A Look at The Pan Pacs Roster After Day 1 Of Nationals

After day 1 of the 2014 US National Championships. 16 swimmers have secured their spots on the Pan Pac’s roster. USA Swimming’s secletion procedures are a little confusing to follow along with, but this is our best guess as to who will make the 2014 Pan Pacs Championship Roster. The winner of each Olympic Event is garaunteed, along with the top 4 in the 100/200 freestyles. After all of those spots have been filled, second priority will be given to those athletes that finished second in the olympic event. They will continue to fill the roster until there are 26 swimmers on each team.

The first spot is guaranteed, and we are very confident that the second swimmer will get to go, and potentially the third as well. The fourth will be borderline, but we will have a better feel for that as the week continues. The more swimmers that double or triple up with podium finishes will allow for more 3rd and 4th lines to make the roster.

Below is a list of the athletes that will be on the Pan Pac’s roster. We feel comfortable enough to say the top two will be going to the Gold Coast later this month. The third and fourth swimmers are borderline as of now, which is why they are italicized.

For the official explanation of all the selection procedures, click here.

Women’s 200 Butterfly

  • Cammile Adams
  • Katie McLAughlin
    • Hali Flickinger, 3rd
    • Maya DiRado, 4th

Men’s 200 Butterfly

  • Tom Shields
  • Tyler Clary
    • Chase Kalisz, 3rd
    • Andrew Seliskar, 4th

Women’s 100 Freestyle

  • Missy Franklin
  • Simone Manuel
  • Shannon Vreeland
  • Abbey Weitzeil
    • Lia Neal, 5th
    • Margo Geer, 6th

Men’s 100 Freestyle

  • Nathan Adrian
  • Ryan Lochte
  • Jimmy Feigen
  • Conor Dwyer
    • Anthony Ervin, 5th
    • Matt Grevers, 6th

Women’s 800 Freestyle

  • Katie Ledecky
  • Cierra Runge
    • Becca Mann, 3rd
    • Lindsay Vrooman, 4th

Men’s 1500 Freestyle

  • Connor Jaeger
  • Michael McBroom
    • Jordan Wilimovsky, 3rd
    • Sean Ryan, 4th

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Joel Lin
8 years ago

NBAC swimmers look a little off. Hope first day does not portend for how it goes rest of the meet, but yesterday was not a great start for Bowman’s Army.

bobo gigi
Reply to  Joel Lin
8 years ago

You are a little harsh.
Kalisz swam a great 200 fly.
Runge swam a great 800 free.
There were also bad races but no reason to panic.

bobo gigi
8 years ago

Can you also update the junior Pan Pacs roster please?
I believe it’s based on the best times swum in prelims or in finals at this meet.
So the youngsters who have shined last week at the US junior nationals and who are very tired this week will struggle to qualify. I don’t understand why they haven’t made the selection at Juniors. There’s probably a good reason.

8 years ago

As I read the selection procedures, there doesn’t seem to be any room to qualify for a relay if you are 5th or 6th in the hundred. You should still be eligible for World Champs, but the Pan Pac selection criteria looks like:
Priority 1 – top finisher in each Olympic event, except 100/200 free where top four qualify.
Priority 2 – 2nd place in each Olympic event
Priority 3 – 3rd place in each Olympic event
Priority 4 – 4th place in each Olympic event
If any of these steps pushes the roster over 26, they cut back starting with lowest world ranking.

Anyone who qualifies for the team can swim prelims of any… Read more »

8 years ago

I like the way the way this team is shaping up, some youth mixed with some veterans. Certainly for girls like Weitzel, Runge and McLaughlin it will be a tremendous learning experience and will prepare them well for their bright futures on the national team. I look forward to some more young up and comers to make the team as, as well as MP.

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