Lochte Scratches All Events For Friday

USA swimming officials have confirmed that Ryan Lochte has elected to scratch the 100 backstroke and 100 breaststroke tomorrow.

Although Lochte was in the running to qualify in the 100 back, it’s not particularly surprising to see him scratch the event. He already has a spot on the 400 medley locked up after touching second in the 100 fly, and not doing the 100 back saves him from a tough double (the 200 free is in the same sessions on the second and third day) at Worlds (if he qualified tomorrow).

We’ll have more information on other scratches later this evening.

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7 years ago

Not Being a Hater.. but why entry himself on a thousand events and go for 3 4??

Reply to  Rafael Teixeira
7 years ago

Because he’s desperate for attention and also wants to leave his options open because he wasn’t sure he could qualify in the events he swam.

Lochte is always looking for some attention. He’s a surfer yet he wears those dumb grills on his teeth like a gangster rapper? He comes up with a catch phrase that nobody uses…Jeah. He gets his own shoes that are a horrid green and nobody would wear, but hey this is Ryan Lochte who would do anything to get some camera time.

Reply to  NoLochteFan
7 years ago

For someone who dislikes him so much you sure know a lot about him.
A catch phrase that no one uses,shoes no one would wear etc…. Tell that to his million plus twitter followers!!
Yes that’s a million people, a large number of whom wouldn’t otherwise follow swimming. Love his antics or hate them, with Phelps gone its great to have someone still drawing crowds and attention to the sport. Lets not forget he puts his money where his mouth is. Great swimmer and keeps us all entertained 😉

Steve Nolan
Reply to  Rafael Teixeira
7 years ago

I’m all for keeping options open just in case, but no idea why he bothered entering all of those 50s and the 100 breaststroke. 100 back and 400 IM were events he might legitimately swim, the rest were just never gonna happen.

Reply to  Rafael Teixeira
7 years ago

Yeah, he wrecked my pick ’em picks – I had him first in every event except for the breastroke. How awesome is it that he qualified for a thousand events? He’s playing strategically and by the rules.
Like it or not, Lochte USA’s best male swimmer right now, hands down.
This would be a good slogan – “I like Lochte”
Geez, he’ll probably be President of the USA in 2040.

7 years ago

Someone mentioned that his coach did that? Also to keep his competition on their toes. I don’t see anything wrong with that.

Reply to  Zanna
7 years ago

Well Zanna.. can´t see no one being scared of Locthe on the breast events..

Reply to  Rafael Teixeira
7 years ago


Reply to  CMA
7 years ago

Can´t see he making the team on 100 breast if he depended on it..

Also same for the 50.. he is no sprinter..

Reply to  Rafael Teixeira
7 years ago

well we won’t have to see that now.
Maybe he does it just to get haters mad. As you can see above the freak out from that guy.

7 years ago

I think he wants a spot at the medley relay. Now that he made the 100 fly he doens’t need the others anymore.

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