head of Moscow’s anti-doping laboratory, indicated his part in a state-sponsored doping ring in a tell-all of the doping procedure from the 2014 Olympic Games.

McLaren released his findings today as well through a news conference in Toronto where he indicated that he had confirmed that the Russian Olympic team had partaken in a systematic doping approach to improve their results at their home games in 2014.


  • The Moscow Laboratory operated for the purpose of protecting doped Russian athletes
  • The Sochi laboratory operated a unique sample swapping methodology which allowed doped Russian athletes to compete at the games with no possibility of a positive test eliminating them from competition
  • The Ministry of Sport were in control of the manipulation of analytical results or sample swapping, directing and overseeing the entire process. The FSB (Russian federal security service), CSP (Center of Sports Preparation in Russia), and both the Moscow and Sochi Laboratories all actively participated in the process

McLaren stated that the findings of his report have been proven, “beyond a reasonable doubt,” going further to say that all evidence is “verifiable”.

He went on to confirm that positive tests “in every sports discipline” were passed to the Deputy Minister of Sport, Yuri Nagornykh. Nagornykh was responsible for deciding who would not be protected by the labs.

According to his report, the systematic doping began in 2010 and carried through until 2014. McLaren stated “the system worked well to cover up doping, except at major international events.” Because of this, in Sochi the Russians developed the sample-swapping methodology where “tamper-proof” bottles were switched.

Towards the end of the press conference, McLaren reiterated that the “disappearing positive methodology” applies across all sports. McLaren didn’t name any specific athletes or sports, but did say that the report lists both summer and winter sports that were effected.

This report comes out just after FINA released a statement outlining their “concern” for calls from both the American and Canadian anti-doping authorities to ban Russia from the Olympic Games.

FINA’s main concern with anti-doping authorities speaking out is that they did so prior to the release of the McLaren report. The full FINA statement can be found here.

While McLaren’s report doesn’t specifically indicate swimming, it was clear that the state-sponsored doping looked to take place across all sports, meaning that there’s a very high chance swimming was involved as well. The same Moscow anti-doping lab used at the Sochi Olympics was used at the 2015 World Championships.

To read the entire McLaren report click here.


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7 years ago

I doubt the Russians were the first brainwave to think -Oh yes 99 the old hole in the wall trick.

7 years ago

This is huge news, yet at the same time, it’s also a huge “duh.”

Lane Four
7 years ago

Where is GOYULIA? Possibly choking from shock?

7 years ago


Hecka Sus
7 years ago

Wow I am in disbelief but at the same time I am not surprised at all. Just wondering–what is the concensus here on vlad morozov? Doped or clean? If doped, could Santo Condorelli’s breakout year be the product of his “training” visit to Russia? I know he has been up and coming (49.3 in high school) I just cant help but speculate…

Reply to  Hecka Sus
7 years ago

There’s no reason to say Santo has ever used PEDs. I know there’s reason to speculate about a lot of athletes now, but Santo’s training in Russia was in the summer of 2014. He didn’t have a particularly great summer of racing then either. His big breakout came in late 2015 when he was training either at USC or with Coley Stickels, and it wasn’t an unfathomable improvement considering how good he’s always been.

USC ain\'t clean either
Reply to  Lauren Neidigh
7 years ago

USC’s reputation isn’t that clean. How many Salo connected athletes have tested positive or are highly suspect over the years? I count 4 just off the top of my head.

Lauren Neidigh
Reply to  USC ain\'t clean either
7 years ago

Santo doesn’t swim at USC and he hasn’t for some time now.

7 years ago

Where’s FINA? Still bemoaning this being leaked early? Let’s still give ’em the benefit of doubt. I sure hope Effimova’s heart issues are under control

bobo gigi
7 years ago

And immediately the Putin fans here in France write in the forums of sports websites that all of that is a conspiracy created by the US government and backed by its European allies. 😆

Swim pop
7 years ago

Well, at least they weren’t smoking pot…….

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