2024 European Championships: Day 6 Finals Live Recap




  • Men’s 200m Fly – Final
  • Women’s 50m Free – Final
  • Men’s 50m Breast – Final
  • Women’s 200m IM – Final
  • Men’s 50m Free – Semi-finals
  • Women’s 50m Breast – Semi-finals
  • Men’s 1500m Free – Final
  • Women’s 200m Fly – Semi-finals
  • Men’s 200m IM – Semi-finals
  • Women’s 100m Back – Final
  • Men’s 100m Back – Semi-finals
  • Mixed 4x200m Free Relay – Final

Storms are rolling in, meaning the medal ceremonies have been moved to the end of the evening to keep the timeline relatively intact and not delayed.

Keep refreshing for the latest and greatest updates on the penultimate night of action at the 2024 European Championships.


GOLD – Kristof Milak (HUN), 1:54.43
SILVER – Krzysztof Chmielewski (POL), 1:54.78
BRONZE – Michal Chmielewski (POL), 1:55.51

World record holder and reigning Olympic champion Kristoff Milak grabbed the gold in this men’s 200m fly but not without a fight by a pair of twins.

Krzysztof Chmielewski and Michal Chmielewski of Poland 32-were right behind the Hungarian to the wall, with Milak ultimately touching in 1:54.43 to Krzysztof’s 1:54.78. Michal rounded out the podium in 1:55.51.

Milak currently ranks #2 in the world this season, owning a season-best of 1:53.94 from the Mare Nostrum Tour. Only Olympic silver medalist Tomoru Honda of Japan has been faster, owning a season-best of 1:53.15 from September’s Asian Games.

Krzysztof’s 1:54.78 outing tonight represents a season-best as well as the 4th-fastest time of his career. He now ranks 13th in the world on the season.


  • World Record: 23.61 – Sarah Sjostrom, Sweden (2023)
  • European Record: 23.61 – Sarah Sjostrom, Sweden (2023)
  • Championship Record: 23.74 – Sarah Sjostrom, Sweden (2018)

GOLD – Petra Senanszky (HUN), 24.56
SILVER – Theodora Drakou (GRE), 24.59
BRONZE – Julie Kepp Jensen (DEN), 24.79

It was a furious battle to the wall in the women’s 50m free, as Hungary’s Petra Senanszky and Greece’s Theodora Drakou were separated by just .03.

Senanszky clocked a time of 24.56 to grab the gold while Drakou was next in 24.59. Danish swimmer Julie Kepp Jensen was also right there, winding up with bronze in 24.79.

At 30 years of age, Senanszky just registered a new Hungarian national record with her gold medal-worthy result. Her 24.56 sliced .01 off the national mark of 24.57 she set at the Monte Carlo stop of this year’s Mare Nostrum Tour.

Drakou’s outing also represents a new national record, beating the 24.89 she produced in the heats. That result overtook the longstanding Greek mark of 24.93 Nery Mantey Niangkouara put on the books at the 2012 edition of these championships.


  • World Record: 25.95 – Adam Peaty, Great Britain (2017)
  • European Record: 25.95 – Adam Peaty, Great Britain (2017)
  • Championship Record: 26.09 – Adam Peaty, Great Britain (2018)

GOLD – Emre Sakci (TUR), 26.92
SILVER – Noel De Geus (GER), 26.93
BRONZE – Kristian Pitshugin (ISR), 27.02

Turkey’s national record holder Emre Sakci clocked one of two sub-27-second times tonight to top the podium in the men’s 50m breast.

26-year-old Sakci punched a time of 26.92, improving upon his semi-final effort from last night by .01. This victory represents Turkey’s first-ever European Championships gold medal.

Germany’s Noel De Geus posted a mark of 26.93 as the silver medalist in just his 2nd-ever foray under the 27-second barrier. His personal best sits at the 26.83 notched in Berlin this past April.

Bronze went to Israel’s Kristian Pitshugin who touched in 27.02 for the fastest time of his career by .05. Pitshugin is now rendered the national record holder, usurping Itay Goldfaden who set the previous standard at 27.05 from the 2021 Israeli National Summer Championships.


  • World Record: 2:06.12 – Katinka Hosszu, Hungary (2015)
  • European Record: 2:06.12 – Katinka Hosszu, Hungary (2015)
  • Championship Record: 2:07.30 – Katinka Hosszu, Hungary (2016)

GOLD – Anastasia Gorbenko (ISR), 2:09.75
SILVER – Lea Polonsky (ISR), 2:11.18
BRONZE – Barbora Seemanova (CZE), 2:11.48

Nothing too crazy occurred in this women’s 200m IM final as the favored swimmer, Anastasia Gorbenko of Israel, cleared the field with a winning time of 2:09.75.

Clocking the sole final time under 2:10, Gorbenko’s effort was off the national record of 2:08.55 she established on this year’s Mare Nostrum Tour.

Teammate Lea Polonsky made it a 1-2 Israeli finish, getting to the wall in 2:11.18 for her best time ever. Polonsky’s previous PB was represented by the 2:12.31 clocked at last year’s Israeli Summer National Championships.

Czech ace Barbora Seemanova also landed on the podium tonight, turning in a result of 2:11.48, a time within striking distance of her newly-minted national record of 2:11.25 rocked at May’s AP Race London International.


  • World Record: 20.91 – Cesar Cielo, Brazil (2009)
  • European Record: 20.94 – Frederick Bousquet, France (2009)
  • Championship Record: 21.11 – Ben Proud, Great Britain (2018)

Top 8:

  1. Kristian Gkolomeev (GRE), 21.73
  2. Andrej Barna (SRB), 21.92
  3. Vladyslav Bukhov (UKR), 21.94
  4. Shane Ryan (IRL), 21.96
  5. Szebasztian Szabo (HUN) & Jere Hribar (CRO), 22.03
  6. Piotr Ludwiczak (POL), 22.08
  7. Stergios Marios Bilas (GRE), 22.10

We saw four men dip under the 22-second threshold in the semi-finals of the 50m freestyle.

Greek national record holder Kristian Gkolomeev led the field with a feisty 21.73 while Serbia’s Andrej Barna, Ukraine’s Vladyslav Bukhov and Ireland’s Shane Ryan joined him in the top tier.

Gkolomeev’s record stands at the 21.44 put up at the 2018 edition of these Championships.

As for Barna, he stopped the clock tonight in 21.92, just off the 21.89 Serbian national record he registered at this year’s World Championships.

Ukraine’s Bukhov has already proved his mettle by winning the gold in Doha, hitting a time of 21.44 to upset reigning world champion Cameron McEvoy of Australia.

This morning, Ryan fired off a new national record en route to capturing the top seed. His time of 21.82 sliced .12 off Tom Fannon‘s mark of 21.94 registered at May’s Irish Championships.


  • World Record: 29.16 – Ruta Meilutyte, Lithuania (2023)
  • European Record: 29.16 – Ruta Meilutyte, Lithuania (2023)
  • Championship Record: 29.30 – Benedetta Pilato, Italy (2021)

Top 8:

  1. Veera Kivirinta (FIN), 30.73
  2. Dominika Sztandera (POL), 30.86
  3. Teya Nikolova (BUL), 30.91
  4. Olivia Klint Ipsa (SWE), 31.15
  5. Schastine Tabor (DEN), 31.30
  6. Ana Rodrigues (POR), 31.34
  7. Ida Hulkko (FIN) & Maria Drasidou (GRE), 31.36

There were 3 competitors in the 30-second zone in this women’s 50m breast semi-final, led by Veera Kivirinta of Finland

Kivirinta logged a time of 30.73, adding slightly from her morning outing of 30.58.

Poland’s Dominika Sztandera was next to the wall in 30.86 while Bulgarian Teya Nikolova rounded out the top 3 performers in 30.91.


  • World Record: 14:31.02 – Sun Yang, China (2012)
  • European Record: 14:32.80 – Gregorio Paltrinieri, Italy (2022)
  • Championship Record: 14:34.04 – Gregorio Paltrinieri, Italy (2016)


*Due to impending weather, the men’s 1500m freestyle final will be moved to tomorrow, Sunday, June 23rd.*


  • World Record: 2:01.81 – Zige Liu, China (2009)
  • European Record: 2:04.27 – Katinka Hosszu, Hungary (2009)
  • Championship Record: 2:04.79 – Mireia Belmonte, Spain (2014)

Top 8:

  1. Helena Rosendahl Bach (DEN), 2:07.39
  2. Boglarka Kapas (HUN), 2:09.35
  3. Zsuzsanna Jakabos (HUN), 2:09.42
  4. Lana Pudar (BIH), 2:10.39
  5. Georgia Damasioti (GRE), 2:10.50
  6. Anja Crevar (SRB), 2:10.84
  7. Laura Lahtinen (FIN), 2:10.91
  8. Lucy Grieve (GBR), 2:12.05

Danish swimmer Helena Rosendahl Bach got the edge over 2 Hungarians tonight to capture the top seed in the women’s 200m fly.

Bach scored a time of 2:07.39 to decisively land lane 4 for tomorrow night’s main event, holding about a 2-second advantage over Boglarka Kapas (2:09.35) and Zsuzsanna Jakabos (2:09.42.).

Bach’s effort already clears the World Aquatics Olympic Qualification Time of 2:08.43 needed for Paris, although she’s already been as speedy as 2:07.44 from when she earned silver at this year’s World Championships.


  • World Record: 1:54.00 – Ryan Lochte, USA (2011)
  • European Record: 1:54.82 – Leon Marchand, France (2023)
  • Championship Record: 1:56.66 – Laszlo Cseh, Hungary (2012)

Top 8:

  1. Ron Polonsky (ISR), 1:57.01
  2. Hubert Kos (HUN), 1:58.12
  3. Berke Saka (TUR), 1:58.56
  4. Dominik Torok (HUN), 1:59.07
  5. Jeremy Desplanches (SUI), 1:59.27
  6. Vadym Naumenko (UKR), 1:59.33
  7. Gabriel Lopes (POR), 1:59.63
  8. Daniil Giourtzidis (GRE), 1:59.71

Israel’s Ron Polonsky powered his way to a new national record en route to capturing the top seed in the men’s 200m IM.

Polonsky secured lane 4 in a result of 1:57.01, usurping the previous national standard of 1:57.99 he put on the books at the 2022 World Championships.

Hubert Kos of Hungary settled for the 2nd seed in 1:58.12 while Turkey’s Berke Saka was just off his own national record of 1:58.20 with a solid evening swim of 1:58.56 to land among the top 3.


  • World Record: 57.13 – Regan Smith, USA (2024)
  • European Record: 58.08 – Kathleen Dawson, Great Britain (2021)
  • Championship Record: 58.08 – Kathleen Dawson, Great Britain (2021)

GOLD – Adela Piskorska (POL), 59.79
SILVER – Danielle Hill (IRL), 1:00.19
BRONZE – Roos Vanotterdijk (BEL), 1:00.58

Just one swimmer delved under the 1:00 barrier in this women’s 100m back as 20-year-old Adela Piskorska of Poland got it done for gold in 59.79.

This is just her 3rd time under the 1:00 threshold with tonight’s performance falling just shy of the 59.76 logged last year.

Danielle Hill of Ireland followed up her 50m back gold with a silver in this 100m sprint. She notched 1:00.19 while Belgian Roos Vanotterdijk was right behind in 1:00.58.


  • World Record: 51.60 – Thomas Ceccon, Italy (2022)
  • European Record: 51.60 – Thomas Ceccon, Italy (2022)
  • Championship Record: 52.11 – Camille LaCourt, France (2010)

Top 8:

  1. Apostolos Christou (GRE), 53.20
  2. Evangelos Makrygiannis (GRE), 53.31
  3. Ksawery Masiuk (POL), 53.54
  4. Kacper Stokowski (POL), 53.85
  5. Oleksandr Zheltiakov (UKR), 53.98
  6. Conor Ferguson (IRL), 54.12
  7. Adam Jaszo (HUN), 54.25
  8. Matthew Ward (GBR), 54.48

Greek ace Apostolos Christou captured the top seed of the men’s 100m back, hitting a time of 53.20. That upgraded him from the 8th seed he secured out of the morning heats.

Teammate Evangelos Makrygiannis clocked a time of 53.31 to rank #2 while Pole Ksawery Masiuk notched 53.54 as the 3rd-quickest performer.

Chrisou earned silver in this event 2 years ago, producing a mark of 52.24 in Rome.


  • Championship Record: 7:26.67 – Great Britain (2021)

GOLD – Hungary, 7:30.11
SILVER – Poland, 7:35.08
BRONZE – Germany, 7:35.56

Hungary topped the mixed 4x200m free podium in 7:30.11, beating the pack by nearly 5 seconds. Splits included 1:49.43 for Richard Marton, 1:46.70 for Balazs Hollo, 1:58.61 for Minna Abraham and a speedy 1:55.37 for Nikolett Padar.

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29 days ago

Does anybody know why multiple elite swimmers from France Sweden Italy etc. preferred to compete in a competition I Italy rather than European Championships in Belgrade???

Reply to  Swimmer
28 days ago

Wonder if the money is better at Sette Colli?

There is a lot of politics going on in European swimming right now.

Reply to  Swimmer
28 days ago

LEN organised the Euro LC very late, after some on/off deliberations.

Many federations in protest at the lack of clarity, chose to stick with their original plans of going to Rome?

Reply to  Swimmer
28 days ago

The pool in Rome is one of the fastest. I think many swimmers would like qualifiing for Paris. In Belgrade is the pool very warm. Inpossible to swim fast times.

29 days ago

Why in the world is there a mixed 4×200 relay?

Reply to  oxyswim
29 days ago

Why not?

29 days ago

Both Polonsky siblings hitting OQT tonight and heading to Paris together, happy for them

Reply to  Adrian
29 days ago

Their parents must be so proud

Reply to  Adrian
29 days ago

Stanford college I think.

Reply to  Ali
28 days ago

Ron swims for Stanford, Lea for Cal

Alison England
29 days ago

How many ‘fly kicks from Sakci?

29 days ago

Bukhov has so much talent, but his reaction time is slow, his final touch was bad. However, still managed 21.9x somehow

29 days ago

Lol, Bukhov washed. Probably his 21.38 was on juice

Reply to  John
29 days ago

Why is he washed

Reply to  John26
28 days ago

Earlier in this meet he swam 50 fly and got 23.3, which is much slower, then his result from 3 years ago. Plus his 50 free looked terrible, 21.98, and it’s only 1 month before olympics

Brit swim fan
29 days ago

How Sakci didn’t get Dq’d there is beyond me.

You can see him dolphin kicking off the start. Looks more than just natural undulations of the lower body in my humble opinion.

29 days ago

Lol competitions are delayed due to a storm and lightning

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