The Sunshine Vitamin

There are not many vitamins where food is NOT the body’s best source. In fact, there is only one: vitamin D.  

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Introducing Sport Psychology To The Swimmer’s Mind

Sport psychology is an exciting field that is growing all the time, and in a gruelling sport such as swimming enhancing the mental aspect of a swimmer’s arsenal is crucial to success.

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Behind-the-Scenes of the Viral “Wild Swimmer” Video

SwimSwam caught up with Norman Todd, whose dip in Loch Glascarnoch went viral last week.

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Swimming Pool

The sounds of excited kids kicking water, bubbles under the water and noises of water ringing through my ear.


SAMHI Changing Athletes Lives Through Their Campus Team Program

The Student-Athlete Mental Health Initiative is a Canadian non-profit organization that was formed to increase awareness and education around student-athletes’ mental health…

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8 Reasons To Love SwimSwam Magazine

SwimSwam Magazines are a big, coming in at nearly a pound per issue. We provide you four massive print issues designed to sit on your coffee table like a piece of artwork.  

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SwimSwam Pulse: 50 Shootouts Most Popular Pro Swim Series Addition

Nearly half of the overall votes went to stroke 50 shooutouts, an overwhelming statement of support.

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Memo: Creating a Safe Culture in the Wake of Larry Nassar

Editor’s Note: In the wake of the sentencing of former USA Gymnastics team doctor Larry Nassar earlier this week for sexually…


Swimming Movement And Pressure: Tricks Of The Trade

Swimming is tough. It is the ultimate in multitasking. The integrity of the T, the shoulders and chest, stay stable.


Posterior Oblique Sling Enhancing Swimming Performance

Glute activation alone can be a difficult for athlete to manage. We see this even at the Olympic level, in a form of performances where athlete is very front line dominated.


Tokyo 2020 Travelers To Be Greeted By Airport Robots

Traveling to Tokyo in 2020 for the Summer Olympic Games? You may run into a fuzzy cat robot in the airport, ready to assist you.

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Yoga for Swimmers: Keys to a Safe and Effective Practice

Athletes and coaches have many questions when considering the implementation of a yoga for swimmers practice. The most important question to have answered is; how do you make a yoga practice safe and effective?

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Teen Swim Entrepreneurs Attract Olympic Backing: Only 72 Hours Left To Fund This Dream

Tune in to the IronWomen Podcast tonight to hear Teen Swimpreneurs Niki and Becca share their story and gratitude for the amazing show of support they have seen from some of the greatest swim athletes of our time. 

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Self-Compassionate Swimming

You have a big swim meet coming up, and you have a month until the meet arrives.

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Swimming Virtuoso: Developing Finger Awareness, Position & Strength

“Greatness is not a function of circumstance. Greatness, it turns out is largely a matter of conscious choice and discipline.” Jim Collins, Author of Good to Great – husband of Joanne Ernst, 1985 Hawaiian Ironman Champion

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