His Suspension Over, Ryan Lochte is Ready to Get Back to Work

Ryan Lochte announced via social media today that his suspension had ended and that he was ready to get back…


USA Swimming World Team Trials Day 4 Photo Vault

WOW!  No post-Olympic letdown in Indianapolis as day 4 brought more fast swims, new breakouts and t of some of the return…

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The Lochte Rule Is The Worst Rule In Sports

Right now, swimming has the worst rule in all of sports. If FINA is truly trying to grow the sport among fans and sponsors, getting rid of it wouldn’t be a bad place to start.


USA Swimming World Team Trials Day 3 Photo Vault

The world championship team is filling out and there’s a great mix of veteran and new talent.  It’s so exciting…

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Why does national Champ Kelsi Worrell need her Chucks? (Video)

Kelsi Worrell isn’t just sporting her Cardinal Red Converse at the Summer Nats just because they look good… but they do look good.

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Suspended Scot Dan Wallace Receives One-Year Driving Ban

Scottish swimmer Dan Wallace pleaded guilty to driving under the influence and has now been banned from driving for one year.


Ryan Murphy: “I’m finally getting to do my dream job” (Video)

The Cal duo of Ryan Murphy and Jacob Pebley came through as expected tonight, going 1-2 in times of 1:54.30 and 1:54.78


In Love With Swimming (An Introduction)

Essentially the 4 strokes were invented early in human history out of boredom. As a novice to swimming, I still do not understand not going as fast as you can.

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Watch The Phelps Vs. Shark: Battle For Ocean Supremacy Promo Video

Just one question: How many gold medals does the shark have?


Rio Retrospective: The Stories Told By Statistics

Courtesy of Steven Gambino With Rio in the rear view mirror and World Championships on the horizon, we can once…


TRC Way Of Communication: Swim Talker

Communication is always a key to successful teaching, particularly when the students are spending most of the time with their ears under water.

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Swimming With SVT: Rebecca Soni’s Story

Kyle Chalmers of Australia recently pulled out of the World Championships to deal with SVT, a heart condition with which American breaststroker Rebecca Soni is all too familiar.

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Movie Producer Mark Vahradian: Life After Swimming in Hollywood

Mark Vahradian has deep swimming roots. He’s a Mission Viejo alum and former Division I IMer at Duke University. As a movie producer, he’s the real deal, producing tentpole franchises. See producer Vahradian and actor Josh Duhamel on the set of Transformers: The Last Knight.


Merits Of Meditative Swimming

You will feel better doing this type of swim than anything else you have ever done in a swimming pool.


Pro Life of an Olympic Swimmer – The Jacob Pebley Brand

Jacob Pebley has emerged as one of the most elite backstrokers in the world, and he’s serious about building his brand–his pro career.

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