Keep This Handy: Paris 2024 Olympic Trials Dates Worldwide

With the 2024 Olympic Games on the horizon, we are officially entering the Olympic Trials season around the world.

Already in March, we have a slew of competitions that will help determine who will be diving in just 150 days from now in Paris.

It’s important to note that although some countries will be hosting their national championships/trials, that particular meet may not be the only opportunity for swimmers to earn Olympic qualification.

For instance, Italy is hosting its national championships starting on March 5th; however, athletes can still fill remaining roster spots at the Sette Colli Trophy taking place in early summer.

We’ll be sure to include the individual nation’s Olympic qualifying criteria in our previews and recaps of the specific Trials meets below.

As a refresher, World Aquatics set the Olympic qualification time window from March 1, 2023 to June 23, 2024.

World Aquatics Official Qualifying Procedure for 2024 Olympic Games

I’ll still publish the High-Level International Meets schedule per month to capture additional Olympic-qualifying opportunities that are not specifically a national Trials (the Mare Nostrum competitions, for example).


  • ITALY: Italian Championships, March 5th – March 10th
  • JAPAN: Japan Swim, March 17th – March 24th
  • KOREA: Korean Swimming Championships, March 22nd – March 27th
  • TURKEY: Turkish Age & Senior Trials, March 22nd – March 24th
  • BULGARIA: Bulgarian Open Team Championships, March 29th – March 31st
  • PORTUGAL: Portuguese Open, March 30th – April 2nd


  • GREAT BRITAIN: British Swimming Championships, April 2nd – April 7th
  • LITHUANIA: Lithuanian National Championships, April 3rd – April 6th
  • SWITZERLAND: Swiss National Championships, April 4th – April 7th
  • SWEDEN: Swim Open Stockholm, April 5th – April 8th
  • SOUTH AFRICA: South African National Championships, April 8th – April 13th
  • HUNGARY: Hungarian National Championships, April 9th – April 12th
  • NEW ZEALAND: New Zealand National Championships, April 9th – April 13th
  • DENMARK: Danish Open, April 11th – April 14th
  • NETHERLANDS: Eindhoven Qualification Meet, April 11th – April 14th
  • ICELAND: Icelandic National Championships, April 12th – April 14th
  • ROMANIA: Romanian National Championships, April 17th – April 21st
  • CHINA: Chinese Nationals, April 19th – April 27th
  • BELGIUM: Open Belgian Championships, April 19th – April 21st
  • GERMANY: Berlin Swim Open, April 19th – April 21st
  • GERMANY: German National Championships, April 25th – April 28th
  • POLAND: Polish National Championships, April 25th – April 28th


  • LATVIA: Latvian Championships, May 2nd – May 4th
  • UKRAINE: Ukrainian National Championships, May 5th – May 8th
  • BRAZIL: Brazilian Swimming Trophy, May 6th – May 11th
  • HONG KONG: Olympic Invitational Trial I, May 11th – May 12th
  • CANADA: Canadian Olympic & Paralympic Trials, May 13th – May 19th
  • KAZAKHSTAN: Kazakhstan National Championships, May 13th – May 17th
  • GREECE: Greek National Championships, May 17th – May 19th
  • SLOVENIA: Slovenian Open National Championships, May 17th -May 19th
  • GERMANY: May 22nd – May 26th
  • IRELAND: Irish Open Championships, May 22nd – May 26th


  • ISRAEL: Israel Olympic Trials, June 5th – June 8th
  • BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA: Summer National Championships, June 8th – June 9th
  • AUSTRALIA: Australian Swimming Trials, June 10th – June 15th
  • SINGAPORE: Singapore National Championships, June 12th – June 15th
  • COLOMBIA: Colombian National Championships, June 12th – June 16th
  • CZECHIA: Czech National Championships, June 13th – June 17th
  • NETHERLANDS: Dutch National Championships, June 13th – June 16th
  • USA: U.S. Olympic Team Trials, June 15th – June 23rd
  • HONG KONG: Olympic Invitational Trial II, June 15th & 16th
  • FRANCE: French Elite Championships, June 16th – June 21st
  • SPAIN: Spanish Trials, June 18th – June 22nd
  • BAHAMAS: Bahamas National Championships, June 20th – June 24th

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1 month ago

Any idea how many of these will be live streamed?

Reply to  Chlorinetherapy
1 month ago

Would love an answer to this also. Japan’s events are usually streamed on Youtube, hopefully this continues.

1 month ago

Germany with three meets… desperately trying to find people to get a full team to Paris. The last time they’ve entered someone in every event was Sydney 2000.

Reply to  FST
1 month ago

Is that a big deal? Almost zero countries have an entry in every event

Reply to  Sub13
1 month ago

I think it is… there are almost 85 million people in Germany, 95% of whom can swim. There are more than 2.500 swim clubs and 100.000 registered competitive swimmers. And Germany has a long history of successful swimming (a big chunk of it controversial, esp. if you count the GDR era, but still).
I really think its time for German Swimming to find it’s footing again and at least get to a point where they have some competitive relays.

Reply to  FST
1 month ago

I disagree. They have competitive swimmers across all genders in sprint breaststrokes (Matzerath, Elendt), mid-to long distance frees (Swartz, Martens, Wellbrock, Miroslaw and Gose), have a decent male backstroker (Braunschweig) and a really good female butterflier (Köhler). They have the best open water programs in the world. That is a really decent depth – only the 3 big swimming countries (Aus, USA, China) have decidedly better depth right now. Out of these 3, there are 2 that can consistently field relays without issue: China and the US; even Aus struggles sometimes with breaststroke and backstroke (not the women), and to an extent, butterfly.
Germany does have some competitive relays: the men’s and mixed 4×100 medleys both made finals in… Read more »

Reply to  FST
1 month ago

That’s wrong, though. Germany’s Olympic qualification ends in April. The meeting in May is the German age group championships.

1 month ago

Can’t wait for Japanese swimmers to go noticeably faster in a few weeks than at Paris

Reply to  Swemmer
1 month ago

Gonna have a random breastroker go 2:05 and then miss the finals in the Olympics as is tradition

Reply to  Swemmer
1 month ago

Seto and Ikee are training with Bohly now. Wonder if that will help them nail the taper?

1 month ago

Trial season is the most fun. We imagine the excitement of the Olympics while watching the world rankings updated daily.

1 month ago

The real Race for Paris can begin (Congrats Retta)

1 month ago

How many world records between May 13th – May 19th ?

Reply to  jpm49
1 month ago

I’d love to see two, like last year!

Anything but 50 BR
Reply to  jpm49
1 month ago

My guess is 400 IM, 200 IM, and perhaps 400 FR, so 2-3

Reply to  Anything but 50 BR
1 month ago

Putting a lot of pressure on one teenager…

Reply to  jpm49
1 month ago

Who will strike gold first among IGNATOVA, Xeniya KOZHAKHMETOV, Arsen MUSSIN, Adilbek SKAZOBTSOV, Maxim SPODARENKO, Sofia TASZHANOVA, Diana ?

Reply to  jpm49
1 month ago

Or how many World records at all the trials combined? Mcevoy 50 free, Marchand 200 Breast, Zhanle 100 Free, Sjostrom 50 Free, Mckeown 100, 200 Back, Mcintosh 2IM? All possibilities

Fast and Furious
Reply to  DK99
1 month ago

I don’t think Sjostrom has any reason to taper even slightly from now until Paris. Same for Marchand- he’ll swim fast at NCAAs and that’s it.
Only WRs I see possible are from swimmers who actually have to be selected at Trials, meaning Australians, Canadians and Americans(and to some extent Brits/Japs)
The rest? Eh

Reply to  jpm49
1 month ago

I suspect Summer will take it easier for trials this year and save it for Paris. I’m expecting trials to be fine for her but nothing crazy and then her to explode in Paris

Reply to  Sub13
1 month ago

I thought about this too. But while she clearly doesn’t need to go all out to make the team, I wonder if she might value another opportunity to test herself at maximum effort. I don’t think she’s the type of swimmer who needs a big taper, and all-out racing is the best training you can get. Push it to the limit!

Gen D
Reply to  CanSwimFan
1 month ago

I’m hoping it’s the “testing another max effort” type of situation. I bought the 7-day pass lol. But seriously though I’m just glad i get the opportunity to watch her live.

Reply to  Gen D
1 month ago

Enjoy the trials. I had the good fortune to witness Summer’s 400IM WR swim live last April during the trials. It was electric!

Reply to  jpm49
1 month ago


Last edited 1 month ago by Troyy

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