Jack Cartwright’s Aussie World Trials Entry Mystery Solved, But It’s Not Good


As noted in our review of the start lists for the 2019 Australian World Swimming Trials, which begin on Sunday, sprint ace Jack Cartwright was only entered in the men’s 1500m free, an off-event at that. Aussie media was initially under the impression this was simply a mishap with entries and the 20-year-old Commonwealth Games gold medalist would indeed appear in the 50m, 100m and 200m free events days later.

With Cartwright’s name still just appearing on the 1500m once the heat sheets were released, we reached out to St. Peters Western and Swimming Australia for any possible explanation. Per the St. Peters Western coaching staff, Cartwright is, for all intents and purposes, out of the Aussie World Swimming Trials meet and, therefore, out of the World Championships, due to a lingering shoulder issue.

Cartwright has been struggling with shoulder pain for some time and is currently swimming as part of rehab, following a cautious plan to keep him healthy for his journey to Tokyo 2020. This may or may not include actually swimming the 1500m at Trials. The staff says he will continued to prepare for the 100m and 200m free, with his training under close supervision to ensure he is ‘right’ for next year’s Olympic Trials.

Not only does Cartwright’s absence in Gwangju impact the Australian team in terms of a possible individual 100m/200m free qualifier, but it severely impacts the men’s relays as well. Particularly the men’s 4x100m free, paired with the fact that 2-time World Champion James Magnussen already announced his retirement earlier this week.

With Olympic champion Kyle Chalmers essentially a shoe-in for the men’s 4x100m free relay, the additional spots now appear to be a fight among the likes of James Roberts, Cameron McEvoy, Clyde Lewis, Zac Incerti, Alex Graham, Louis Townsend, Elijah Winnington, and any number of dark horses that may emerge.

The 4x200m freestyle relay will see much of the same crew battle it out for individual and relay spots, with additional names Mack Horton, Thomas Fraser-Holmes, Max Carleton and Jack McLoughlin thrown into the mix.


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“One of our best sprinters has been suffering a bit with shoulder pain. Should we dock his lineup a bit at Trials?”

“Good idea. Let’s enter him in one event, give him a light load but keep him racing. Probably an event that isn’t too abusive on the upper body.”

“Sounds good. The 1500 it is.”

The Ready Room

Yeah, really… I don’t follow.

Swimmer A

As absurd as that sounds, I actually did the same thing in college. I tore my labrum and was out for a bit during the fall semester. When I got back into it I had trouble lifting and doing all out sprints so I started transitioning into a distance swimmer. Obviously the mile is more painful than the 100, but it’s less torque on the joint and I wasn’t afraid my shoulder would come out of the socket. After that I had a pretty decent career as a distance swimmer.


i have to wonder if he failed a drug test and maybe his coach also haha.


Try saying that about an American swimmer and see how many down votes you get


People wondered why Madison Cox wasn’t entering any meets last year. He should have disclosed the injury earlier if he doesn’t want speculation like this.


His personal well being is exactly that his personal. What we hear doesn’t matter and what we believe doesn’t matter


Thanks for the philosophy lesson. If Kevin Durant sat on the bench the whole NBA final and no one told us why it would not go over well with the fans. Maybe you can figure out what I am trying to say.

Curious Swimma

I’d assume Durant has an injury lol


Again these are athletes these are their lives not ours. It really doesn’t affect us in any way so I mean.


These athletes have lives and their injuries are there’s to deal with, not ours to constantly know about. It’s their life they don’t need to tell us anything if they don’t want to


Some guys would need to step it up at Trials if Australia is to qualify a sprint relay team for Tokyo Olympics .. charmers can’t swim all four legs lol

Cody Miller’s camera

Ah that’s where you’re wrong buddy …


he is not wrong , Team Australia on the men’s side is in trouble with the 400 free relay ( not the 2 other ones thankfully )


Well.. qualify for OG will be easy even without cartwright. at least it should be

Spain qualified to rio with a 3:16:77

2017 World Top 12 was with a 3:17:41, 2015 was 3:16:01, but yeah australia got 13th that day..

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