McKeon Out-Scores Toussaint By 0.1 Points To Win Final World Cup Of 2021


  • Thursday, October 28 – Saturday, October 30th
  • Kazan Aquatics Palace, Kazan, Russia
  • Prelims: 10 am local / 3 am ET
  • Finals: 6 pm local / 11 am ET
  • SCM (25m)
  • Results

The 4-stop 2021 FINA World Series came to a close in Kazan, Russia on October 30. Australia’s Emma McKeon and Japan’s Daiya Seto were the respective women’s and men’s top scorers at the meet and each walked away with $12,000 for their first-place finish.

As a reminder, a swimmers’ score at each meet was based upon their top 3 swims taking into consideration placement in the final and total FINA points for their time. Emma McKeon topped the podium in three events at the Kazan meet, winning the 50 free, 100 free, and 100 butterfly, while Seto earned 4 gold medals in the 100/200/400 IM triple, as well as the 200 breaststroke.

Their multiple wins and class A times corresponded to a total of 58.3 points for McKeon and 58.9 for Seto. McKeon took the win by only 0.1 points considering that Dutch backstroker Kira Toussaint earned a total of 58.2 points after winning the 50/100/200 backstroke. Prior to this meet both McKeon and Toussaint had won one World Cup meet each; McKeon in Budapest and Toussaint more recently in Doha.

Seto on the other hand had a larger margin of victory in Kazan than McKeon as Matt Sates finished second overall with 55.6 points to Seto’s 58.9. This win marked Seto’s second straight meet win, having also taken the top spot at the Doha meet.

Toussaint and Sates each won $10,000 for their second-place finishes in Kazan and they were followed in the rankings by Switzerland’s Maria Ugolkova and American Tom Shields in third place, Aussies Madi Wilson and Kyle Chalmers who both took fourth place, and breaststrokers Yuliya Efimova of Russia and Arno Kamminga of the Netherlands who rounded out the respective top 5s.

Check out the following chart for a full breakdown of the top 20 women and men in Kazan, their point totals, and prize money earnings. Note, however, that this is only the amount they won in Kazan. For a full breakdown of the series-wide earnings, check out this article.

Women’s Top 20 – Kazan

1 NED Emma McKeon 58.3 $12,000
2 AUS Kira Toussaint 58.2 $10,000
3 SUI Maria Ugolkova 54.7 $8,000
4 AUS Madi Wilson 52.8 $6,000
5 RUS Yuliya Efimova 52.6 $5,500
6 AUS Leah Neale 52.5 $5,400
7 HUN Zsuzsanna Jakabos 52 $5,300
8 AUS Holly Barratt 51.4 $5,200
9 CLB Vitalina Simonova 50.2 $5,100
10 SWE Michelle Coleman 48.6 $5,000
11 RUS Anastasia Sorokina 48.6 $4,900
12 TUR Viktoria Gunes 44 $4,800
13 RUS Valeriia Salamatina 42.8 $4,700
14 RUS Ekaterina Nikonova 39.5 $4,600
15 RUS Aleksandra Bykova 39.3 $4,500
16 CLB Anastasia Duplinskaia 39.1 $4,400
17 BIH Lana Pudar 38.8 $4,300
18 RUS Mariia Temnikova 39.7 $4,200
19 SRB Nina Stanisavljevic 36.5 $4,100
20 CLB Daria Mullakaeva 33 $4,000

Men’s Top 20 – Kazan

1 JPN Daiya Seto 58.9 $12,000
2 RSA Matt Sates 55.6 $10,000
3 USA Tom Shields 55.4 $8,000
4 AUS Kyle Chalmers 54.4 $6,000
5 NED Arno Kamminga 54.4 $5,500
6 RUS Kliment Kolesnikov 52.9 $5,400
7 LTU Danas Rapsys 50.3 $5,300
8 RUS Pavel Samusenko 50.3 $5,200
9 GER Fabian Schwingenschlogl $5,100
10 HUN Szebasztian Szabo 49.5 $5,000
11 RUS Vlad Morozov 46.9 $4,900
12 ISR Yakov Toumarkin 43.3 $4,800
13 RUS Grigory Tarasevich 41 $4,700
14 RUS Vladislav Grinev 39.2 $4,600
15 LTU Andrius Sidlauskas 38.6 $4,500
16 NED Jesse Puts 37.9 $4,400
17 BEL Louis Cronen 37.7 $4,300
18 RUS Sergei Fesikov 36.9 $4,200
19 CLB Daniil Markov 35.5 $4,100
20 RUS Maxim Stupin 34.4 $4,000


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1 year ago

I know the World Cup events have passed, but does anyone know how to watch it in the US? Were the livestreams available at the time, or are the archived session vids available somewhere? I see that they are hidden on FinaTV’s youtube channel. I assume due to some broadcast contract b.s.

1 year ago

They aren’t reimbursed by Fina for any meet expenses are they?

Reply to  Lisa
1 year ago

Some are, some aren’t, some are reimbursed partially. It’s negotiated on an individual basis.

Reply to  Braden Keith
1 year ago

That is very interesting… does that mean Fina will likely reimburse the bigger name swimmers to entice them to swim?

Reply to  Mc2
1 year ago

Yep that’s part of it. There are of course politics involved in the decision making, as there always is, so who you are and what country you’re from matters too.

Reply to  Braden Keith
1 year ago

I’m guessing FINA paid for the Australians, hence many showed up….