Maximus Williamson Goes 1:42.07 to Rattle Heilman’s One-Hour Old 200 IM NAG Record

by Robert Gibbs 8

December 08th, 2022 College, News, Previews & Recaps


What a difference an hour makes. There’s crazy-fast swimming going on at both sites of the Winter Junior Championships, and 16 year-old Maximus Williamson threw down a 1:42.07 in the 200 IM to take the title at the West site in Austin. That swim eclipsed what had been the 15-16 National Age Group record coming into today, a 1:42.77 from Michael Andrew back in 2015.

However, over at the East site in Greensboro, 15 year-old Thomas Heilman had broken MA’s record just an hour earlier, throwing down an eye-popping 1:41.71. Williamson’s time stands as a meet record for the West site, and it moves him up to #2 all-time in the age group.

All-Time Performers, 200 IM – Boys’ 15-16 Age Group

  1. Thomas Heilman, 1:41.71 – 2022
  2. Maximus Williamson, 1:42.07 – 2022
  3. Michael Andrew, 1:42.77 – 2015
  4. Luca Urlando, 1:42.99 – 2018
  5. Carson Foster, 1:43.79 – 2017
  6. Reece Whitley, 1:43.93 – 2016
  7. Andrew Seliskar, 1:44.03 – 2013
  8. Destin Lasco, 1:44.59 – 2018
  9. Tyler Lu, 1:44.87 – 2019
  10. Carter Lancaster, 1:45.02 – 2022

Williamson’s previous best of 1:43.16 had him ranked #4 in the age group. He and Heilman are the only two 15 year-olds to go under 1:46.0 in the event, and still a sophomore in high school, Williamson already has a time that would’ve qualified for the B-final at the 2022 NCAA Division I Championships.

Here’s a quick comparative look at, Heilman’s, Williamson’s, and Michael Andrew’s former record’s splits:

Heilman 2022 Williamson 2022 Andrew 2015
Fly 22.15 22.15 21.65
Back 25.49 24.79 25.61
Breast 30.19 31.11 29.78
Free 23.88 24.02 25.73
1:41.71 1:42.07 1:42.77

Intriguingly, Williamson went out in 22.15 tonight – the exact same split as both Heilman and 17 year-old Daniel Diehl, who was with Heilman for the first 150 over at the East site. Williamson backstroke leg was a bit quicker than Heilman’s, but then he faded on the breast leg. Williamson brought it home in 24.02, which is still quite fast when compared to, say, NCAA championship swims, and ended up just 0.36s behind Heilman’s time.

Just like Heilman had Diehl (and Will Modglin) pushing him, Williamson had pressure from 18 year-old Nate Germonprez, who touched in a new personal best of 1:42.82. That appears to move him up to #8 all-time in the age group, ahead of eventual four-time NCAA A-finalist Andrew Seliskar.

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1 month ago

Maximus will break 1:40 in March at Southern Premier Meet in Nashville.

1 month ago

Max needs to figure out ankle mobility & timing for that breastroke leg.

Reply to  612
1 month ago

He’s been 56 low 100 breast unshaven. His breaststroke was off a little at Jr. He pressed to much in the 2IM but it was better in the 4IM.
I’m sure it will be better by March Champion season.

1 month ago

I remember when Dressel closed in a 23.7 in 2018 when he went 1:38.1 and everyone’s heads exploded.

We’ve just had two 15-16 year olds close in 23.8 and 24.0, respectively. This is just STUPID fast. I almost can’t believe it

1 month ago

The got crack in the water over at Juniors or what bruh this is actually crazy

Reply to  jablo
1 month ago

No Cap FR FR

Fantastic name for a Lactate Set btw

1 month ago

MA always had that wack last 50

IU Kicker
Reply to  asdasd
1 month ago

He played to his strengths. His fly back and breast are technically more sound than his freestyle. Most swimmers have a weak stroke somewhere in their IM. No one ever bags on someone with a weaker fly back even though they might be a second + behind the leader at the half way point. I think that the way MA swims the 200 IM produces the fastest race for him.

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