Hubert Kos On 200 Back Absence At Euros, “It Gave Me A Lot Of Freedom To Do Other Events”



  • World Record: 1:54.00 – Ryan Lochte, USA (2011)
  • European Record: 1:54.82 – Leon Marchand, France (2023)
  • Championship Record: 1:56.66 – Laszlo Cseh, Hungary (2012)
  1. Hubert Kos (HUN) – 1:57.21
  2. Ron Polonsky (ISR) – 1:57.36
  3. Berke Saka (TUR) – 1:58.62
  4. Dominik Torok (HUN) – 1:58.89
  5. Jeremy Desplanches (SUI) – 1:59.04
  6. Gabriel Lopes (POR) – 1:59.89
  7. Vadym Naumenko (UKR) – 2:00.47
  8. Daniil Giourtzidis (GRE) – 2:01.31

2023 World Campion Hubert Kos recently announced his transfer from Arizona State to Texas, following head coach Bob Bowman. Kos represented Hungary this week at the 2024 European Championships with his highest finishes coming with gold in the 200 IM and silver in the 100 fly.

Kos just finished his sophomore season with Arizona State and made headlines at the Pac-12 Championships as he broke Ryan Murphy‘s 200 backstroke NCAA record. Kos went on to finish 2nd in the 200 backstroke at NCAAs.  Kos spoke on the move from Hungary to Arizona State and now Texas as well as the upcoming training camp with Bowman.

“It’s so hard, swimming with all these guys and swimming with Bob. I was obviously training in Hungary for the past 10-15 years or whatever, whenever I started swimming. I guess it’s such a different type of training that we get with Bob and such a different kind of intensity that comes with it. It was hard to get a grasp of it in the beginning. But once I did, it’s just so much better to do because it was shorter distances and swimming faster and it’s more like racing, which is what I like. But yeah, I’m going to the last part of the training camp now tomorrow morning and, and Bob’s going to meet me there. So we’re going to have a good, good run into the Olympics”

Despite being the 2023 World Champion in the 200 backstroke, Kos was not entered in the event in Serbia. He also scratched the 100 backstroke, instead opting for the 200 IM that took place in all three of the same sessions as the 100 backstroke. Even without the 200 backstroke, Kos’s lineup still featured a busy schedule with 17 total swims. In addition to his 200 IM win, he won silver behind Kristof Milak in the 100 butterfly. Kos spoke on his event lineup in Belgrade and the absence of the 200 backstroke.

“Obviously it’s Bob’s plan. So Bob has a plan for all of us…Sometimes I feel like it was a tactical decision not to do it, obviously to see what I could do in all these other events without having that as as like an overbearing sort of goal to do well in that [the 200 backstroke]. It gave me a lot of freedom to do other events like the 100 fly, which really I thought I did really well in and the 200 IM obviously in the last day. So that was definitely part of it.”

With just over a month until the Paris Olympics begin, Kos will begin his final preparations.

“I don’t think there’s anything specific we can work on anymore. It’s just, you know, it’s just the run and we’ve already done the work. It’s it’s just about getting ready for for, for Paris and putting in the finishing touches.”

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26 days ago

He trusts Bob’s plan to make him not swim the event where he’s the biggest threat to USA? Is Bob secretly a mole!? Lol

No just kidding. Kos broke the NCAA record so of course he’ll win gold at the Olympics

Reply to  Sub13
25 days ago

It’s kind of what Summer McIntosh has been doing this year and last year in regard to the 400IM – not swimming it everywhere, only the US Open, Trials and the Olympics. And she already shattered her own WR at Trials. I think it decreases the pressure on the swimmer a bit, to practice racing without worrying about times in your main event.

I hope it will work for Hubi as well as it has worked for Summer (and, btw, there are already some voices on Hungarian swimming forums insinuating that Bob plans to sabotage Hubi or something – but I just don’t see that, after making a World Champion out of him in a mere 7 months).

Backstroke fan
Reply to  Sub13
24 days ago

Sometimes when you think you are the smartest guy on a site you make sarcastic comments, which actually just show what an idiot you are.

Kos broke the NCAA record at the Pac-12 conference meet but was off just a hair at NCAA – for whatever reason – and lost both his record and the race, failing to surpass his conference times in any of his NCAA swims.

But the more relevant observation, unless you are just out to criticize any short course yards swimming, is to look at his best Olympic distance 200 Backstroke long course meters. In Fukuoka, Hubi not only beat Murphy head to head, but his 1:54.14 time was faster than Ryan’s 1:54.33 winning performance at… Read more »

Reply to  Sub13
23 days ago

Kos did break the record, but he went slower at NCAA and then skipped the race at 2 out of 3 meets this summer. I don’t think gold is as locked up as you think

26 days ago

Why is the US taxpayer funding this kid’s swim training in the US?

Reply to  Zippo
26 days ago

More like, why is the UTexas football program funding his training?

The answer, as with anything with Texas Athletics:
Because they can.

26 days ago

I wonder if this upcoming training camp with Bowman he speaks of would be with Marchand and Bowman’s US swimmers as well?

Reply to  Boomer
26 days ago

It’s going to be in France with Marchand I think? I remember him talking about it after the transfer.

Reply to  Boomer
26 days ago

I can try to find out, but that seems unlikely.

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