Kathleen Baker: It’s a good time to go a best time (Video)

Reported by Mitch Bowmile.


Top seed: Olivia Smoliga (59.65)
World record: 58.12 – Gemma Spofforth (Britain)
American record: 58.33 – Missy Franklin
U.S Open record: 58.67 – Missy Franklin
U.S Nationals record: 58.67 – Missy Franklin
JR World record: 59.37 – Minna Atherton (Australia)
2012 Winning Time: 58.85 – Missy Franklin

It’s not often that you say Missy Franklin and Natalie Coughlin just squeaked their way into the final, but thats exactly what happened tonight as Olivia Smoliga ran the show.

In the first semifinal Amy Bilquist came out on top with the only sub one-minute performance. Her 59.85 paved the way to give her the third seed overall.

Olivia Smoliga took absolute ownership of the second semifinal, rocketing to the wall for a 59.16 swim that puts her at the top of the list heading into tomorrow’s final. Keeping pace with Smoliga was Kathleen Baker who also posted a low 59. She was a 59.36 which gives her the other middle lane beside Smoliga tomorrow night.

Hannah Stevens was fourth overall in 1:00.07.

Missy Franklin was seventh in 1:00.45, Natalie Coughlin was eighth in 1:00.46. Grace Ariola was ninth in 1:00.49, and just three one-hundredths away from sending Natalie Coughlin’s backstroke career packing.

Smoliga and Baker have edged their way to the front of the pack for tomorrow’s final where Franklin and Coughlin will need to be significantly faster if either Olympic gold medallist has hopes of taking home another title in the 100 back.


  1. Olivia Smoliga (59.16)
  2. Kathleen Baker (59.36)
  3. Amy Bilquist (59.85)
  4. Hannah Stevens (1:00.07)
  5. Ali DeLoof (1:00.11)
  6. Clara Smiddy (1:00.29)
  7. Missy Franklin (1:00.45)
  8. Natalie Coughlin (100.46)

For official results click here.

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6 years ago

Kathleen credits David (Marsh) who is her club coach at Swimmac for corrections at warmup. nothing neg. was said about other coaching, so I wouldn’t read into that. Lots of hard work and Like she said good time to have a personal best. Couldn’t be happier for her. Congrats!

Attila the Hunt
6 years ago

Why is Kathleen Baker swimming faster than ever?
What happened to her in CAL? likewise for Amy Bilquist.

And what happened to Missy and Runge who left Cal more than a year ago?

Reply to  Attila the Hunt
6 years ago

You’re becoming a Cal troll

Attila the Hunt
Reply to  Ervin
6 years ago

Please define a Cal troll, is it for or against Teri?
I want to be on the safe side

Reply to  Attila the Hunt
6 years ago

Ms. Baker chose to train for olympic trials with her club coach, NOT Cal coach. Fact is she was training NOT at Cal in the important lead up to Omaha. It was her choice, based on her knowledge and experience with Cal coach. Best of luck to ms. Baker.

Attila the Hunt
Reply to  Coaches
6 years ago

Thank you for the info.
If Baker is not attached with CAL and her success is not related to CAL coaches, why on earth trolls are blaming CAL coaches for MIssy, who left CAL more than a year ago?

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