Initial Entry Lists For World Junior Championships Now Posted


The long-awaited entry list for the 2019 FINA World Junior Swimming Championships has been posted on Omega Timing site, which means we now get a glimpse into the mega talent headed to Budapest for actions starting Tuesday.

Although specific events can still change when the actual start lists get published, hopefully by Monday, we are already forming a picture as to the key swimmers’ schedules for this highly-anticipated international event.

We’ll be previewing the top swimmers to watch across both the male and female categories, but here are a few of the notable athletes per nation to get you started.

Australia – Thomas Hauck, Thomas Neill, Mollie O’Callaghan, Lani Pallister, Michaela Ryan

Austria – Lena Grabowski

Belarus – Anastasiya Shkurdai

Canada – Finley Knox

China – Qian Xinan, Hong Jinquan, Li Huajun

Croatia – Franko Grgic

France – Leon Marchand, Oceane Carnez

Great Britain – William Bell, Kyle Booth, Charlie Brown, Michaella Glenister, Archie Goodburn, Honey Osrin, Kayle van der Merwe

Germany – Luca Armbruster, Lena Riedemann

Greece – Apostolos Papastamos

Hungary – Blanka Berecz, Hubert Kos, Gabor Zombori

Ireland – Eoin Corby

Israel – Anastasia Gorbenko

Italy – Federico Burdisso, Thomas Ceccon, Constanza Cocconcelli, Erika Francesca Gaetani, Benedetta Pilato

Japan – Nagiso Imemoto, Miyu Namba, Shoma Sato

New Zealand – Erika Fairweather, Luan Grobbelaar, Michael Pickett

Poland – Zuzanna Herasimowicz, Aleksandra Knop, Filip Orlicz

South Africa – Dune Coetzee, Rebecca Meder

Russia – Evgenia Chikunova, Ilia Borodin, Aleksandr Egorov, Vladislav Gerasimenko, Andrei Minakov, Aleksandra Sabitova, Daria Vaskina

Singapore – Glenn Lim, Mitchell Ang, Jonathan Tan, Zachary Tan

Sweden – Robin Hanson

USA – Adam Chaney, Annabel Crush, Clair Curzan, Carson Foster, Isabel Gormley, Lillie Nordmann, Chase Travis, Claire Tuggle, Luca Orlando, Gretchen Walsh

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3 years ago

charlie brown

3 years ago

Germany without Selin, Miroslaw, Schwarz and Gose + Goerigk not doing the 400 IM where she would have been 4th on the entry list.
I am glad to see them skipping this competition since dragging their season out for an additional month after the junior europeans wouldn’t have been good for their chances to qualify for Tokyo. I am very skeptical about other nations having their swimmers compete at as many competitions as possible around the globe at such a young age. I thought that Armbruster would skip this competition too, but i guess a possible medal at junior worlds was more important for him than to have the best possible preparation for next season.
Only somewhat realistic… Read more »

Reply to  AnEn
3 years ago

For the Australian junior team. this is their only overseas meet for the year. They tend to have only one each year actually.

3 years ago

USA has no males in this competition born in 2003 or 2004 , except for a relay swimmer . (Probably cause the 2002 and 2001 kids are so strong ). Interesting for junior teams in 2020 and 2021 , but I’m sure they’ll be fine lol. A lot of teams are smaller with younger swimmers .

Reply to  Samesame
3 years ago

2-3 years is huge in male teenagers in just about every sport.

Sapnu puas
3 years ago

Why is the GB team so small? What’s the logic?

Reply to  Sapnu puas
3 years ago

Euro Juniors were prioritised (as always). Maximum of 10 taken to World Juniors and most of them didnt go to Euro Juniors as a result.

3 years ago

I was literally searching for a psych sheet this morning, perfect timing swimswam

3 years ago

Russian guys look pretty strong and could outmedal USA

(G)olden Bear
3 years ago

Somewhat bizarrely, NED staying home. The trio of boys that swam well at European Juniors (Luc Kroon, Kenzo Simons and Caspar Corbeau), plus Lleyton Plattel would have represented well in Budapest.

Reply to  (G)olden Bear
3 years ago

I don’t understand some of the European countries not sending many. It’s so close .

(G)olden Bear
Reply to  Samesame
3 years ago

For some, YOG and Euro Juniors were the priority. But still, it’s so close…

Reply to  (G)olden Bear
3 years ago

If Australia can send swimmers for instance ( basically 24 hours of travelling ) surely European countries can

Reply to  (G)olden Bear
3 years ago

Many European youngsters staying home. Considering the free races that were exciting at Eurojuniors: Selin, Simons, and above all Djakovic and Richards will be absent at these Junior Worlds. Will be there Robin Hanson and Vladyslav Bukhov (interesting prospect this Ukrainian sprinter, slow at the start but so fast in the swimming phase).

3 years ago

Hurts not seeing sartori listed!!

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