Kromowidjojo, Pedersen Jump Into World Top 5 (Eindhoven Day 1 Videos)


Men’s 400 Free- Final

  1. Martin Brzoskowski, Netherlands: 3:48.38*
  2. Jacob Heidtmann, Germany: 3:49.25*
  3. Poul Zellmann, Germany: 3:50.70

Martin Brzoskowski took the win in the men’s 400 free, with Jacob Heidtmann close on his tail in 4:49.25. Both clocked FINA ‘A’ cuts, swimming in under the 3:50.40 standard. Those times place them 14th and 22nd in the world rankings.

Germany’s Poul Zellmann grabbed third in 3:50.70, with Serbia’s Velimir Stjepanovic taking fourth in 3:52.90, Lorenz Weir Mans fifth in 3:58.24, Pholien Systermans sixth in 4:03.25, Irakli Revishvili seventh in 4:03.44, and Geoffrey Butler rounding out the championship final in 4:03.77.

Men’s 200 IM- Final

  1. Kyle Stolk, South Africa: 2:01.48
  2. Pavel Janecek: 2:01.83
  3. Sebas van Lith, Netherlands: 2:02.80

Kyle Stolk of the Republic of South Africa took the big win in the men’s 200 IM in 2:01.48, followed by Pavel Janecek in 2:01.83 and Sebas van Lith in 2:02.80. The trio were well ahead of the field.

Arjan Knipping took fourth with 2:05.10, and Frank Roovers also hit a 2:05, swimming 2:05.77. Floris Kotterink swam the event in 2:07.96, with Jelle Betten (2:09.36) and Jacob de Roos (2:10.97) rounding out the field.

No swimmers hit the FINA ‘A’ cut of 2:00.28.

Women’s 200 Breaststroke- Final

  1. Rikke Moller Pedersen, Netherlands: 2:22.83*
  2. Yvette Man-Yi Kong, Hong Kong: 2:29.88
  3. Michelle Lambert: 2:30.09

Current world record holder Rikke Moller Pedersen blasted a huge swim in the 200 breast, clocking 2:22.83 to move up to fourth in the world rankings, within three seconds of first-ranked Rie Kaneto. She absolutely destroyed the FINA ‘A’ Olympic standard, 2:26.94, and came in a mind-blowing seven seconds ahead of the competition.

Second went to Hong Kong’s Yvette Man-Yi Kong in 2:29.88, followed by Michelle Lambert in 2:30.09. Annette Elzerman took fourth in 2:32.11, with Jolien Vermeylen (2:33.37), Sandra Swierczewaska (2:35.73), Tex Schouten (2:37.64), and Ilse Rijnja (2:39.10) rounding out the final.

Men’s 200 Fly- Final

  1. Ruben van Leeuwen, Netherlands: 2:02.58
  2. Teimuraz Kobakhidze, Georgia: 2:03.90
  3. Ensger Kotterink, Switzerland: 2:04.14

Ruben van Leeuwen took the top spot in the final of the men’s 200 fly in 2:02.58. Silver went to Teimuraz Kobakhidze in 2:03.90, and bronze was Ensger Kotterink in 2:04.14.

Martin Zikmund took fourth in 2:05.71. There was a tie for fifth place between Fabian Beimin and Akaky Vashakydze at 2:06.10. Philip Lucker (2:06.54) and Llewellyn Little (2:07.07) rounded out the championship final.

Women’s 800 Free Relay

Although only two relays competed in the women’s 800 free relay tonight, both made up of Dutch national teamers, it’s worth noting that 16-year-old Marrit Steenbergen set a new Dutch national youth record in her lead-off 200 free split, a 1:57.95*. That time is good for 20th in the world rankings, and it comes in under the FINA ‘A’ standard 1:58.96.

She teamed up with Esmee Vermeulen, Robin Neumann, and Femke Heemskerk for a 7:52.06.

Heemskerk also clocked a quick split, a flying start 1:56.06. She currently sits eighth in the world rankings with a flat-start 1:56.16 from the Amsterdam Swim Cup in December.

Women’s 100 Fly- Semifinals

  1. Evelyn Verraszto, Hungary: 59.77
  2. Julia Mrozinski, Germany: 1:00.40
  3. Lisa Hopink, Germany: 1:00.51
  4. Kinge Zandringa, Netherlands: 1:00.59
  5. Kimberly Buys, Belgium: 1:00.68
  6. Paulina Schmiedel, Germany: 1:00.92
  7. Oktay Veldhuijs: Timing error
  8. Elinore de Jong, Netherlands: 1:02.53

Evelyn Verraszto of Hungary will be tonight’s top seed in the women’s 100 fly, after clocking 59.77 in semifinals, dropping .33 from her time this morning. She was the only swimmer under a minute.

The field is tightly packed for the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth seeds, with Julia Mrozinski in 1:00.40, Lisa Hopink in 1:00.51, Kinge Zandriga in 1:00.59, and Kimberly Buys in 1:00.68. Paulina Schmiedel sits in teh sixth slot with 1:00.92.

The live results have Oktay Veldhuijs listed seventh with a time that is obviously an error, and Elinore de Jong slides into the final ‘A’ slot with 1:02.53.

No swimmers made it in under the FINA ‘A’ standard 58.74.

Women’s 100 Back- Semifinals

  1. Kira Toussaint, Netherlands: 1:00.50 (Dutch Championship Record)
  2. Maaike de Waard, Netherlands: 1:01.29
  3. Tessa Vermeulen, Netherlands: 1:01.95
  4. Esmée Bos, Netherlands: 1:03.15
  5. Marieke Tienstra, Netherlands: 1:03.45
  6. Jenny Mensing, Germany: 1:03.56
  7. LouLou Janssen, Netherlands: 1:04.53
  8. Jade Smits, Belgium: 1:04.91

Kira Toussaint of the Netherlands and the University of Tennessee lowered her meet record set this morning in the 100 back by one one-hundredth, going 1:00.50 in semifinals. She is still a quarter of a second off the FINA ‘A’ standard 1:00.25

Maaike de Waard and Tessa Vermeulen both swim 1:01s, with 1:01.29 and 1:01.95, respectively.

Esmee Bos, Marieke Tienstra, Jenny Mensing, LouLou Janssen, and Jade Smits will round out the ‘A’ final.

Men’s 50 Free- Final

  1. Renzo Tjon A Joe, Suriname: 22.33
  2. Damian Wier Ling, Germany: 22.43
  3. Thom de Boer, Netherlands: 22.47

Suriname’s Renzo Tjon A Joe took the win in a tight championship final of the men’s 50 free, improving yet again from his earlier swim, this time going .14 faster. However, his time wasn’t quite enough to hit the FINA ‘A’ standard of 22.27.

Damian Wier Ling also saw improvement from his swim earlier tonight, dropping .15 for a second-place 22.43. Thom de Boer fell from his first seed to nab the bronze in 22.47.

George Bovell was very close behind to miss the podium in 22.49, followed by Glenn Surgeloose in 22.52, Geoffrey Cheah in 22.58, Jesse Puts in 22.59, and Are Schwietert in 22.78.

Women’s 50 Free- Final (And Above)

  1. Ranomi Kromowidjojo, Netherlands: 24.36*
  2. Dorothea Brandt, Germany: 24.84*
  3. Tamara van Vliet, Netherlands: 24.87*

Ranomi Kromowidjojo did it again, cutting even more time to settle into the fourth slot in the world rankings. In three swims over the course of one day, she has bypassed the likes of Abbey Weitzeil, Melanie Wright, Madison Kennedy, Etiene Medeiros, Aliaksandra Herasimenia, Anna Santamans, and Bronte Campbell’s best swims of the season.

Dorothea Brandt took the silver in 24.84, dropping .15 from her swim earlier tonight, and Tamara van Vliet grabbed bronze with 24.87.

All three medalists swam the FINA ‘A’ cut of 25.28, and so did fourth-place Kim Busch, who finished in 25.25. Maud van der Meer finished fifth in 25.51, a little slower than her ‘A’ cut swim earlier tonight.

Birgit Koschischek and Nelly Vlethuijs tied for sixth in 25.76, and Ilse Kraaijeveld rounded out the field in 26.02.

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