Swim Cup Eindhoven, day 3 finals recap

by Daniela Kapser 2

April 08th, 2016 Europe, International, News


  • Wednesday April 6th – Sunday April 10th
  • Prelims -12:00 pm local (6:00 am EDT/3:00 am PDT); Finals – 9:00 pm local (3:00 pm EDT/12:00 pm PDT)
  • Psych Sheets and Results
  • Live stream

The 2016 edition of the Swim Cup Eindhoven, Netherlands, is an Olympic qualification event and also the competition schedule has been set follwing the Rio timetable for the swimmers this summer: Heats start at 12.00 pm, B-finals at 7 pm and A-finals at 9 pm. In Rio, heats will start at 12.00 pm, finals at 10 pm. The Swim Cup Eindhoven offers with a great facility and atmosphere a possibility to compete under the unusual Olympic schedule – and tonight was the third finals session with many of  the top athletes from the Netherlands, Belgium, Serbia, Germany, and Denmark, among other nations.

Finals and semi-finals started at 9 pm in this order:

  • 100 m Freestyle Men IPC Final
  • 200 m Medley  Women IPC Final
  • 100 m Butterfly Men Semi Final
  • 50 m Butterfly Women A Final
  • 50 m Backstroke Men A Final
  • 200 m Medley Women A Final
  • 1500 m Freestyle Men A Final
  • 50 m Breaststroke  Women A Final
  • 100 m Breaststroke  Men A Final
  • 200 m Backstroke  Women A Final
  • 400 m Medley Men A Final
  • 200 m Freestyle Women A Final
  • 100 m Freestyle  Men A Final

100 m freestyle men IPC final

The first victory of the evening went to para-swimmer Michiel Jorink (NED) – he clocked 56.08 and gained 868 IPC points for his performance.

200 m IM  women IPC Final

Liesette Bruinsma got 910 IPC points for her time of 2:52,23 in the 200 IM and took the win in this IPC event.

100 Fly men semifinals

Joeri Verlinden showed a great performance in the 100 m butterfly in prelims: he clocked 52,36 – that is exactly the FINA A cut. In tonight’s seminfinal he was out very fast ahead of the field and touched in 51,79, a new Eindhoven Swim Cup meet record and the fifth fastest time in the world in 2016 so far and of course the top seed for tomorrow’s final.

Top 8 qualifiers:

1. Joeri Verlinden NED NTC-PSV 51.79 Meet Record
2. Guy Barnea Israel Club Wolverine 53.68
3. Geoffrey Cheah Singapore Club Wolverine 53.78
4. Laurent Bams NED Zwemclub Eijsden 54.11
5. Nyls Korstanje NED RTC-Aqua 54.62 NEW Netherlands Age Group record for 17 years old
6. Yamiko Steenhoek NED RTC-MNC Dordrecht 54.83
7. Dries Vangoetsenhoven BEL Vlaamse Zwemfederatie 55.07
8. Thom de Boer NED De Dolfijn 55.26

50 m Butterfly Women A Final

Dutch sprint star Ranomi Kromowidjojo took the win in the 50 m Butterfly in 25,62 – this is the third fastest time in 2016, Denmark’s Jeanette Ottesen finished second in 25,80 ahead of Netherland’s Maaike de Waard in 25,83. Kim Busch set a new Dutch age group record for 18 years old in 26,64.


1. Ranomi Kromowidjojo NED NTC-PSV 25.62
2. Jeanette Ottesen DEN Danish SF 25.80
3. Maaike de Waard NED NTC-PSV 25.83
4. Dorothea Brandt GER SG Essen 26.46
5. Kim Busch NED NTC-MNC Dordrecht 26.64 New Age Group Record – 18 years old
6. Kimberly Buys BEL Vlaamse Zwemfederatie 27.08
7. Josien Wijkhuijs NED Orca 27.27
8. Elinore de Jong De Fuut 27.40 +0,71

50 m backstroke men A Final

Carl-Louis Schwarz picked up the first place in 25,66, ahead of his teammate Christian Diener who won the 200 m backstroke yesterday. Jesse Puts (NED) touched third in 26,25.


1. Carl-Louis Schwarz GER Potsdamer SV 25.66
2. Christian Diener  GER Potsdamer SV 26.11
3. Jesse Puts NED Aquarijn 26.25
4. Felix Wolf GER Potsdamer SV 26.85
5. Jurjen Willemsen NED ZPC AMERSFOORT 26.95
6. Ruben van Leeuwen NED RTC-PSV 27.09
7. Luuk Nijland NED DWK 27.39
8. Ruben Dekker NED De Dolfijn 27.52

200 m Medley Women A Final

16-year-old Marrit Steenbergen was the top qualifier in 2:14,02 but she scratched the 200 m IM final. Hungary’s Evelyn Verraszto clocked 2:13,32 for the win – under FINA A cut which is 2:14,26., Maxine Wolters, 16, who starts for the German club SG Bille Hamburg, grabbed second in 2:14,51 and 15-year-old Anja Crevar from Serbia touched third in 2:16,19 – she won the 400 IM yesterday.


1. Evelyn Verraszto HUN Jovo SC Veolia 2:13.32
2. Maxine Wolters GER SG Bille Hamburg 2:14.51
3. Anja Crevar Serbia 2:16.19
4. Esmée Bos NED NTC-PSV 2:16.27
5. Wendy Van der Zanden NED BRABO 2:16.65
6. Julia Mrozinski GER SG Frankfurt 2:16.96
7. Kathrin Demler GER SG Essen 2:18.80
8. Claire Verkijk NED RTC-WVZ 2:19.41 +

1500 m Freestyle Men A Final

With a start-finish win Germany’s Poul Zellmann finished his race in 15.11,88 – under FINA A standard 15:14,77. He was the only swimmer under 16 minutes and wasn’t challenged by his competitors and it seems that he has more in the tank in a fast field – at German National Championships in 4 weeks in Berlin he must swim a 15.02,37 for a ticket to Rio.


1. Poul Zellmann GER SG Essen 15:11.80
2. Geoffrey Butler GBR Edinburgh University 16:07.49
3. Pepijn Smits NED NTC-PSV 16:24.66
4. Beau Kneppers NED ZPC AMERSFOORT 16:25.32
5. Jorgos Skotadis NED RTC-De Dolfijn 16:33.05
6. Karst Boersma NED De Dinkel 16:42.66
7. Lars Bottelier NED VZV 16:43.41
8. David Kuipers NED Orca 16:44.04

50 m Breaststroke  Women A Final

Rikke Moller Pedersen (DEN) went 31,69 for the win – ahead of Netherlands Anouk Elzermann who clocked 32,25 and Germany’s Caroline Ruhnau in 32,55.


1. Rikke Møller Pedersen Denmark Danish SF 31.69
2. Anouk Elzerman NED The Hague Swimming (SG) 32.25
3. Caroline Ruhnau GER SG Essen 32.55
4. Tes Schouten NED RTC-WVZ 32.57
5. Uma Kraus NED The Hague Swimming (SG) 32.70
6. Jolien Vermeylen BEL Leuven Aquatics 32.73
7. Alice Ruhnau GER SG Essen 32.93
8. Larissa Brak NED ZPC AMERSFOORT 33.09

100 m Breaststroke  Men A Final

Nicholas Quinn (IRL) grabbed the win in 1:00,95 – not under FINA A standard of 1::00,57. Arno Kamminga came in second in 1:01,44 and Sebas van Lith touched third in 1:01,56. Serbia’s Caba Siladji went 1:00,74 in the seminfinal but finished only on the eight place tonight in 1:05,30.


1. Nicholas Quinn IRL Edinburgh University 1:00.95
2. Arno Kamminga NED RTC-De Columbiaan 1:01.44
3. Sébas van Lith NED NTC-Aqua-Novio’94 1:01.56
4. Hendrik Feldwehr GER SG Essen 1:01.84
5. Bram Dekker NED NTC-PSV 1:02.15
6. Max Pilger GER SSF Bonn 1:02.92
7. Timon Evenhuis NED De Dolfijn 1:03.28
8. Caba Siladji Serbia 1:05.30

200 m Backstroke  Women A Final

Germany’s Jenny Mensing and Sonnele Öztürk went 1-2: Mensing in 2:12,84 and 18-year-old Sonnele Öztürk clocked 2:13,16. Tessa Vermeulen grabbed third in 2:13,16. FINA A cut is a 2:10,60.


1. Jenny Mensing GER SC Wiesbaden 1911 2:12.84
2. Sonnele Öztürk GER Wasserfr.Spandau 04 2:13.16
3. Tessa Vermeulen NED NTC-De Dolfijn 2:14.62
4. Marieke Tienstra RTC-TriVia 2:15.56
5. Kira Toussaint NED University of Tennessee 2:16.17
6. Sterre Mooiweer NED De Dinkel 2:21.51
7. Indy Jongman NED RTC-PSV 2:22.05
8. LouLou Janssen NED RTC-De Columbiaan 2:22.65

400 m Medley Men A Final

Jacob Heidtmann won the event in a new meet record with a time of 4:16,92 – near FINA A cut of 4:16,71 and the German nomination standard of 4:16,37 – Heidtmann presents himself in a good form during the competition in Eindhoven with a second place finish in the 400 m freestyle and a fourth place in the 200 m backstroke. His season best time is a 4:16,39 in the 400 IM.


1. Jacob Heidtmann GER STS Elsmhorn Meet Record
2. Arjan Knipping NED PSV 4:25.90
3. Llewellyn Little GB De Dolfijn 4:31.65
4. Frank Roovers NED RTC-PSV 4:32.93
5. Jens Bakker NED De Dolfijn 4:36.64
6. Rowan Keen Borger NED 4:38.56
7. Koen Lems NED ZPC Hoogeveen 4:41.66
8. Jari Groenhart NED RTC-TriVia

200 m Freestyle Women A Final

The highlight for the women tonight came in form of the 200 m freestyle race where Dutch native Femke Heemskerk touched in 1:55,85, she now ranked 7th in the 2016 World Ranking. Marrit Steenbergen scratched the 200 IM final tonight and  showed again an absolutely stunning performance in the 200 m freestyle with a new National Youth Record – she touched third in 1:57,87 – again under FINA A standard which is 1:58,96. Netherland’s Robin Neumann came in second 0,02 seconds ahead in 1:57,85. And Netherland’s Esmee Vermeulen showed a great race in 1:57,93 ahead of Andrea Kneppers in 1:56,90.


1. Femke Heemskerk NED MUC Nat. Montpellier 1:55.85
2. Robin Neumann NED NTC-De Dolfijn 1:57.85
3. Marrit Steenbergen NED RTC-DZ&PC 1:57.87 Netherlands New Youth Record
4. Esmee Vermeulen NED NTC-De Dolfijn 1:57.93
5. Andrea Kneppers NED University of Louisville 1:59.60
6. Marjolein Delno NED NTC-VZC-E&P 2:00.48 +0,72
7. Paulina Schmiedel GER AMTV-FTV Hamburg 2:01.28 +
8. Evelyn Verraszto HUN Jovo SC Veolia 2:02.32

100 m Freestyle  Men A Final

In a sprint race where every 0,01 second counts, Netherlands Sebastiaan Verschuren was able to better his result of the semifinal and touched in 48,73, in the semifinal he clocked 48,77, but both times are under FINA A cut of 48,99.


1. Sebastiaan Verschuren NED NTC-De Dolfijn 48.73
2. Renzo Tjon A Joe Suriname 49.30
3. Pieter Timmers BEL Vlaamse Zwemfederatie 49.35
4. Damian Wierling GER SG Essen 49.56
5. Glenn Surgeloose BEL Vlaamse Zwemfederatie 49.57
6. Kyle Stolk NED NTC-PSV 49.78
7. Ben Schwietert NED RTC-ZPC AMERSFOORT 49.83
8. Velimir Stjepanovic Serbia 49.89










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bobo gigi
7 years ago

Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe Marrit Steenbergen has improved her 200 free PB by about 1 second this week.
That’s priomising for her 100 free. Something aroung 53.50 isn’t out of reach.

northern sue
7 years ago

Regarding the women’s 200 free results–did this race effectively select the individual and relay spots for the Dutch team?