Martinenghi Hits 58.29 100 Breast ITA Record, Ties Shymanovich For #4 All-Time


  • Friday, June 25th – Sunday, June 27th
  • Swimming Stadium of the Foro Italico, Rome, Italy
  • LCM (50m)
  • Olympic Qualifying Competition
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During the first day of racing at the 2021 Settecolli Trophy Nicolo Martinenghi downed his own Italian record in the 100 breaststroke with a 58.29. That swim was 0.08 seconds quicker than his former mark in the event of 58.37 which he set earlier this year to win the event at the 2021 Italian Championships in Riccione.

Splits Comparison:

2021 Settecolli 2021 Italian Nationals
50 27.67 27.28
100 58.29 (30.62) 58.37 (31.09)

That swim for Martinenghi was his 6th time ever under the 59-second mark in the event and his 5th time this season. He first swam in the 58 range back in December 2019 at the Italian Open Long Course Championships.

Nicolo Martinenghi Top Long Course 100 Breaststrokes

  1. 58.29 – 2021 Settecolli Trophy
  2. 58.37 – 2021 Italian National Championships
  3. 58.45 – 2021 European Championships
  4. 58.75 – 2019 Italian Open Long Course Championships
  5. 58.88 – 2021 European Championships
  6. 58.94 – 2021 European Championships
  7. 59.01 – 2017 World Junior Swimming Championships / 2021 Italian National Championships

Along with a new PB and Italian record, the swim for Martinenghi is the 4th fastest swim in the world this year. The swim actually didn’t change his ranking as he already sat in 4th with a 58.37 he swam a few months ago. He trails world record holder Adam Peaty (57.39), Arno Kamminga (57.90), and Michael Andrew (58.14), all of whom will be swimming the event this summer in Tokyo.

2020-2021 LCM Men 100 Breast

View Top 26»

Not only does his swim make him the 4th fastest swimmer in the world this season, but Martinenghi is now tied with Belarus’s Ilya Shymanovich as the 4th fastest swimmer in history. The 100 breaststroke is bound to be one of the most exciting events in Tokyo as 3 of the top 5 times in history have been delivered this year. Additionally, 6 of the 8 fastest men in history are expected to race the event at the Olympics this summer in the form of Peaty, Kamminga, Andrew, Shymanovich, Martinenghi, and James Wilby.

All-time Men’s Long Course 100 Breaststroke Rankings

  1. Adam Peaty – 56.88 (2019)
  2. Arno Kamminga – 57.90 (2021)
  3. Michael Andrew – 58.14 (2021)
  4. Ilya Shymanovich / Nicolo Martinenghi – 58.29 (2019 / 2021)
  5. James Wilby / Cameron van der Burgh – 58.46 (2019 / 2012)
  6. Nic Fink – 58.50 (2021)

Martinenghiu’s 58.29 swim was quick enough to out-touch #2 ranked swimmer in history Arno Kamminga who was just 0.20 seconds slower with a 58.40. Italy’s Federico Poggio rounded out the podium with a 59.39.

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1 year ago

Why is nobody talking about the backhalf??!

1 year ago

The article says 5/8 top performers in history will be swimming this at the Olympics. I may be mistaken, but isn’t it 6/8?

Reply to  Penguin
1 year ago

Sucks for Nic Fink to be in the top 8 all time but not qualify

Last edited 1 year ago by sven
Reply to  Penguin
1 year ago

I bet only 5/8 of the top performers in history will be swimming in the Olympic final. Shymanovich will once again fall apart under pressure in the big pool.

Reply to  Penguin
1 year ago

I make it 6/8 as well. Fink would’ve made it 7 had he qualified.

Scotty P
1 year ago

Guess MA negative split that 54

1 year ago

Man, amazing that Andrew is 3rd fastest in history

M d e
Reply to  Horninco
1 year ago

It’s crazy how all these times are dropping like crazy, but they are still so far from Peaty it feels kind of underwhelming.

Although I do wonder how the UK COVID stuff has effected peaty. They had extended periods out of the water right?

If he is only a 57-mid guy now instead of a 56-high guy he might not be as much of a lock as we thought.

Reply to  M d e
1 year ago

His in season times this year were faster than ever.

M d e
Reply to  Troyy
1 year ago

Yeah but I’m not sure how much in season times mean, especially when circumstances are so different from typical. Could be a little less fatigue, time out of water for recovery etc.

I’m not saying I expect him to be slower, just that it wouldn’t be the strangest thing I’ve seen.

But then given we are talking about Peaty, him going 56.5 also wouldn’t be the most surprising thing ever.

Reply to  Troyy
1 year ago

Not only that, but he clearly wasn’t shaved for Euros or British Trials. His expression after those races seemed to indicate he is right where he wanted to be heading to Tokyo.

Even if he is slightly off form and at a 57.2-5, he still wins it.

1 year ago

Breaststroke is getting ridiculous