Michael Phelps Talks Mental Health, Boomer, Denies Comeback On Today

by Steven Meyers 21

October 25th, 2018 News, Video

Michael Phelps sat down with Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb on the Today Show this morning to discuss his struggles with depression and mental health, his advice for teenage swimmers, and his parenting journey.

“Being able to open up the conversation about it I think is something that’s something that’s so important. You know, really trying to take the stigma away.” Phelps said in the clip below tweeted out by Today.

Phelps engaged in conversation about his struggles with depression that occurred in Fall of 2014 after he was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, speeding, and crossing double lane lines. He went as far to say, “I was so down on myself. I didn’t have any self-love, and quite honestly I just didn’t want to be alive.”

Among other topics of conversation, Phelps discussed his son Boomer’s attempts in the water claiming that, “his kick is unbelievable. It truly is insane to watch how fearless he is in the water.” Phelps followed that up by claiming no pressure in forcing Boomer to follow in his footsteps, ” if he wants to swim, cool. If not, whatever makes him happy.” In the clip below, you can see Phelps not only doing a dryland workout with Boomer, but even getting in the water and swimming.

It wouldn’t be a complete Phelps interview without the question of a comeback coming up at the end. Once again Phelps squashed that saying, “I can never see myself getting back in. I could, but why? I don’t want to.”

To watch the entire interview on Today.com click here.

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1 year ago

Secretly trains for Tokyo…..

1 year ago

Everytime he says he “could” get back in suggests there is a slight chance he comes back. As a fan, there’d be nothing better!

1 year ago

I’d wager he’ll demolish some USMS records at about 40.

Reply to  Drewbrewsbeer
1 year ago

That… would be big.