Lleyton Plattel Becomes Fastest 13-14 Miler Since Jesse Vassallo


14-year-old Lleyton Plattel of California swim club Pleasanton Seahawks had an outstanding swim in the mile this afternoon, becoming the 2nd-best performer ever in the 13-14 age group. He went 15:35.36, taking a healthy 11-plus seconds off of his previous best time.

The NAG record is from all the way back in 1976, set by Jesse Vassallo at 15:31.03. As of today, only four 13-14 boys have ever broken 15:40 in this event– Vassallo, Plattel, Andrew Abruzzo, and the one and only Michael Phelps.

All-Time Top Performers | 13-14 Boys 1500 free

  • Jesse Vassallo 15:31.03 1976
  • Lleyton Plattel 15:35.36 2017
  • Andrew Abruzzo 15:36.03 2014
  • Michael Phelps 15:39.08 2000

Plattel, at the time of this posting, is in 6th place with three heats of the men’s 1500 down. The 14-year-old, one of (if not THE) youngest boys competing here in Indy, was incredibly consistent across his splits– he stayed at 31-mids until about the 1100 mark, then dropped down to hold 31-lows before finishing off with a 1:00-low in the last 100.

Plattel will also swim the 400 and 800 freestyles later on in this meet.

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3 years ago

Wow…Vasallo was a beast…his record was like Mary T’s…Enduring.

Steve Nolan
3 years ago

Michael Phelps was good.

willy beeman
3 years ago

Wonder if that was like the last or second to last time Phelps swam it

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