If Day 1 Finals Were Scored As Seeded…

If day 1 finals were scored as seeded after prelims, including diving and relays, here’s how it would look. Remember, this is just one more tool (also see up/downs here) by which to measure a team’s relative success or failure in the middle of a meet. Obviously, many things will change in tonight’s finals session.

Tonight, after finals, we’ll compare the actual scores both to these numbers, as well as to the seeding coming into the meet. For now, we’ve compared scoring to actual seed coming in, noting that there’s no diving “seed,” so those points won’t be incorporated into the right-hand column

Day 1 Prelims Scoring (Diving) Day 1 Psych Scoring (No Diving)
Georgia 164.5 149
Tennessee 140 103
Arizona 123.5 96
Stanford 96 54
USC 91 91
Texas A&M 81 96
Cal 89 91
Florida 73.5 85
Texas 66 29
Minnesota 45 73

That’s very interesting. Cal, obviously, needs to place much higher on the relays, as individually day 1 is their weakest of the meet. A&M isn’t in quite as bad of shape as it looked like they might be, though they still have work to do on days 2 and 3. Arizona had a big morning, as did Tennessee thanks to two A-finalists in diving. USC is holding strong as well, and would really look great if they hadn’t DQ’ed their 400 medley relay.

The Texas women, meanwhile, led by former Georgia lead assistant Carol Capitani, have made big gains on their seeds: just like her former team the Bulldogs did on the morning.

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what is the deal with people being all over capitani? yet again texas girls under achieve and people make excuses for them.


What are you talking about? I’m assuming this is sarcasm.


What do you mean? They are set up for 66 points as seeded tonight and they had 29 based upon psych sheet. Called overachieving, not underachieving. You are thinking of the last few years pre-Capitani.


No im not being sarcastic. There is nothing different about this years texas team than last years. not saying i like brackin, but its those swimmers need to finally take some of the blame for swimming subpar. 1 consol swim is overachieving? please.


“Comeon” just stuff it where the sun don’t shine… 🙂


Ok Kim…..


Im just glad there finally some solid proof it wasnt all Brackin. Not saying she shouldve been a head coach, cause I absolutely dont think she was qualified. But comeon, be objective, that training group needs to shoulder some of the blame. Calling how they swam tonight, and what will almost surely be the rest of the meet anything but lackluster and disappointing is pathetic. People needed someone to blame when they swam like crap last year, who are they going to blame this year?


There is a HUGE difference this year…the Texas girls and their families are very happy….happy on deck, happy with their new coaches, happy with their team…..they will come back….and all these negative comments and calling girls out by their names is totally disgusting. If you are going to call girls out by their names, then sign your OWN NAME…very easy to be hyper critical and be a coward by not saying who you are….
We are not fair weather fans….we are Texas and we are always proud of our swimmers…
Hook em…….:-)


skylar smith? sogar? come on people…or maybe sogar is saving up cause she knows she’s got an uphill battle into the top three.

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