Justin Lynch breaks Phelps 15-16 NAG record in 100 butterfly

There was significant action in the B final of the men’s 100 butterfly where Justin Lynch posted a time of 52.75, 24 one-hundredths of a second faster than his morning swim and 23 one-hundreths of a second better that Michael Phelps 15 & 16 NAG record of 52.98, which was set in 2001. The time currently ranks Lynch 55th in the world this year (based on times coming into the meet), which is fairly lofty for a 16-year old on the men’s side of the pool. Perhaps not as high as Phelps was ranked at 16, but Phelps changed a lot of things.

Lynch, who represents the Terrapins Swim Team, also holds the 13 & 14 NAG record in the 100 butterfly with a time of 54.80, which was also a record that was held by Phelps.

Lynch’s progression:

13 yrs – 58.29

14 yrs – 54.80

15 yrs – 53.74

16 yrs – 52.75 (52.99 this morning)

Phelps’ progression (back to 14, which is as far back as the SWIMS database goes reliably)

14 yrs – 55.78

15 yrs – 53.58

16 yrs – 52.98

As you can see, he’s crossed back-and-forth with Phelps’ progression a few times, but only by tenths here and there.

Lynch is one of two promising young butterfliers in the American ranks named “Justin,” not to be confused with his fellow Californian Justin Wright who isn’t at this meet. After a sort of a “lag” in the butterfly events at the elite level in the United States, where everyone avoided the Phelps train, we’re now seeing the next wave of young talent who are more likely to be influenced by Phelps than scared off by him, and the future of American butterflying looks bright.


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Thank goodness! We just witnessed a national championship being won in the 100m fly with a time of 51.66. We need someone to come up and take the place of Crocker and Phelps and can dip below a 51.

Philip Johnson

Can anyone in the world for that matter step up? No one is separating themselves from the pack and the field is wide open.


Le Clos seems like the best contender to break 51


Yep. Le Clos.

Czerniak showed great promise in 2011 and swam 51.15, but something happened to him last year where he regressed to 51.78. This year he has been 51.79

Stefan Deibler swam 51.19 this year, but I am not sure if he has more potential to go faster than Le Clos or even Czerniak.


Czerniak may never do it if he does not do second kick on 100 fly like he does not on 200 fly.


Disregard my previous comment please. I was referring to László Cseh.


I completely agree with the Laszlo Cseh comment Psychodad. Less kick can be useful in 200 fly though in terms of getting rid of lactate, but in the 100 the less leg thrust will have a significant effect. I’m actually really surprised he’s been a 51.77 long course


How tall is Justin Lynch and what is his weight? He does not look all that big……..

but he can sure swim fast.

bobo gigi

Ok, here’s the Justin’s race.