Huske Delivers 1:46 200 Free Prelim To Earn Top Seed At PVS Day 2


Day 2 of the 2021 PVC Short Course Championships Series – Wave II got underway in Manassas, Virginia this morning with the 200 freestyle, 400 IM, and 100 breast.


Top 8:

  1. Torri Huske – 1:46.70
  2. Erin Gemmell – 1:47.71
  3. Katherine Helms – 1:48.05
  4. Camille Spink – 1:48.67
  5. Tatum Wall – 1:48.87
  6. MacKenzie McConagha – 1:48.92
  7. Jill Berger – 1:49.73
  8. Kate Bailey – 1:51.24

Torri Huske was the quickest swimmer in this morning’s 200 freestyle, posting a 1:46.70 to add around 3.5 seconds to her PB of 1:43.23 from December 2020. She’ll be the favorite to win tonight but Erin Gemmell wasn’t too far behind with a 1:47.71 and Katherine Helms was right behind with a  1:48.05. Gemmell has been as fast as a 1:45.96 before which Helms’ best is a 1:46.24.

A trio of 1:48s followed as Spink, Wall, and McConagha earned 4th, 5th, and 6th seeds respectively.


Top 8:

  1. Sophie Duncan – 4:16.90
  2. Jordan Durocher – 4:18.30
  3. Erin Gemmell – 4:18.97
  4. Ella Myers – 4:19.37
  5. Eleanor Sun – 4:21.51
  6. Anna Whelan – 4:22.18
  7. Paige McKenna – 4:23.79
  8. Emmy Gallion – 4:25.45

Second seed in the 200 freestyle Erin Gemmell also raced the 400 IM this morning and posted the 3rd fastest prelim swim in that event. Her 4:18.97 was 2 seconds off top qualifier into the final Sophie Duncan who hit a 4:16.90. Jordan Durocher was a 4:18.30 for second.

Ducan and Durocher have both been faster than their prelim swims as Duncan hit a 4:11.75 PB and Durocher a 4:15.22 back in December 2020. Gemmell’s swim on the other hand was a best time and the first time she’s been under 4:20 in the event, having had a previous PB of 4:20.79.

The biggest threat tonight to upset the top 3 seeds will be 5th seed Eleanor Sun who added more than 7 seconds this morning to her best time of 4:14.25 which she swam in December.


Top 8:

  1. Joyce Wu – 1:03.08
  2. Catherine Hughes – 1:03.68
  3. Abby Daniel – 1:03.85
  4. Aris Runnels – 1:04.87
  5. Sophia Heilin – 1:05.34
  6. Emily Makin – 1:05.45
  7. Camille Spink – 1:05.94
  8. Paris Thornburg – 1:06.30

The top three swims in this morning’s 100 breast prelims were all within a second of each other as Joyce Wu, Catherine Hughes, and Abby Daniel managed to get under the 1:04 mark.

While Wu will go into the event as top seed, it will be anyone’s race as there’s even less time separating the trio’s fastest-ever swims. Wu has been a 1:02.22, Hughes a 1:02.18, and Daniel a 1:02.04 giving them all an equal shot at the gold medal tonight.

Aris Runnels, Sophia Heilen, and Emily Makin were all also within a second of each other, making for a solid race in tonight’s final.

Racing for the finals session of day 2 will begin tonight at 6 PM eastern.

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sane swim parent
1 year ago

Carly Novelline threw down a 1:45.1 this morning. Just sayin’

Tired of Hearing About Virginia
Reply to  sane swim parent
1 year ago

Cannot wait to see what Carly does tonight in finals…please keep us posted!

Reply to  sane swim parent
1 year ago

Torri’s PB is 1:43.23 just sayin’

Reply to  SwimDad
1 year ago

At least for 2 more hours.

Old Swimmer
Reply to  sane swim parent
1 year ago

Huske cruised this morning and Gemmell swam a PB in the 400IM 15 minutes before her 200 free…just sayin’

Tired of Hearing About Virginia
Reply to  sane swim parent
1 year ago

So how did Carly Novelline do last night? Did she light it up…or are we hearing crickets?

Coach Rob
1 year ago

I’d like to know how she gets so fast! At practice, I always remind my swimmers that it’s all about times times times and that whining about exhaustion is for the weak. But none of them are as fast as Torri yet! Great job Torri!

Reply to  Coach Rob
1 year ago

But it’s not all about times.