Matthew Temple Blasts 50.45 100 Fly Australian Record, #8 Performer Ever


In the men’s 100 backstroke final at the 2021 Australian Olympic Trials, Matthew Temple hit a 50.45 Australian record, taking the mark from Andrew Lauterstein who swam a 50.85 in 2009.

Temple took it out with a 23.67 which is actually a little slower than Lauterstein’s opening split of 23.28.

Split Comparison:

Temple 2021 Lauterstein 2009
50 23.67 23.28
100 50.45 (26.78) 50.85 (27.57)

Temple’s Australian record was more than a second faster than both his entry time in the event of 51.57 as well as his prelims swim of 51.79. That marks Temple’s 3rd individual event qualification for Tokyo, adding to his 200 butterfly victory on day 3 of the meet as well as his second-place finish in the 100 free on day 4.

A 50.45 100 butterfly is more than enough to qualify Temple for Tokyo in the event, getting under the 51.70 qualifying mark by more than a second.

Along with setting a new Australian record and qualifying for Tokyo, Temple has now advanced to the #2 spot in the world this season, trailing Kristof Milak‘s 50.18 from the 2021 European Championships.

2020-2021 LCM Men 100 Fly

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This swim also makes Temple the 8th fastest swimmer in the history of the event; a major improvement upon his former 56th place ranking.

All-Time Men’s Long Course 100 Butterfly Rankings

  1. Caeleb Dressel – 49.50 (2019)
  2. Michael Phelps – 49.82 (2009)
  3. Milorad Cavic – 49.95 (2009)
  4. Kristof Milak – 50.18 (2021)
  5. Joseph Schooling – 50.39 (2016)
  6. Ian Crocker – 50.40 (2005)
  7. Rafael Munoz – 50.41 (2009)
  8. Matthew Temple – 50.45 (2021)
  9. Chad le Clos – 50.56 (2015)
  10. Piero Codia – 50.64 (2018)

World record holder Caeleb Dressel is slated to contest the 100 butterfly at the US Olympic Trials on Friday, June 18, and will be gunning for a spot on the US Olympic team in the event.

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Eric the eel > Phelps
1 year ago

Tokyo Podium : Dressel and Milak (49.), Temple (50 low)

Reply to  Eric the eel > Phelps
1 year ago

I think the 1st two are sure the 3rd not so. As I know Milák won’t swim the free so ‘only’ fly(ing).

Thomas Selig
1 year ago

Aus have decisions now to make on mixed medley relay: the gap between Temple and McKeon in the fly is about the same as that between McKeown and Larkin on back. I’d be tempted to give Temple the swim: McKeon has 4 individuals (assuming she swims them all, and no reason she shouldn’t IMO), and the three female relays, so already a very heavy program. But I guess McKeown’s schedule isn’t that light either, and Temple himself has qualified for several individual events, so not a straightforward call.

Reply to  Thomas Selig
1 year ago

Theoretically that’s the gap but it’s gonna be hard for McKeown to swim a 57 stuck in the wash of the men

Reply to  Thomas Selig
1 year ago

The question is just how high will/should they prioritise the MMR as against other relays and the schedules of key swimmers.

Granted they are “defending” gold from Gwangju but even through the most rose-coloured glasses that is really looking one almighty “ask”. In all honesty, they’re far from a solid bet to medal.

Even if McKeown swam a WR off the gun, they will ship 5-6sec to the teams swimming male first. Larkin ……. is just plain unreliable in relays. BRS is the Achilles Heel no matter which gender you select, probably shipping 1-1.5 sec (best case scenario) either way. Temple does make it interesting BUT using him means you will have had to utilise a female on one… Read more »

1 year ago

After all these 50point swims in the past few years, I’m a bit surprised that Phelps was basically able to coast to victory swimming 50.high’s (or slower) without the need to really improve from 2010 – 2012 (it felt longer than that). The event really got faster in 2015 with the first non-Phelps, Crocker, Cavic sub51 outside of the suit era, and the event hasn’t really looked back.

Was there a technical improvement in the event starting 2015?

1 year ago

For me this was the swim of the meet on the men’s side. Stubblety-Cook’s 200BS ranks higher on the all-time lists but I would give it to Temple because he improved his PB by a full second and is now seen as a medal contender when he wasn’t on anyone’s radar before.

Bobo Gigi
1 year ago
1 year ago

when I see his winning time, I inevitably remember this video

Drama King
1 year ago

Now, any chance of he’s dropping 200fly from his schedule.
He is 1.55.2 there. But you got Milak, Kenderasi, Two Japanese, Burdisso, Ivanov and lots of 1.55 swimmers in the mix. There is no chance of medaling there.
Then 200fly would clash with his 100 free.
I say drop 200 fly. Put the focus on 100 fly. He has realistic chance of winning medal there.
Then there are 3 relays.

And finally it gives the chance for Bowen Gough (his club teammate) the chance to make it to Olympics. He has the OQT in 200 fly.

Any thoughts?

Last edited 1 year ago by Drama King
Reply to  Drama King
1 year ago

He’s a better chance of a medal in the 200m fly than the 100m free so I’m not sure why he would cut the former because it clashes with the latter…

Drama King
Reply to  SBOmega
1 year ago

Lets be honest. There is no chance of a medal in 100 free or 200 fly.

2 or 3 * 200 fly races would be brutal, then he has 100 free and 4*100 free relay and possibly Mixed Medley Relay. He will be exhausted by the time of 100 fly. ‘Be more fresh going into your best event’. Thats the thought.

And 100s mean you can do more speed works upto olympics and be more prepared for shorter distance races.

Drama King
Reply to  Drama King
1 year ago

And in 200 fly , Aus got Gough who made the OQT and finished third.
But in 100 free 3rd place swimmer (Mcevoy) does not have the OQT.

Reply to  Drama King
1 year ago

Not two much chance in any of them. The gold and silver are between Chalmers and Dressel, in 100free only one place will left on the podium for six guys. From Brazil, GBR, Italy, Japan, Roumania, Russia (2), USA, Hungary etc. idk. Tough.
200 fly it’s Milak’s gold Seto for the silver and who knows the third. Burdisso, LeClos, Kenderesi or? Not so easy.

1 year ago

He might be in contention for that 4×100 mixed medley now too

Reply to  Verram
1 year ago

who else would be?

Reply to  Joe
1 year ago

It’s between him and Emma mckeon in butterfly leg

Reply to  Verram
1 year ago

In every event there could realistically be a 5 second gap between the Aussie boys and girls.