ISL 2020: Team MVP Update For All Ten Teams After Regular Season

The regular season has wrapped, and it’s time to look at the leaders in MVP points for each of the International Swimming League’s ten franchises.

Team MVP Races

The ISL determines MVP based on individual points tallied throughout the season, so this one is more of a mathematical projection of who could move up or down the ranks in the postseason:

Energy Standard

Current Leader: Sarah Sjostrom (190 points)

Other contenders:

  •  Siobhan Haughey (173)
  • Chad le Clos (171.5)

Cali Condors

Current Leader: Caeleb Dressel (277 points)

Other contenders:

  • Lilly King (228)
  • Olivia Smoliga (194.5)

LA Current

Current Leader: Beryl Gastaldello (246.5 points)

Other contenders:

  • Ryan Murphy (233)
  • Tom Shields (177)

London Roar

Current Leader: Kira Toussaint (132.5 points)

Other contenders:

  •  Marie Wattel (128.5)
  • Alia Atkinson (119)

Tokyo Frog Kings

Current Leader: Yui Ohashi (115 points)

Other contenders:

  • Takeshi Kawamoto (114)
  • Ryosuke Irie (95.25)
  • Kosuke Hagino (94.5)


Current Leader: Emre Sakci (193.5 points)

Other contenders:

  •  Ranomi Kromowidjojo (178)
  • Nicholas Santos (126.5)

Toronto Titans

Current Leader: Kylie Masse (143.5 points)

Other contenders:

  • Kelsey Wog (120)
  • Blake Pieroni (97.5)

NY Breakers

Current Leader: Michael Andrew (114.5 points)

Other contenders:

  • Marco Koch (113.5 points)
  • Abbie Wood (104.75 points)
  • Joe Litchfield (101.5 points)
  • Kasia Wasick (97.5)


Locked-In MVPs

DC Trident: Zach Apple, 119

Apple scored 119 total points, ranking 21st among all swimmers in the regular season. DC had no one else even in the top 60, with their second-best swimmer, Amy Bilquist, scoring 87.

Aqua Centurions: Szebaztian Szabo, 180

Szabo scored an incredible 180 points over his 2020 season, ranking 8th among all ISL athletes. Like Apple, he was the runaway top scorer for his team, almost doubling the score of teammate Nicolo Martinenghi (93.5).

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