Katie Ledecky Becomes First Swimmer To Win Five Straight World Titles In An Event


After a decade of dominance in the 800 free, Katie Ledecky shows no signs of slowing down. She obliterated the field in this event at the 2022 World Championships, putting up a time of 8:08.04 to win by 10.73 seconds. With this victory, she becomes the first swimmer to ever win five straight world titles in the same event. In addition, she also continues her 800 free win streak for the tenth straight year, having not lost the event at a major international meet since 2012 (not counting 2020, where there wasn’t a major international meet).

The other two athletes to have won five world titles in the same event are Katinka Hosszu in the 400 IM and Michael Phelps in the 200 fly, although neither of them completed the feat at five consecutive championships.

This win also marks the third time that Ledecky has completed the 400/800/1500 free triple at a World Championships meet. The other athletes who have pulled off this feat, Grant Hackett, Sun Yang, and Hannah Stockbauer, have only done it once.

With eight combined Olympic and world titles in the 800 free, Ledecky ties Phelps as the swimmer with the most Olympic and world titles in one event, with Phelps having eight in the 200 fly.

Winners Of The Women’s 800 Free Since 2012 (Olympics, World Championships, Pan Pacs):

Ledecky’s time of 8:08.27 is also the fifth-fastest performance in the history of the 800 free, just trailing behind four of her other performances. In addition, it is also the fastest she has been since 2018, when she went 8:07.27 at the TYR Pro Swim Series in Indianapolis. Her final 50 time of 28.88 in her race today is the third-fastest she’s been on the last lap, having closed in 28.41 at the 2015 World Championships and 28.84 at the 2016 Arena Pro Swim Series.

In both the women’s 1500 free and 800 free, Ledecky was significantly faster than she was at the Tokyo Olympic games last year. In the 1500 earlier this week, she won in a time of 15:30.15, over seven seconds faster than her Olympic winning time of 15:37.34.

The 25-year-old American now holds 27 of the fastest times ever in the event, not counting the opening 800s of her 1500 free performances.

Top 28 Performances In The Women’s 800 Free:

  1. Katie Ledecky, USA – 8:04.79 (2016)
  2. Katie Ledecky, USA – 8:06.68 (2016)
  3. Katie Ledecky, USA – 8:07.27 (2018)
  4. Katie Ledecky, USA – 8:07.39 (2015)
  5. Katie Ledecky, USA – 8:08.04 (2022)
  6. Katie Ledecky, USA – 8:09.13 (2018)
  7. Katie Ledecky, USA – 8:09.27 (2022)
  8. Katie Ledecky, USA – 8:10.32 (2016)
  9. Katie Ledecky, USA – 8:10.70 (2019)
  10. Katie Ledecky, USA – 8:10.91 (2016)
  11. Katie Ledecky, USA – 8:11.00 (2014)
  12. Katie Ledecky, USA – 8:11.08 (2018)
  13. Katie Ledecky, USA – 8:11.21 (2015)
  14. Katie Ledecky, USA – 8:11.35 (2015)
  15. Katie Ledecky, USA – 8:11.50 (2017)
  16. Katie Ledecky, USA – 8:11.70 (2018)
  17. Katie Ledecky, USA – 8:11.83 (2022)
  18. Katie Ledecky, USA – 8:11.98 (2018)
  19. Katie Ledecky, USA – 8:12.57 (2021)
  20. Katie Ledecky, USA – 8:12.68 (2017)
  21. Katie Ledecky, USA – 8:12.81 (2021)
  22. Katie Ledecky, USA – 8:12.86 (2016)
  23. Katie Ledecky, USA – 8:13.02 (2015)
  24. Katie Ledecky, USA – 8:12.20 (2016)
  25. Katie Ledecky, USA – 8:13.25 (2015)
  26. Katie Ledecky, USA – 8:13.58 (2019)
  27. Katie Ledecky, USA – 8:13.64 (2021)
  28. Ariarne Titmus, AUS – 8:13.83 (2021)

Ledecky’s victory in the 800 free was her 19th World Championships gold medal. She surpasses Ryan Lochte as the swimmer with the second-most World titles, and only trails Phelps, who has 26. On Wednesday, she passed Natalie Coughlin to become the most decorated woman in World Championship history in terms of overall medals.

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7 months ago

2022 FINA World Aquatics Championships
Katie Ledecky
All-Time Performances
W 400 FR – 7th
W 800 FR – 5th
W 1500 FR – 6th

7 months ago

This was mentioned years ago, guess which record Katie Ledecky wants the most?

Georgia Rambler
Reply to  Weinstein-Smith-Ledecky-Sims
7 months ago

No waterslap at end, she thought she would be faster and likiely will be in her favorite race. Tho I wouldn’t discount the 400 yet, she wanted to win but wasn’t going for the record. So much for those who have said her best swim at this stage of her career is the first race of the meet.

Reply to  Georgia Rambler
7 months ago


Karie Ledecky wants the women’s 4 x 200 meter freestyle relay world record.

7 months ago

Who are these aliens downvoting Katie Ledecky compliments

Reply to  Earthling
7 months ago


Reply to  SCCOACH
7 months ago

Sour grapes galore!

Reply to  Earthling
7 months ago

This should stoke the flames:


Reply to  Earthling
7 months ago

For ol’ times sake:


7 months ago

Thanks for sharing the last 50s split times from today and prior years. She’s fire.

7 months ago

Amazing performance from Katie, definitely the 🐐❤🐐

Sherry Smit
7 months ago

That was an incredible performance, and if she continues with this type of trajectory, she could break the WR come Paris. 8:08 isn’t far off of 8:04 at all!

Reply to  Sherry Smit
7 months ago

I’ll take another Top 10 All-Time Performance and another gold medal.

Awsi Dooger
Reply to  Sherry Smit
7 months ago

Two years older and you’re asking her to average more than two tenths faster per every length of the pool among 16. Not likely. If you follow each length while watching the clock it becomes very obvious how difficult it is to consistently make up that kind of time. I think if she’s going lower than this it needs to be while attacking the race during a pro series meet or similar, when she’s absolutely fresh, and not toward the end of a long meet while also racing an 800 heat.

She could also try to kick and sprint all out the final 150 or 200 instead of final 100 alone.

Regardless, she’s had two remarkable performances this year.… Read more »

Reply to  Yanyan Li
7 months ago

Here! Here!

Reply to  Sherry Smit
7 months ago

As a footnote, let’s hope Katie Grimes doesn’t lay another egg at the 2023 International Team Trials in the women’s 800 meter freestyle.

USA needs Katie squared in the women’s 800 meter freestyle for calendar year 2023.

7 months ago

The USAswimming decided to extend their list of best performances at W800FR from standard 25 entries to 28 to show probably where the best “not Ledecky” result is.
Despite her remarkable first race (8:14.63, “… somebody who become very famous very suddenly “ ) will soon approach the #50 ranking in best performances list it is still my most watched race of her. And I thankful to her that 10(!) years later we are still in great anticipation of something spectacular whenever she jumps in the water at start signal.

Last edited 7 months ago by Yozhik
Reply to  Yozhik
7 months ago

Scroll down to your heart’s content:


Note: Duplicate entry with the time posted 8:11.70

P.S. For some reason FINA has not ratified the performance (8:11.83) dated 2/10/2022 at the 2022 FL SZ South Sectionals Championships.

7 months ago

Katie is a freak in the nicest possible sense!!!! She earns respect!!!!

Reply to  Robbos
7 months ago

Tell that to to your brethren.

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