Hungary Finalizes 2019 Worlds Roster; Milak Drops Free Events

The Hungarian Swimming Association has finalized its 2019 FINA World Championships roster, making updates from an initial version released in April.

29 swimmers – 17 men and 12 women – comprise the pool and open water team. The men’s roster is headlined by 19-year-old Kristof Milak, who has pared his events down to just the 100 and 200 fly (he qualified in the 200 and 400 free as well), and veteran 33-year-old László Cseh, who will race the 50 fly, 100 fly and 200 IM. Milak is currently the fastest 200 flyer in the world, while his free swims rank in the twenties worldwide. Conversely, Cseh, who took 200 fly silver in Budapest in 2017, was overtaken by Milak and Olympic bronze medalist in the event Tamas Kenderesi.

On the women’s side, 30-year-old Katinka Hosszu will enter the 200m free, 100m back, 200m back, 200m IM and 400m IM. At Worlds in 2017, Hosszu took bronze in the 200 fly behind winner Mireia Belmonte of Spain and silver medalist Franziska Hentke of Germany. At the recent Hungarian Championships, however, she was third behind the qualifiers Boglárka Kapás and Liliána Szilágyi, missing the Worlds spot. While Hungary initially did not enter a woman in the 50 fly, Beatrix Bordás is now listed.


  • Gábor Balog: 50m back
  • Péter Bernek: 200m IM, 400m IM
  • Richárd Bohus: 50m back, 100m back
  • László Cseh: 50m fly, 100m fly, 200m IM
  • Gergely Gyurta: 1500m free, 25km
  • Dávid Horváth: 100m breast, 200m breast
  • Ákos Kalmár: 800m free, 1500m free
  • Tamás Kenderesi: 200m fly
  • Dominik Kozma: 200m free
  • Makszim Lobanovszkij: 50m free
  • Nándor Németh: 50m free, 100m free
  • Kristóf Milák: 100m fly, 200m fly
  • Szebasztián Szabó: 50m fly
  • Ádám Telegdy: 200m back
  • Dávid Verrasztó: 400m IM
  • Kristóf Rasovszky: 5km, 10km, 25km
  • Dániel Székelyi: 5km, 10km


  • Beatrix Bordás: 50m fly
  • Katalin Burián: 100m back, 200m back
  • Katinka Hosszú: 200m free, 100m back, 200m back, 200m IM, 400m IM
  • Zsuzsanna Jakabos: 200m IM, 400m IM
  • Boglárka Kapás: 400m free, 800m free, 200m fly
  • Ajna Késely: 200m free, 400m free, 800m free, 1500m free
  • Liliána Szilágyi: 100m fly, 200m fly
  • Anna Sztankovics: 50m breast, 100m breast
  • Evelyn Verrasztó: 100m free
  • Anna Olasz: 5km, 10km, 25km
  • Réka Rohács: 5km, 10km
  • Onon Kata Sömenek: 25km


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Question for Hungarian fans;

What happened to Beatrix Bordás between 2010-2016? I remember her dominating the Euro Junior scene 2008/2009, then she was never heard of again in intl circles until 2016. Did she stop swimming to prioritise studies in University?

Great to see her back.


She had a really bad knee injury and it seemed like she won’t be able to swim competitively anymore. She had several surgeries. After the last one she started swimming again as a form of rehabilitation, then it went so well that she started competing again.


Thanks for the answer. Wonderful example of resilience.


Are the women doing any relays? Wondering about the impact on Hosszu’s schedule.


I think 4×200, 4×100 medley and both mixed.


Yes, the head of delegation said that Hungary swims the 4×200 and the 4×100 medley but skips the 4×100 free. Not sure about the mixed ones, but probably yes. Katinka used to swim in the finals only if the team qualifies, but this may change for this event since this is a qualification tournament for Tokio.


He’s lining up for a massive 2Fly


And find some speed for the 100.


Fun fact, just heard an interview with his coach, and they are preparing to face Urlando in Gwangju. They didn’t get the memo, I guess 🙂 But true, he is all in for the 200 fly.


Where was it?

Cheeba, last week’s episode, part 2



Old Man Chalmers

Maybe they looked at the photo of the pan pacs team


His coach was speaking about the world rankings, not about the Worlds.


I believe he says that he expects those swimmers to provide competition to Kristof. In any case, it will be great to see him swimming after a proper training cycle after last years busy schedule. We might see something special.


I think he spoke about the near (Worlds) and far (Olympics) future.
I hope a European Record this, and a World Record next year ;

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