Marsh On Lochte Rio Incident: “I Don’t Think The End Is Finished Yet”

Aside from formal statements by Chuck Wielgus and the United States Olympic Committee, on a public level USA Swimming and the Olympic coaching staff has been relatively quiet concerning the drunken gas station incident that occurred in Rio with American swimmers Ryan Lochte, Gunnar Bentz, Jack Conger and Jimmy Feigen.

The incident resulted in the Brazilian police getting involved and Feigen paying approximately $11,000 to return to the U.S. All Americans are home safely and have since issued their own apologetic accounts of the situation. Since the incident, however, Lochte has lost four major sponsors, including Speedo, with whom the former Gator has had a business relationship for the better part of a decade.

Now, Lochte’s coach from SwimMAC Elite, as well as the overall U.S. Olympics Head Coach for the women’s team, David Marsh, has offered up his take on the now notorious situation.

As far as when Marsh and Lochte were able to communicate, Marsh is quoted as saying, “My advice immediately was, ‘Tell the whole truth and be very sorry about it.’ That’s just we way we operate at SwimMAC. That’s the way I operate.” (Auburn.247sports)

“He could have avoided a lot of the problems had he just done the right thing right away. I know he feels terrible about it, and I feel for him. Unfortunately I don’t think the end is finished yet.”

“I think a guy like him forgets that even though he’s been able to kind of thrive in the limelight, when you represent the United States of America and you’re not telling your mom the truth, you’re not telling the media the truth, you’re not telling America the truth, they don’t like that,” Marsh said.

“I hope he can figure out how to navigate out of this. There’ll be some more penalties. He’s had a bunch of sponsors already drop him. I’m sure that things have not ended yet. It’s going to be a very tough and very expensive lesson for him.” (Auburn.247sports)

“I think the gas station incident will be part of the Olympic story,” said Marsh, “which is a sad thing for how great an event it was for the USA swimmers.”

Even before the highly publicized incident, Lochte had announced plans to move his training base to California, although a specific club wasn’t yet mentioned. He anticipated taking a break from swimming immediately after Rio, which reports now indicate may include a stint on the ABC reality show, ‘Dancing With The Stars’.

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That article conflates a bunch of issues. For one thing, all the “free pass” comments I saw came well before any sponsors announced they were dropping Lochte. And, the treatment of Gabby Douglas *was* really stupid.

Scott Morgan

American Thinker? Yikes. It was itself in the news a few years ago as bastion of birtherism and other conspiracy theories.


Yeah, they have a reputation as sort of a wing nut publication. Still looking for that birth certificate. 🙂

Scott Morgan

Wise and fair words from Coach Marsh: “when you represent the United States of America and you’re not telling your mom the truth, you’re not telling the media the truth, you’re not telling America the truth, they don’t like that.”

A costly lesson indeed.

Dr Harry Fisch

Marsh also said that he never spoke directly to Ryan. Gave immediate advise but never talked to him. Not sure what the “whole truth” means now.

Joe Bagodonuts

Have you never communicated with someone without “speaking directly to them”? Like all of the readers of your post?

Just Another Opinion

The end isn’t finished yet? But I thought Lochte was going back to ground one?

These guys give Yogi Berra a run for his mouth.


Thank goodness I wasn’t the only one who noticed that and couldn’t wrap my head around it… We all know what he was getting at, but galdang, man.

Joe Bagodonuts

Oh, good. I’m not the only one unable to locate the corner in the round room! “Yeah, but how do we know that all of the rulers are right!?!”

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